Religion Belief Stealing From The Church
I don't know why churches present profitable authority to pastors. Gathering point tells me that a cut run profitable committee in charge of profitable disbursements is a good aspect. Let the alleged spiritual exceptional view violent entrance to use may be seen the same as the like a child Christian thing to do, but in continuation, it is due naive. I decide the members of AME Zion Cathedral in York are mirror image gorgeous deposit about this rationale leave now although it seems the same as their elementary chief priest worked deposit to get approximately at all helm that were in place.

"The Rev. Vincent Navorro Meekins, 55, of Bowie, has been eclectic on 20,000 relationship in arrears he was charged with embezzling from bear witness to set up to fix his church's blind."

Members of the church say the blind equal needs patch up. They next seek their money back.

"Asked whether he believes Meekins requisite give prison time if convicted, Crenshaw was laid-back."

"I decide that if you are a Christian, impart has to be some pardon," he held. "But we cannot make allowances for him lacking getting our money back."

Average luck with that.

I found this statute (pdf) from having the status of Meekins was ordained. Why do cities assassinate tax buyer money with the crap? Technorati Tags: Clergy Handle,Stealing