The End Of The World
In the see 1514, Pope Leo IX wrote "I donate not see the end of the world, nor donate you my brethren, for its time is hope for in the afar, 500 days correspondingly."If my sums is correct, the world, according to Leo IX, donate end in the see 2014.For instance the beginning of time, sprint turbulent with a basis of in anticipation of adversary and high unoriginality control predicted the end of the world. To my knowledge, it hasn't happened yet.Close the end of the best millennium, normal sprint in Europe predicted the end of the world would act in the see 1000. As the ensure approached, Christian armies from southern Europe waged war wary the pagan countries to the north in an attempt to junction them to Christianity, by lift if rudimentary, earlier Christ returned in 1000. Subsequently Christ didn't return, individuals who criticized the church were labeled as heretics and exterminated.In 1346, one-third of the those of Europe was killed by the black harry. For instance this share seemed to go with to Biblical dream, sprint supposed the end of the world was introduction. But, Christians had killed a heap of the cats in Europe at the time suggestion the felines were associated with witches. Not more than cats, foster bedbugs. It was subsequently naked that bedbugs carried by bedbugs caused the harry. The world didn't end at the rear of all.On February 14, 1835, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Religious, made a avowal at a meeting of church leaders that Jesus would return in 56 days. It didn't rush.The Jehovah Witnesses claimed that the war of Armageddon would start in 1914, based on the dream of Daniel, Repayment 4. It didn't rush. They as a result revised their proclamations, normal grow old, to 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975, 1994, etc. It didn't rush, didn't rush, didn't rush, etc.Seismographer Albert Porta of Italy realize that the conjunction of six planets on December 17, 1919, would enthusiast a repetitive emanate causing the sun to destroy and gulp down the earth. It didn't rush.The founder of the Worldwide Religious of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, predicted that the "Day of the Lord" would act in 1936. It didn't rush. Undeterred, he subsequently predicted it would rush in 1975 more exactly. Tons of his allies gave up all their mundane commodities in precaution of the Bring. It didn't rush.Edgar Cayce, familiar as the asleep augur of Virginia Seashore, warned his allies in 1942 that the earth would depose repetitive poles in the see 2000 and appearance wicked international catastrophes. It didn't rush.David Davidson wrote a book refined THE Important PYRAMID, ITS Divine Suggestion anywhere he claimed the create of the pyramid of Gizah foretold afar goings-on, as well as the end of the world in Majestic of 1953. It didn't rush.In 1974, astronomers John Gribben and Stephen Plagemann announced that combined planets would line up on the dreadfully send a message of the sun in 1982, creating insensitive earthly goings-on. The planets banded up but vacuum happened.In 1978, Pat Robertson of the 700 Group announced that the world would end in 1982. It didn't rush.Hal Lindsey, correspondent of Christian dream, wrote a book in 1970 refined THE Late, Important Terrain Flatten anywhere he claimed the Bring would set off in 1988 (40 days at the rear of the invention of the earth of Israel). It didn't rush.Edgar Whisenaut, a NASA scientist wrote 88 REASONS WHY THE Bring Request Crop up IN 1988. It didn't rush.As we approached 2000, the see of the insensitive Y2K bug, normal sprint were clearly the end of the world was introduction. They built restricted shelters and hunkered down. They hunkered for nil.In September of 2008, Councilor Keith Martin and scores of scientists claimed that the hulking Hadron Collider built under France and Switzerland would appearance the end of the world. The best trial of the collider took place on September 10, 2008. The end of the world didn't rush.Supplementary end-of-world predictions: St. Temperate -- 90, Hilary of Poitiers - 365, St Martin of Tours - 375, Hippolytus - 500, German Ruler Otto III - 968, Gerard of Poehide - 1147, Joachim of Fiore - 1205, Pope Trusting III - 1284, Benjamin Keach - 1689, Charles Wesley - 1794, Margaret McDonald - 1830, William Miller - 1843, Piazzi Smyth - 1960, Charles Meade - 1974, Lester Sumrall - 1987, Peter Ruckman - 1990, etc., etc.Foresight is a clever fixed. Having particular knowledge of afar goings-on is a lot in the role of purchasing a lottery immoderation and making strategy on how to waste the winnings. You don't know you're a small fry until at the rear of the drawing.My insight made in June of 1972 - the world would end the day I established my best real look at from my best post-college job anywhere I was making a satisfactory part of the pack of money. It didn't rush. I was inevitable to expand working and working and working, subconsciously feeling thirst for the end of the world so I could escape the Treadmill of the Rat Profile.Portray are no passengers on Rocket ship Flatten. We're all festivity and we'll all go down with the ship.On December 21, 2012, I donate be hosting an "End of the Foundation" assemblage at my place. Stretch of time food and drink."Ballpark figure for the Day - "You must not interpret one thing, one pit, one backbone of sand, until you know what good and evil donate view on that act. The world is in weigh against, in Keep steady. To light a candle is to cast a shadow." Ursula K. Le Guin"--