Magickal Shopping
Now I went the grocery store for bathroom paper unaccompanied but more willingly came out with a ton of magickal supplies and they were all completely inexpensive! I bought an all-black skylight that I am separation to slap magickal symbols on to use as a magickal chalice and it was unaccompanied a 1. I next got some red, azure, and purple taper candles that were 2.49 per pack. I next found 60pack incense sticks that were unaccompanied 1.49 each, I bought the Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Frankincense. I next got a three pack of some restricted harmonious double-purpose candle holders! Below I stimulus list the correspondences of the candle colors, incenses scents and a unhappy about chalices!

Candle ColorsRed: The Branch of Stir, Sexual love, yearning, ardor, fire, long for, courage, energy, depth, angerPurple: Rebel, spirits, psychic ability, kindness, notions, spirituality, go-getter in businessBlue: The Branch of Hose down, truth, end of war, protection, confide, limpidness, relocate, psychic ability

Incense Scents Incenses are hand-me-down in Air magick this is magick that you use to continue upon the Branch of Air. Incenses are next hand-me-down to rub magickal tools and sacred space.

FRANKINCENSE - Tug upon the energy of the sun to fright sacred space, canonize objects, and recover happy atmosphere PATCHOULI - An coarse scent hand-me-down in money and attraction spellsSANDALWOOD - A delectable wide-ranging scent hand-me-down to heal and protect, next for distillation VANILLA - Repeat amorous appetites and brighten up memory

Glass Chalices are bone china that are hand-me-down to submit the goddess. They are next share the credit with the Branch of Hose down and call back us of the Divine being in the Prohibitive Tune ritual- a delegate combination of the male and female energies in which the Athame is lowered popular the chalice blessing anything consume is modish be it wine or water.

Upmarket you enjoyed!

Lovely Be- Yemaya Dreamcaster "a.k.a Daughter of the Divine being"