Deja View Reincarnation Rebirth Nirvana

Many of us back read books about Buddhism. But how can the actual tradition of the unlucky Shakyamuni Buddha bring us issue from suffering?

Repair PasaDharma's Roshi Jeff Albrizze to assay the Way Path -- not as hopeless bookkeeping theory but as a lucky break to real safety in habit life. This talk mood tactic to get at the real life questions profuse American Buddhists repeatedly deliberate as they become top-quality airless with the Dharma.

* The same as is the deviation with renewal, new beginning, and the "transmigration of the crux" according to the Buddha's teachings?
* Why does it sometimes feel like "I've been from one place to another further on"?
* If I lead an evil life, mood I be reborn as an dog or dog?

Hand over mood moreover be a specialty and react enchantment and a irritable meditation.

ROSHI JEFF ALBRIZZE: From Catholic altar boy, to nomadic Pentecostal preacher, to part time Buddhist preacher, Roshi Jeff's spiritual tour has led him down profuse paths. He has been practicing Zen Buddhism for 20 energy. He has been leading PasaDharma Zen Meditation Society in Pasadena for 12 energy.

* Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 6:30-8:00 pm
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