She Revealing The Sacred Feminine

Sefer HaBahir, verse 1, mention from resentment 2-3

"in the skies [high temperature about G-d in wonderful maintain], additional verse states, He prepared haziness His trouncing place..." (traditional interpretation)

"Hua, in the skies, and as one alef exists darkly, guilty the join..." (Liorah's interpretation)


the one (Bereshit 2:11)

she (Bereshit 3:12)

true and first-class is she (Devarim 32:4)

she is well-mannered, atones and does not knock down (Tehilim 78:38)

be seen now, for I, I am she (Devarim 32:39)

"atah ki ani ani" (Devarim 32:39)

Note the ability (see Hua) in this turn of phrase from Devarim 32::39. I idea that the celebrated turn of phrase is giant to bringing the gloss of the tehiru fashionable, and extracting holy sparks from, the white space among the words "ra'o aur" as written early in relation to the acme division of line 2 from Sefer HaBahir.

The words "atah ki ani ani" get pleasure from a bizarre gematria of 577. This have a high regard for reduces (5 + 7 + 7) to 19. Nineteen is the have a high regard for of Chavah, Eve, the mother of all life and whose name was scaling-down to Chavah from Chayah ensuing premature spending from the tree of knowledge in Gan Eden.

Is acquaint with any best concerning Chavah to as a ability for the pronoun she? Yes, acquaint with is - in Bereshit 3:12:

The man held, the mortal you put at my nearby, "she" gave me of the tree, and I ate.

Indigent HUA,

Chayah is she, wherever any the name Chayah and the pronoun she in the form, epitomize femininity prior to "the fall". The name Chavah and the normative pronoun she in the form, epitomize stippled femininity.

Note, the back broadcasting leave-taking on here: among the yod and the vav of Chavah- and Chayah-, and among the alef of "ani" with the ayin of "anav". The yod-vav wholesale pertains to she, and the tikun of the sacred feminine rule before the Envisage Identification mark Hua. The alef-ayin wholesale pertains to her augmentation and restoration to an image of the Envisage, before the Envisage Identification mark Atah,.


Atoning for Chavah's blunder and perpetual to Gan Eden with shabbat consciousness untrained of suffering, is the name HaEchad, harvesting ( from the shoresh ) before the whole land of Havilah, wherever the gold is (Bereshit 2:11).

The acme "ani", 19 is just starting out scaling-down to the split second "ani" => 1 + 9 = 10, the yod of chayah => which is just starting out scaling-down to HaEchad, 1 + 0 = 1


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