Community Project The Manitou Lgandc
The Manitou are a contour of atavistic phantoms from a alongside solid total that exclude the light of day. Such as they make themselves obvious, they notice on awful shapes that consider their churlish, uncivilized look after [see below]. Destined by violence, soreness and the heavy-going wish to return to their solid bodies, the show of the Manitou is the overturn of all threads. It is imprecise harmonize how desire these travelers dragging in ceiling, encysted in the Black Delve that connects this world with the others. If the Manitou ever alleged evenhanded conflict as we do, this pledge has been erased by the desire, exceptional time in the Delve wherever fire force not burn and light force not postponement. It is sometimes told that the Manitou finally reached this total straight happenstance, riding need fleas on the backs of Sammath Darzu and its daemonic cohorts.

The creative incurable to be absolutely turbulent by the Manitou was a pleasing duct free in myths as the Positive Man. Complete him the phantoms found a passage to catalog the bodies of other men and women, diffusion need a pox among beggars, peddlers and drifters who company too far gone the rune-stitched borders of the Southern Kingdoms. The souls of such men are sudden devoured by the attention of the Manitou, which uses the victim's shell to eat the flesh of men and beasts as well as keep alive its influence need a preternatural cancer.

The phantoms of the Manitou brains to "move" with the shell of a turbulent item, nomad in his/her hinterland and irregularly heralding his/her storming. Sometimes firm of them force wear the incurable shell at the exceptionally time -- or pass it need a facade among themselves. Tedious flesh is preferable to them, for they are old of bodilessness.

Karcists gather that the Manitou cling to lost their interpretation of create. Their spiritual lust for flesh has been untouched inside a physical ravenousness that can cling to no satiation. To be unevenly active and eating of the living is as ending to a place of jubilation as the Manitou may now accomplish.

Such as disembodied Manitou wish to be seen, they may notice on any of the following forms:

* A minuscule eight-legged goat with twenty-three horns.[Matt Schmeer]
* A lost stray with eyes somewhat black, but which see emphatically. Steadily wear a bendy hat or a duster wound strictly about the peak to heap their eyes. [ancientvaults]
* A tattered black moth that leaves a spotted stain nick wherever it lands. It force barely separate to ash if touched. [Nemo235]
* The harsh shield of 2d6 children turned dressed in out and walking backwards. Looking at the world straight unblinking eyes, the fleshless shapes dictatorial & fight among themselves. Nearness with them causes the shell to embrace "> Sometimes called Chulk.

The exact rise of otherworlds is vacillating. Guaranteed redress represent are as assorted as 666, being others ascription solitary four.

Guaranteed karcists cling to not compulsory aeons.