Reuniting Astrology And Astronomy Part 2 Astrological Influences

Reuniting Astrology and Astronomy

Division 2: Astrological Influences

By James Mullaney, FRAS


Let's advent see what the readings actually "do" transmit to say about astrological influences, as reinforcing all of the foregoing:

(Q) Would it be well for me to make a study of astrology?

(A) Healthful for one and all to make a study of astrology for, as indicated, as compound fill transmit set about to buttress the astrological aspects and astrological amount be responsible for one to protest forthcoming as well as the once provisos, these are well to the place anywhere the nature understands that these act upon fill equally of their inhabit or link of their interaction with the outer edge through which these are shown-see? Moderately than the star directing the life, the life of the nature directs the courses of the stars, see?.... It may be intended that the line of manifestation in the on all sides of is towards a reorganize in the Aries age from the Pisces, or from the Aquarius, or to those several actions, see? (Edgar Cayce Amount 311-10)

(Q) Each and every one clairvoyant erecting a fit into for...

(A) (Interrupting) We transmit unimportant or not a hint to offer to the entertain self evinces in astrology. Not that nearby are not infallible helps to be attained from astrology, but those who continue by extremely the spread oft are prepared moderately than commanding their own lives and their destinies. Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols. NO Form is of above be acquainted with or of above help than the Impulse of an nature. Use such directions as steppingstones. Do not let them become stumblingstones in thy exploit. (Edgar Cayce Amount 815-6)

As to astrological sojourns themselves, the succeeding readings cede discernment to what the actual astrological influences are:

In pliant that which would be at hand from the interpretations of the information in attendance, it would be well for the personage to attach in attention to detail that the sojourns in the outer edge about the earth transmit as future to do with the place and time of leave as the rest of a lair, star or element has upon the personage in the earth's plane-or spread. Sojourns in environments are those bass actions, as sojourns in the earth are those of the fervent natures; yet each one is under the influence spread of the will-or what an personage does about an urge- than only the rest of a inhabit of the personage. However nearby are influences from the astrological incline, they are as signs, omens and impulses; not as destinies, for the try of each guts is in what the personage does about the petition of creative influences and forces in its own exploit in any environ. (Edgar Cayce Amount 820-1)

That those influences from astrological aspects are arising as urges is true. Not equally of the rest of a star or lair, or any sign of the zodiac, but moderately equally of what one has done about what each of those planets or outer edge represents in the kick, in the consciousness of the nature personage, as appropriate TO the whole of the Warm Be a burden in the entity's exploit. (Edgar Cayce Amount 1562-1)

Thus nearby ARE urges, or influences,-not as astrological aspects but from sojourns through which the personage has passed-or experiences trendy the interims with mundane manifestations. These become manifested in the thoughts, the hopes; as the mundane sojourns find manner in the emotions of the body; and not equally a star, a constellation, or even any phase of the zodiac sign, was in such and such a rest at the time of leave. (Edgar Cayce Amount 2549-1)

In interpreting the urges likely and manifested as we find them here-there are urges arising from astrological aspects-or the sojourns trendy the interims with mundane incarnations. These are not everlastingly easy to interpret clothed in human words, yet these may be indicated for this focused personage. The astrological urges are not honestly only equally of the rest of the planets, or any phase of so called astrology, but equally of a consciousness in an environ interpreted in the name of planets,-that are as companions with the earth in its be in first place through this focused phase of the space, or universal consciousness. Modish, for this personage, we find Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus as the names, or outer edge, or consciousnesses, in which actions are indicated. (Edgar Cayce Amount 2437-1)

And now here's a key point: transnational honest with the physical scenery of these other worlds as astronomy does is looking at on its own one aspect of their character in the grand substantial work together of matter. It's what's more essential to tune at them through the spiritual eyes of the guts to take hold of their full indication and prominence. Again-the constrain for astrology and astronomy to work together!

A replica of Isaac Newton's

thorough shimmering decline of 1672


Let me adjudicate by stating that as an astronomer I but do transmit worries about compound of the tenets of astrology as it's competent today. Subdue, I'm friendly enough to recognize that nearby are some key truths to be found within astrology-as attractively demonstrated by both the Cayce readings themselves, and the candid position to the neighborhood by practitioners hanker after Steven Forrest mentioned in Division I of this blog daily. My lineage sense is that most likely planets, stars, constellations, and other outer space fill act as "psychic anchors" in future the extremely way as do tarot cards, crystal balls, and palms for capable psychic readers in unexceptional. And maybe sustain for this view by Cayce can be found in the succeeding reading:

The personage with was a sand reader, or one who interpreted the sands in the quantity of what nation-state be called a psychic, or a crystal gazer, or a star drum up. (Edgar Cayce Amount 3356-1)

JAMES MULLANEY is writer of nine books by means of "Edgar Cayce and the Concept" and the outgoing "Celebrating the Universe!" (Hay Enclosure). A Guy of the Avow Lofty Custom of London, he (with telescope!) appears at compound A.R.E. conferences, by means of Our Ever-Changing Dirt in Gather in a line of 2013.