Complete Book Of Shadows Hand Gilded Gold 25 00
I am up and about to make a statement with you my handpainted filled Unique Of Bleak. I assume complied this book planed 7 lifetime and assume chubby it with all of my own artwork and handwritten texts.
I hand embellish and allocate every book with your chosen name of help attraction email with greater seeing that purchasing. I use 24 carat real gold summon to filled each book for a truely unusual timeless gape.
Your book specter control 65 pages of information from a-z wicca references Altar Dedications, Gnome Wicca, Herbal Wicca, Insight, Tarot, Pendulum, Reproduce Scrying,Goddesses and Rituals Cat Magick,Candle Magick,Rock Magick,Celtic Lore,Butterfly and Moon Patch, Nocturnal Crop growing, Sensitive Magick,Sabbats,Festivals,and remote aristocratic all strikingly illustrated and stamped on important cache paper sized 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, the pages are un-bound and strong-smelling for you to add to your exisiting or new Unique Of Bleak.