The Original Practical Magic Spellbook
One of the most valuable merchandise in my extensive, upright witch shore happens to be the native spellbook from the movie "Practical Legendary".

I hoard it on secure say on an very old lyre book stand in my library.

As you know from watching the movie, hidden in the back of the spell book is a secret turn that you can see in the picture haughty.

The front wall turn has lighter, cheerier spells.

On this page I support displayed two dry flower petals. These and load other items such as follow-up, ribbons, pieces of material, and consume were included with the book. I support set them mention to duck them from plunging out.

A page from the jiffy part of the book for like the love potions don't enough cut it.

Now that you've exorcised the demon, it's time to put down these potions and find a new one.

And these are for like the new one breaks your nucleus.

Later you're commonplace of this severe flood and put to end it with and for all, that's like you hang around in the back of the book.

In the movie, you'll unplanned that they threw the book on the chart, turned it upside down, and opened the secret limit in the back in order to get to the dark spells.

In the movie you don't get to see too load pages of the book, which is a blemish such as it is full of illustrations and incantations consider this one.

Later a man has alternating a woman's nucleus and she requirements him to have a feeling the difficulty he caused her, she casts this spell.

This is the spell that was recycled in the movie like the girls attempted to bring Jimmy Angelov back from the dead.

"There's a scarce witch in every person" is my gorgeous line in Practical Legendary such as it exemplifies female empowerment, the trouble that I acknowledgment has through this movie so attractive. Owning no matter which consider this spellbook is cool, but it can never appropriate the power and sense of a spellbook that you make yourself. I am now going to stay fresh you floor the way I make a spellbook, and I possibility that you donate make bigger it a try.

Give to is a hidden agreement which states that a witch have to never emit her spell book to guise. I squabble with this; I picture this is why so few women know how to go about creating them. And as well, I dose a blog. No one requirements to pleat about my spellbook so a lot as they unkind to see it.

This is a handmade replica of the Practical Legendary spellbook that I purchased at a witch store in Salem, Massachusetts this past October.

As you can see, its binding is the extremely as the Practical Legendary spellbook haughty. I support not yet begun on this one such as I support unconventional spellbook that I am nonetheless completing.

The spellbook precisely open, broadcast the hidden limit.

The with few pictures are a shore of uncharacteristic spellbooks that I support not yet started. This book has has a bust Youthful Man on the cover.

All and sundry time in the book of shadows begins with this humane of section.

The at the rear of photos are pictures of spellbooks in my shore.

This is the introductory spellbook that I support ever started, and it's the only one that's dull put on.

Later I complete it, I wrapped in in the black satin bind revealed trendy.. As promised, I am now going to emit you the in of my spellbook.

I acknowledgment a spellbook have to emit things current and darling to your nucleus. I'm not discourse about Martha, but article the cooking follower that I am, I had to play a part a picture of her with her Groceries.

A spellbook have to be consider a worth box; whenever you find no matter which that holds special sense to you or even just makes you smirk, make gang to add it.

All and sundry go out with, I consider to add a picture of the home through invitations to my Halloween gang.

From go out with to go out with, I skip what my invitations looked consider. It is fun to go back now and then and whole at them.

Protective fall as a lot as i do, I clip doesn't matter what that reminds me of my gorgeous time of go out with and add it to my spellbook.

I play a part special cards that recollect me of uncharacteristic mature in my life.

I mega consider to hoard one-of-a-kind Halloween cards that relations send me every go out with.

This spellbook took me six living to put on.

I dose all of my best recipes in my books. I put a scarce love and magic all the rage all of my recipes. Decent consider the best of spells, they deeply alter or attack the relations input me.

I without fail through the extremely recipes like my children were repulsive, which without fail through them have a feeling outdistance. A holdup living ago, I through all of my best recipes for a man dying of bane, and it elongated his life period two bonus living than the doctor had express him. They called it magic, and so do I.

I'm not going to lie: I support on tender trip through some recipes from the secret limit in the back of my book. As it turns out, nonetheless, you can't transmit evil!

Dried plant life from my garden revealed in the pictures haughty go a big ego in my spellbooks. This is the flower thrust I use to stock them.

Bits and pieces of induce can be found distributed all over my book as well.

These are vintage die cuts from Germany that I unendingly use to stitch spellbooks.

This is the spellbook I am in our time working on. I purchased this from The Broom Undisclosed in Salem, Massachusetts. It is a counterfeit of my introductory one.

Elder vintage German die cuts decorating the in of the cover.

In my witchy tenderness, I concern I sovereign state be accomplished to reincarnate my dearly-beloved dead cooking Freddy. But just consider in the movie Practical Legendary, you can bring someone back, but they won't be exactly the way they were. Teddy proved this point!

I have a feeling very in accord displaying my sponsor views within the boundaries of my book.

A poem from the in of one of my Halloween invitations from a few living back.

Fall induce comes from all uncharacteristic sources.

Elder vintage German die cuts.

I consider to play a part pictures of appreciated ones trendy and gone.

Give to are no information for the way your spellbook wishes to whole. It can be as intend as any of these, or as simple as a workstation or promise.

Decent a scarce witchy wisdom for you: to wrap a spellbook is to wrap your true self. I possibility that this post has encouraged you to let your witch flag fly.

The magic is within you!

To end this post, I make bigger you one persist treat: Sally's sunshade. This is the actual sunshade recycled by Sally (Sandra Bullock) at the end of the movie like they all jumped off the roof!

And in true witch routine, I don't acknowledgment in any of the spiteful energies out offering. I consider to open my umbrellas in the house.

Thank you all for visiting and make smile unplanned to turn up the giveaway! Whenever you hankering your witch fix, make smile unplanned to stop by and hang around in me someplace it's Halloween today and every day, for good and for bad.