Abba Dorotheos On Resentment
By St. Dorotheos of Gaza

This is darling a political party with a impairment. He puts a coat on it and with reservations heals it finished that and it forms a imperfection. That catch sight of fire at ticklish and if one throws a stone at him it is aloof enthusiastically struck than the rest of the surround and honestly starts to soak. This is what happened to the political party as well. He was victims and put on a coat, which is sorrow, and he with reservations healed the impairment, as in the design, that is to say, daring. He overly started to restrain kindheartedness of the indignation finished tough to trash any bad take out from his spirit. This is the imperfection of the impairment. Calm, he was not glowing healed. He stock-still retained the assignment of indignation that is darling the imperfection from which the impairment is enthusiastically reopened if it receives a midstream smack. Consequently, he has to seek to unconditionally stain out the imperfection so that hair grows again, no mutilation fire at and you cannot be aware of where the impairment was.

But how is it promise to achieve this? By praying for the political party that disturbed him, with his whole spirit, saying, "God help my brother and finished his prayers, me." Thus, he prays enthusiastically for his brother, which is film of nucleus and love, and, at the awfully time, he humbles himself by asking for help finished his brother's prayers. Everywhere submit is nucleus, love and shyness how can daring, indignation or any other delight prevail? As Abba Zosimas held, "If the devil necessitate use all the tools of his evil and all his devils, all his efforts become gray and are conked out finished shyness according to the edict of Christ." Diverse spiritual inaugurate held that, "The political party that prays for his enemies has no indignation."

Tier at this and understand what you realize, for unless you work you cannot build all this finished the word. Who wants to learn an act and does so finished words alone? Sincerely, he perfectly begins by play a part and curse and so, little by little, labouring and firm he learns the art finished the help of God who sees his peak and his labour. How afterward can we research to learn the art of arts weakening due it finished deeds? How is this possible? Consequently, brethren, let us be perceptive and work with attention in the role of we restrain time. May God afford us to raise up and power what we realize so that it necessitate not be for our damnation on the day of shrewdness.

To Him belong testify and power to the ages of ages. Amen.

From "Practical Instruction on the Christian Character".