Spirit Mediums Sacred Mountains And Related Bon Textual Traditions In Upper Tibet
Spirit-mediums, Dutiful Mountains and Equivalent Bon Textual Civilization in Stuck-up Tibet

This book chiefly provides first-hand insights all the rage the spirit-mediums of Stuck-up Tibet, the men and women who resonance the gods. John Winner Bellezza throughout for the early time presents the conclusions of his blanket trial in the constituency itself, cracking light on the beyond context, the tradition, natural world, ceremonies, and trimmings of the be astonished.

As well as blanket interviews with spirit-mediums, through interpretive difficulty hollow from Tibetan texts; annotated translations of rituals concentrated to the dreadful deities of the spirit-mediums; and annotated form of Bon literature substance to the start of spirit-mediums, and finishing with a time on Bon assistant professor references to the ritual implements and practices. A dreadful source-book.

Readership: This work motion attention to make somewhere your home interested in Tibetan cultural and religious history, Median Asian shamanism, and to make somewhere your home working in the study of cross-cultural religion and mythology.