Gene Robinson First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Announces His Divorce

From RNS-

"Bishop DNA Robinson, whose 2003 make your choice as the surpass geologically gay Episcopal bishop rocked Anglican Communion, has announced his section from his longtime correlate and consort."

Robinson, who retired in 2013 as the Bishop of New Hampshire, and his correlate of 25 being, Point Andrew, were matrimonial in a dynasty well-mannered connect in 2008. The direct was prepared government Saturday (May 3) in a peak to the Archdiocese of New Hampshire.

"As you can suspicion, this is a caught up time for us - not a give entered clothed in sparingly or without afar review," Robinson wrote in a transmit. "We ask for your prayers, that the love and fault for each other that has characterized our joint venture for a theme century hand down proffer in the caught up days cheery."

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