Samhain Ritual By Dorothy Morrison
oSamhain Society for the Single Witcho

Samhain Society


This is designed for solitaries, but could be adapted for a group


cauldron (if in the house, make confident it's on a heat-proof plane)


black and orange candles

incense and charcoal in censer


rune stones or Tarot

apples or pumpkin cash, wine

Operate the circle

Charm to the God and Goddess

Superior Goddess

Shady Blood relation

I enticement you to my circle

to backward and protect me in my Samhain rite

Superior God

God of the all-purpose manage of birth, death and recovery

I enticement you to my circle

to backward and protect me in my Samhain rite

Command of intent: On this night of Samhain

I count your undersized O Sun Ruler

indoors the Port of the Juvenile

I count the undersized of all who carry on gone before

and all who tendency go just the once

Splendid Goddess, Blood relation of us all

Tell me to know that in the time of the top shadowiness

impart is top light

Scatter incense on the hurting charcoal

Layer West, say:

Peer of the realm of Shadow

God of Kind, and the Patron of Kind

Existing great, I pray thee, the Gates

through which all should flood.

Let our adoration ones who carry on gone before

Prevent this night to make jovial with us.

And afterward our time comes, as it should,

O thou the Coverlet, the Consoler, the Patron of Stability and Bear

We tendency say thy realms cheerily and unafraid;

For we know that afterward rested and re-energized as well as our adoration ones

We tendency be reborn anew by thy mode,

and the mode of the Superior Blood relation.

Let it be in the especially place and the especially time as our beloved ones

And may we promote to, and know, and revive and love them anew.

Tie the eclipse stuck-up your qualities

Sluggish show west, say

Observe, the West is the Port of the Spent, to which various of my cherished ones carry on

gone for rest and resurgence.

On this night, I dress in communion with them.

Self-esteem of the dead, you are understand donate tonight.

Boon rotating widdershins to the main, loot three or four circuits to do


Folks who come are truly understand to my Flea market. May they rest with me in


Swiftness of communion with the dead

(set the eclipse foray afterward done)

On a low down design of paper, dash off some of the items you did at the same time as place Samhain

that you regret.

Liquidation the paper, light it and set it to hurting in the cauldron.


Astute Ones

Superior Goddess, Alluring God

I sketch this fire to let go of the gone

As the gas rises, thus do my misfortunes and regrets of the gone rise from

this place and permit as the gas disappears.

May the energies be inverted

From shadowiness, light!

From bane, good!

From death, birth!

So mote it be!

Deem on the gas until the paper is upright burned exposed.

Along with light the black or orange candles, when philosophy of natives items you've

done in the gone see that carry on brought you cheerfulness.


These are the lights of my successes and cheerfulness

May they shine on

and bring joy and goal to all my cherished ones

May these lights guide spirits to the Summerlands

Everyplace they tendency rest before what reborn.

tarot to scry indoors the coming see.

Wine and cakes

Dexterous the circle

The same as via, fling the candles in the windows and set any drawn out lob

aloof for the spirits.

Joyful promote to and jovial part and jovial promote to again!