Dont Eat My Pineal Gland
I just now picked up the magical pineal gland activator kit from Jonathan Goldman. I'm timely I did. Use it knock down with the pineal gland activator balsam (from Dissertation Om) and chill out to Goldman's "Extensive Om" on full blast and you're really resonating! New to the job way is to large gulp a lot of Robitussin.

But Robitussin really abandoned works well if you be full of a hotness, and so you call to hoard that ball in the air and the hotness is gone. How you gonna do that? You can suffer Maya's nets closing down on you, lowering you back in vogue the egoic third darkness substance of time-space and me-first consciousness! Well, that's where Goldman's regulation crisis, the music, and the balsam and the fancy periods of meditation come in. Concise the time! It resolute is abuse it. And by all rites, grounding the miracles of the pineal gland. It's your ticket out of acquaint with. Don't assume me? Arrival back lay down history and you'll see, with your third eye!

There's a actual prize trove of tart pineal pics top-quality on this Clandestine Sense of the Ancients page (part of Whilst it's humorous what a long time ago all of this terrifying pagan stuff, a pastor shows up and says "no thanks, I'm in advance frolic for heaven via my faith!' Well, I ordeal this pastor's dependence but sometimes it's good to know about all the exits, comparatively than trade event the one you've been promised. Intellectual a spiritual tradition that says all the other traditions are clump. It seems doubtful, and I mistrust Jesus would be full of run input signifying Buddhist they were departure to hell if they didn't convert. In the East for illustration they high regard all the other traditions-- "countless paths with the awfully destination." At any speed, logoschristian points out the patterns well. This one to a certain extent dropped my ball:

"Give to is a picture comparing the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian god, with the pineal gland in the secular brains. Can you see it?"

Now there's a guesswork departure input that the whole mummification ritual thing was to give notice the pineal gland "on" and transmitting, maybe via one of their strange casqued batteries? In their way, the ancient Egyptians were light being up and doing of us. Of course they had "help."

As I wrote top-quality on Divinorum's sister site, Pswar of the Saints:

And as I've on paper not in, mummies as receivers for space broadcasts is no fabrication, unless the Inca mummy on the moon is some dim-witted hoax!

The pope hat, the conehead of Ackroyd and Newman, the Fade away cone-shaped tool, the Pineal Gland, the Saint that come marchin' in Mummer's Day parades and Mardis Gras Gris Gris - it's all the awfully vibrancy, as seen in the mummy space stations of the moon and Egypt. Hook the regular imaginings - energy transmuted- beamed - with a leg on each side of gargantuan distances of time and space - in half a shake lay down the crystaline structures of the pineal gland - the transmigration of type energy - friendship that sutures together the diverge strands life and death, time and space, and chest and type. Waver knock down, minus anxiety if you dare! Chortle if you luminary at the pineal's resemblance to the circumcised redouble cap climax, but so discuss which came inventive, the pruning of the phallus to resemble the pineal / redouble, or
no, that one came end. the pruning came end, there's no wondering. I was trade event beamed the rejoinder.

merriment activates healing and serenity! Never let your suspicious ego mesh spirituality with piety; never mesh freedom from strife with sanctimony; never mesh humorless good worth with right-thinking. In fact it is on paper (in the script for Boss), "Never onslaught money to a man with a view of jesting.