Whats Next After Gods Not Dead
WHAT'S Next Last GOD'S NOT DEAD? If you time-honored a text memorandum this further than suitably which consisted of the simple, yet powerful words, "God's not dead," it's most likely as the correspondent was one of the millions of people who watched and was touched by the movie whose memorandum and handle proclaimed that life-changing truth. GOD'S NOT Late at night earned 62 million in profit corporation, out of the blue Hollywood and future proving once another time that faith-based movies - even frequent shaped outside of the Hollywood Exuberance Subject - cuff a ringing harmony with audiences. PureFlix, the aura that ready GOD'S NOT Late at night, honest announced its proceedings rationale, DO YOU BELIEVE?, which begins shooting jiffy month. Cut Borde, co-president of Mobile Releasing, the aura that boundless the movie on behalf of the producers, isn't at all surprised by GOD'S NOT DEAD's beat. "Instance this huge opening may be a amaze to the enterprise, it is not so a lot to us," he told the Mantle. "The domestic tracking, the valid one million Facebook fans, the very high trending on Quiver and Fandango plus a mixture of other platforms, and the huge hum response from the hundreds of screenings exceeding the a mixture of further than months, gave us vista for a essential opening." Now, the GOD'S NOT Late at night Facebook fan page has trimming than four million "likes" such as the movie's Quiver announcement, @GodsNotDeadFilm, boasts exceeding 28 thousand allies. At the time of this play, the Facebook page posted just three hours ago about the movie's DVD freedom, and one of the 11,798 "likers" commented with this wonderful row of praise: "I just far-reaching inspection it, and I wrecked up re-dedicating my life to the Lord! This movie is powerful." Plainly, the convivial media movement round the movie and its integral evangelistic mission helps to turn into stone the believe that people are famished for and delighted about the hope-restoring, faith-building, God-honoring themes movies adjacent GOD'S NOT Late at night donate. Five months last the movie's pompous freedom, its spread shows no sign of decreasing; craving fans roughly speaking the world are wondering, "What's next?" One of the movie stars and co-producers, David A.R. Ashen, told TheBlaze honest that the movie's business aura, Simple Flix, is preparing to compose its jiffy rationale, DO YOU BELIEVE?, which ghoul surround a suitably discrete cast and troop from GOD'S NOT Late at night. Ashen thought the movie "deals with the power of the in a bad mood and the relevancy of the in a bad mood in today's foundation. 'GOD'S NOT Late at night really dealt with, 'Is existing a God?' The jiffy gain - as Christians - we hope [God] is Jesus Christ." In the region of a GOD'S NOT Late at night sequel, Ashen disclosed that Simple Flix is behind the faith in revisit to fans' hum rejoinder and crank in relation to what happens jiffy to the version. DO YOU BELIEVE? begins filming in September and is slated for a suitably 2015 freedom. MOVIEGUIDE(R) has been supplementary the business of faith-based adjacent GOD'S NOT Late at night and faith-friendly movies adjacent Numb for example 1985 later it opened its doors. Its Annual report Report to the Exuberance Subject, boundless each February, shows Hollywood that such movies are the top figure widely held and the top figure economically of use on satisfactory. - Sources: The Conflagration, 08/20/14, and The Mantle, 03/22/14. Editor's Note: Diana Anderson-Tyler is the writing implement of "Mixture House's Fit for Faith: A Christian Woman's Assume to Wonderful Fitness and Broad Fit: Daily Intuit and Workouts for Women of Tribute and Fitness." Her widely held website can be found at dianaandersontyler.com, and she is the homeowner and a train at CrossFit 925. Diana else can be reached on Quiver.