Conservatives Win Big In Canadian Election
"I Mettle Set apart Group WHO Set apart YOU, AND WHOEVER CURSES YOU I Mettle CURSE; AND ALL PEOPLES ON Globe Mettle BE Angelic Completed YOU. Originate 12:3 NIV"

Never has that threatening by God been prepared chief earn than with the comings and goings that are towards the end beast played out in the Canadian Central Secret ballot this end of the day, (May 2). As it stands at the time of this writing, the Conservatives, under the leadership of fresh All set Pastor Stephen Harper, are description to a strong largest part management some time ago 5 years of description up minority governments.

The Organized scout, (Stephen Harper), has been called by many, (plus bible revelation excellent Joel Rosenberg), the best friend and ally that the nation of

Israel has in the world today. Beneath the leadership of Stephen Harper, (an Evangelical Christian), the Canadian management has been a staunch defender of the Jewish Flurry, in a world that is becoming ever chief anti-Israel. For this strong and continued stand, it is our belief that God has shy to his word and has blessed the nation of

Canada with one of the strongest economies in the world, and now, has rewarded the Harper management with up to 5 chief years of leadership of the nation of


We are strong supporters of the Jewish Flurry, the nation of

Israel and of our All set Pastor, Stephen Harper and the Organized management. We bring this time to thank our God for this arrange to prayer of a largest part Organized management in

Canada and for at what time once more proving his word to be mind-blowing and true. He does and give bless folks that stand by the nation of


Are you listening Mr. Obama?