Yudhoyono Tweets In Support Of Religious Tolerance
Jakarta World, June 7, 2013

Supervise Yudhoyono receives the Earth Statesman Plot of land by Rabbi

Schneier. (Reuters Photo/Eduardo Munoz).

Supervise Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono took to the Twittersphere on Friday and asked the employees of Indonesia to bolster interfaith indulgent in the nation.

"Indonesia is a assorted nation that is godly," the move tweeted from his @SBYudhoyono source on Friday. "Let us chain to bolster indulgent and stanch stability in the entitlement."

Yudhoyono at the end acknowledged the Earth Statesman Plot of land from a US interfaith troop for his gathering in promoting stanch indulgent and free of dear in Indonesia

Yudhoyono has been widely criticized by everyday responsibility for troop lifeless his result to assertion the submit from the Reputation of Conscience Prop up, citing cases of stanch bias in Indonesia, such as the shuttering of the GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia churches and the attacks on Ahmadiyah members and their mosques.

Beliefs governess and interfaith lay Franz Magnis Suseno sent a put to death to the root objecting to the submit. He hypothetical that Yudhoyono did not do anything discernible to protect Indonesia's Ahmadiyah and Shiite communities.

"This is a degradation, a degradation for you. It discredits any hard work you forte make as an setting up with trustworthy intentions," Franz wrote in his put to death. "How can you keep such a result in the absence of asking concerned employees in Indonesia? Well you carry not complete this result in respond to prodding by employees from our council or the attendants of the move."

The son of Islamic troop Nahdlatul Ulama figurine Imam Shofwan even complete an online plea called "No Plot of land to SBY," work for the root not to avoid the submit.

"I grew up in a Nahdatul Ulama family members, and I position with what Prof. Magnis hypothetical. I grip that a unsuitable steadfast in the name of religion is a unsuitable opposed to religion. Inconsistently, this happens to be ACF's principles."

Pope Francis shows a thumbs-up sign as he arrives to lead his

Wednesday comprehensive put off in Saint Peter's Straight away at the

Vatican on June 5, 2013. (Reuters Photo/Max Rossi)

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Earth STATESMAN (Tape)


"THE RECALIBRATION OF Awareness - APR 20/21, 2012 (KRYON CHANNELED BY LEE CARROLL) (Subjects: Old Enthusiasm, Recalibration Lectures, God / Origin, RELIGIONS/SPIRITUAL SYSTEMS (Catholic Church, Priests/Nun's, Duty, John Paul Pope, Women in the Church then again church wish go, Hasten Pope won't do it), Fix East, Jews, Governments wish action (Internet, Media, Democracies, Dictators, North Korea, Nations selected at on one occasion), Fairness (Businesses, Tobacco Companies, Bankers/ Financial Institutes, Pharmaceutical groove to surpass), Illuminati (Started in Greece, with Transfer, Financial markets, Pitch markets, Pharmaceutical money (share to build Africa, to nurture)), Sign over of Mortal Mind, (Old) Souls, Women, Masters to/already come back, International Rationality.... etc.) "- "(Disc motif)

". NEW Tolerant

Advent for a softening of associate pointing and an excitement of new indulgent. At hand wish comply with numberless systems for keep pace with cultures, as traditions and history are vital to keystone the dedication of culture. So give to are numberless in the Fix East who would result the prophet and they wish chain, but with an utilize of understanding. It wish be the utilize of understanding of what the prophet really wanted all inoperative - unity and indulgent. The angel in the safe place instructed him to "merge the tribes and avoid them the God of Israel." You're separation to start seeing a softening of bias and the beginning of a new way of separate.

In due course, this wish establish an acknowledgement that says, "You may not grip the way we grip, but we stash you and your God. We stash our prophet and we wish love you according to his experience. We don't carry to position in order to love." How would you fondness that? The earth is not separation to turn inside one belief group. It never wish, for Humans don't do that. At hand destitution be key up, and give to destitution be the beauty of cultural differences. But the systems wish slowly glisten themselves with bigger understanding of the truth of a new descendants of time-out. So that's the at first thing. Shadowing for these changes, local ones....."

"... Conclusion

This is the moral of the day. The recalibration of understanding is separation to action systems, instruction, council and stock. Inhabitants who don't harvest to be spiritual at all wish so far move with a new understanding, for they wish be judicious of whatever thing that they are not judicious of now - a softer way of living.

We through with a banal acknowledgment that we've individual as a result of, but that numberless carry acknowledged in jest: "If women ran the world, they would never send their sons to be killed on a theatre of war."

Visit tease. How banal, how simple minded. Trustworthy, give to carry been women leaders who carry put wars together; they had to. They sent their sons, so that's not really a genuine acknowledgment. Nonetheless, it's bigger significance than you may reason, local ones.

So now I wish make the acknowledgment I carry complete lifeless and lifeless in these recalibrated channellings: "To the same extent recalibrated Humans run the world, give to wish come a day in the function of they wish never send their sons inside the theatre of war." You see, understanding wish action all of that. They wish in due course see the wisdom of reconciliation, new ways to billet issues, and the blunt facet of putting accouterments together fairly of tearing them far-off.

At hand wish be a time in the function of council armies wish not work to be massive, and arms wish not be as powerful. Indolently, council won't work them. Indolently, slower than you be interested in, these accouterments wish administer as the old soul carries his light and looks at the masters of the planet and emulates them.

You've all heard it: At hand wish come a time in the function of the masters wish come back to Ball, and give to are numberless who are waiting for this. Nonetheless, it has by happened! They couldn't come back until the alignment was significance and now it is significance. This is what you are brand in 2012 and historical. It's starting to administer, and they're back. But they're not back as brute Mortal Beings. They're back as the "energy of recalibrating of the understanding of God".

I wouldn't say these accouterments unless they were true. Shadowing for these accouterments, local ones. Take up again everywhere you heard them at first and in the function of some of them start to remain in your report. And in the function of you see the earth working in this genre, local one, maybe you'll absolute that what I carry individual today is real.

Be careful. At hand is no magical timing. Humans wish establish all this at their own pace. Do not be in nervousness of the accouterments that forte result, for I say it yet once again that the old energy wish verification itself without delay in continuation mode and it won't be unusual.

In this beginning of new energy, stand patronizing and turn on your light. Faintness wish evasion as a result of you. That is the truth of the day."..."