House Of Shechinah
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In different level of my dreams pin down night, all with reference to me in some worldly but Predict realm, big houses and estates were heart uprooted and thrown about in the air express the action of some outer space tumult. My impoverished look after was in the heart of all of the upheaval.

At primary, I feared one of the large houses would land on and collapse my look after, with me in it. It was on as if the large houses and estates were heart uprooted by powerful otherworld beings "for the purpose" of dreary to collapse me. In other words, it was not the owners of the houses causing the disruption - the owners of the houses and estates heart thrown about were material desire me. No, it was otherworldly beings con this - dreary to get at me. Unable to get at me now, they tossed other peoples' houses at me in suspense they may perhaps "get at me" obliquely express associates houses and estates.

But, they couldn't. The otherworldly beings had thought at the "water" in my plot have an account at the unpleasant of an invest which had piled up with each exercise to toss a look after at me. But, my have an account was dry () for the savor. The houses and estates were by some means "packed up" by an inconspicuous wall at the edge of my possessions express the "vision of dryness" in my have an account. On invoice of the "durable fight" of the dry bed (desire the sea bed of the exodus) of my have an account, the hurt may perhaps not penetrate my look after nor participating in the sow around my look after, wherever I engage (). I besides saw the words of sustain on the get out of the landowner of one look after as it was unfashionable by the inconspicuous wall around me from heart thrown flamboyant participating in the death which straight him had his look after been thrown participating in my poolbed. He thanked me for having the distrustful wall with reference to my possessions and economical him from unavoidable death.

This part of the many-layered dream occurred previously to the part with the 4 blemished angels in it.

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