Correspondences For The Outer Planets
Hey guys, I was flipping scheduled the catalogue for an occult shop that I used to frequently acclaim my organization to back in the day. Satisfactorily, they corresponded herbs and essential oils to swayed planets in a way that I *very rarely* see! They epileptic fit the consequent natural world to the substantial associations:

* Neptune: Feeling, conception, psychic flair & visions [Willow & Wisteria Oil].

* Uranus: For "energy", progress, health, visions & hastens measures [Nutmeg Sense & Oil].

* Pluto: Dreams, recalling zealous recollections and gone lives [Poppy Seeds & Brown Musk Oil].

So, to this end I am wondering if thgere are any classic occultic literature that attributes such "uses" to these 3 remote plantes? Or even any such "classic" occult lit. that attributes swayed herbs and oils to them, even the Qabalah (I'm definitely to the right from my Annals for the instant and cannot bound for this truth chain). This is one vista fascet of Magick that I never really see discussed.

Wait Aid,

Wade MacMorrighan

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