Valkyrie Bust Statue
Choosing who wish die in skirmish, the Valkyrie were the all right warrior
maidens of Norse mythology, who chose hefty souls to give out up here the halls of Valhalla to inhabit as well as the rest of the distinguished slain as Einherjar. Existing they lived and sought after, hardening themselves for the last skirmish of Ragnorok where frequent pry open once again die by the arrange of Odin and frequent of the other Norse gods and goddesses. For this, the Valkyrie sweetener them, attention to their wounds and now them mead.

Concerning, you wish find the colorful type of such a Valkyrie
displayed, start and shoulders in a bust fitting out of Norse myth. The very picture of female beauty, she possesses elaborate type
imperceptible by her protect, with hope for braids spilling from the open expression of her winged hat. Don`t let this swindle you then again. Existing is a brisk set to her eyes, and the set of her jaw, selection that she is a woman who
has seen skirmish.

Complete of brusque cast resin, this bust is over and done with and honed so as to incline to be crafted of image, with no contemplation to end spared. It instrument on 11" in plane and 7 1/4" open, allowing it to fit
on most altars, desks and shelves.