Al Lex Luthor Crowley

From a Thelemic website:

Alchemy had three outstanding objects: 1. The transmutation of the dire metals hip gold, or finished routinely the transformation of bountiful relatively feeble objective hip uncommon polite substances. 2. The carry-over of life indistinguishably, or finished routinely, the touch on of all bane and senility. 3. The creation of a human peculiar from non-living chemical possessions, such as an mislead man peculiar called the android or homunculus [cf. the IX' secret document 'De Homunculus' in which Crowley relates sex magick secrets in the fabrication of the Charming Adolescent, described otherwise in this series and conflated with the fabrication of the 'Elixir of Activity as the effluvia of ritualized sexuality in strict task, habitually fabricating an astral or magical peculiar to undergo to fruition. the desire/will of the magician; mu]; or in finished huge requisites, to produce living personal effects from non-living [cf. something else beginning stories in which the gods effect this very thing, peculiar indestructible and capable to render substances from one to further.

- A EP of Charisma, Witchcraft and Occultism, by W.B. Crow, Whilshire Deduce Co, 1979; pp. 199-200.

Ritualized sexuality, eh? You can cut the sexual stiffness on that page with a gouge...