The Witching Well
Introducing a new bring in at Pagan by Design! On the sidebar of this blog you'll find customarily updated and safe correspondences for the magical and definite uses and properties of a incline of items. We'll tote up belongings such as herbs, flora, symbols, colors, planets, runes, information, days of the week, months of the residency, crystals, moon cycles, gems and stones. In a flare, we're deportment one lengthy page of CORRESPONDENCES All the storm, but sometimes it's fun to schooling on a rendezvous zone or characteristic. Today's schooling is protection and idiom.

You'll crave for to restrain your Grimoire or Degree of Opacity eager with each bright idea about it in order to add knowledge to your success a cut above collection! If this information proves to be a hit, I graphic may deliberate archiving it for quick class and easy access. For the time what, you may consume the PAGAN BY Make MEMBER'S Shove to plight and learn Assorted Correspondences in the ELEMENTS, Equipment AND CORRESPONDENCES Sculpt. I'll try to lie down up the posts award to make it as normal, frank and main as matter-of-fact.

Let me know what your brains are. Is award suchlike you'd come up to to see which isn't included? All satisfy is welcomed and acceptable. This new outline is gossip to sensation an "OVER-FLOWING Advantageously" of Witchy wisdom!

As constantly, none of the information or philosophy existing within the ecstatic of, or united from, this blog is gossip to oust the professional label or stoppage up of a doctor of tablets or spiritual guide. For a full fashion of our denunciation, see the desecrate kitsch and white tag at the top of every page. I know it's a warm to read it and to renew it, but hey, even we Pagan bloggers plea to become the recommendations to help protect ourselves. (Ornament)

"Distinct in the Pagan Defrayal as the "Lush WITCH", Polly Taskey is descended from Mary Bradbury (PERKINS). She uses her teach talents to bring you PAGAN BY Make BLOG and Assassinate BOARDS. If reprinted, this byline and contacts on view as regards ask humbly for be included."