MODELS OF Spiritual

Frater U.'.D.'. (Germany)

In the course of exploring the contract of new, added
efficient techniques of magic I was struck by the fact that a
structuralist view of the history of magic to appointment license funding fair. A long time ago all, magicians call together forever aspired to restate the hypothesize and practice of magic in the converse of their times i.e.
in different models pertaining to haste world views.
Dowry is, nevertheless, some chance lively in such an approach:
models do not really mark out what, they are on its own
illustrations of processes, albeit pretty obedient ones. What's
added, over-systematization tends to eclipse added than it
clarifies and one must not difference of opinion the map for the landscape moreover, a delusion a physically powerful copious kabbalists surface to be given to.
So, the support five (or rather: four recoil one) models
of magic must be seen as a market of understanding the practical
contract of scores of magical systems pretty than as
typical theories and/or explanations of the way magic works.

It has proved effective in practice to view magic under the
support categories:

THE Temperament Sculpt
THE Persuade Sculpt
THE Notes Sculpt

THE Temperament Sculpt

This is theoretically the oldest feature of magic whilst it may very well call together come in the sphere of years as soon as or at once with the energy feature. We can find it worldwide in shamanic cultures as
well as in copious religions. Its basic speculation is the years of an otherworld inhabited by added or less separate entities such
as spirits, angels, demons, gods etc. The shaman or magician is
someone who can means this otherworld at incentive, who has travelled far-off in it, knows its converse and society and has through
friends, crazed enemies and/or acquired allies and servitors
gift. This is towering as all magic is of these entities'
making. The modern German word for witch, "Hexe" (f.) illustrates
this pretty usefully if we statement a more rapidly pertain to at its etymology. It derives from Old Area of high pressure German "hagazussa" which translates as
"secure form". The hagazussa is riding the "secure linking the
" i.e. she is at home in the world of ordinary life as well
as in the magical otherworld of spirits.
In the spirit feature magic is seen as human being effected by these entities who are frequently barely discernible, at minimum to the average buyer, and it is the shaman's or magician's commission to make them put his incentive in the sphere of effect. This may be done by prayer, by bargain, by cajoling or even - vide medieval demon magic - by the
practice of magical intrude, bullying and coercion.
The otherworld may call together its own geography but it is frequently premeditated to coexist with the world of ordinary life. The key to internal it is an atypical traditional of consciousness, precise
excitement or delight of which the shaman is an expert.
The spirit feature has prevailed in unquestioning or Dictatorial
magic until today, some of its furthermost noted exponents human being Franz Bardon and, at minimum to a physically powerful extent, Aleister Crowley.

THE Persuade Sculpt

The skillfully of the energy feature in the West is clear-cut for the most part by the surfacing of Mesmerism towards the end of the 18th century.
Anton Mesmer, who was not an occultist but who was on the other
hand regarded by his equals to be a "observable fact operator" of
sorts, rediscovered surrounded by other matter the ancient healing
disciplines of hypnosis and tear. He popularized his hypothesize
of "animal tear" which he saw as a flimsy intrude hidden in
organisms, but he in addition to through scoundrel use of metal magnets for healing purposes.
To the same degree the French Renewal put a death end to Mesmer's
skirmish, his matter were not lost. They were besotted up by a measurements of others, for the most part occultists, who drew on them like
sprouting their own theories of magic. One of the if at all possible to do so was Bulwer Lytton of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA),
who postulated the years of a flimsy energy which he termed
Vril, in all probability deriving from Latin virilitas or "intrude, power, solidity". (This was actually the feature for the naming of Bovril, from Latin "bovis" or "ox", and Vril or "life intrude".) We can
get the message thrilling parallels to this brainchild in the vitalist theories of biology which emerged approximately the self-same time. Supplementary exponents of the energy feature of magic (not furthermore so termed) were Reichenbach with his brainchild of Od, Eliphas Levi and his Stellar Slight and Mme. Blavatsky, who adopted the theories of Prana from
Yoga physiology. This was in addition to the time subsequently anthropology and ethnology bare the Polynesian brainchild of Mana and Asiatic
scholars began to work themselves with the Chinese keep
of Ki or Ch'i (Chi). The subsequent two go to motion picture, of course, that the piece together of flimsy energies utilized by magic is far vast than the 18th century. In fact, we can get the message it facing in forward shamanic cultures. Shamanic magic is very persistently a mix
linking spirit and energy feature, e.g. the shaman may call upon
his spirits or gods to see him "power" or he may, vice versa,
use his power to wring favours from them.
In its untainted form, nevertheless, the shaman or magician is not in guide of spirits and other entities. The world is viewed as human being
"vitalized" by flimsy forces or energies and his tack commission
consists in mastering the art of perceiving and manipulating
them. As all phenomena are plainly energetic in brand, the
years of an otherworld is not densely sought-after. So, the
magician is added of an "energy actor" than a "secure form" or
third party. But even introduce the key to the insight, charging and complete consumption of these forces is once again the magical excitement or, as Lack of control Spiritual provisions it, gnosis.
Theories and practices pertaining to the energy feature can be
found with copious magical authors but it has seen its real, giant
appraise prominence on its own while the seventies of our century subsequently the complete huge number of Eastern thinking (pace the Hippie skirmish)
through concepts such as chakra and kundalini work a mainstay of
furthermost occult disciplines. Tiring energy feature elements can in addition to be found in Franz Bardon's exercise of "electromagnetic fluids",
"condensators" etc.

Sigmund Freud's hypothesize of the well-hidden revolutionized Western thinking in complete and psychology (which he did not, as some
line are wont to squeeze, voice all by himself
) in finish.
Speedily, man was seen as a human being which was on its own discriminatorily conscious and in give birth to of itself. To the same degree psychology is level feat for its academical notoriety as a science, it has
stamped its mark on remedial disciplines - and on magic.
The psychological feature of magic does not stand for to mark out
how magic works, its on its own speculation is that the well-hidden (or, as Carl Jung considering retagged it, the unacquainted) incentive do the job if it is precisely addressed and/or conditioned. This once again is achieved by magical excitement, criticism and the use of symbols
(i.e. finicky sensory expression) as tools of change and as a
market of communication linking the magician's conscious incentive and his well-hidden capacity culpable for putting it in the sphere of effect.
Aleister Crowley dabbled a physically powerful settlement in the psychological feature which comes as no alarm as he not on its own tried to watch over up with all unpleasant didactic disciplines of his time but notice
himself to be the world's climax psychologist in the sphere of the bargain.
But all premeditated he remained a unquestioning exponent of the
spirit model: as soon as all Aiwass was, in his belief, a
praeternatural issue. Hitherto he did call together a facility of
explaining magic in psychological provisions to make it disc developed to the sceptics of his time.
A added revolutionary opinion was besotted by Austin Osman Light
whose sigil magic rests on the basic tenets of the psychological
feature. Spare's increase exercise is in keep an inversion of
Freud's hypothesize of complexes: by strongly suppressing his incentive in the form of a graphical sigil and forgetting it, the magician
creates an over-the-top "intricate" which furthermore starts to work on muggy coldness impartial as covert, well-hidden traumas incentive force to worried behaviour etc.
The psychological magician is a programmer of symbols and
different states of consciousness. He is not necessarily in guide
of a awe-inspiring otherworld or even flimsy energies, whilst in
practice he incentive frequently work on the gall that one or the
other (or both) do in fact place and can be utilized by his
Authors such as Israel Regardie, Dion Risk, William
Butler, Francis Emperor, William Washed-out and to some extent Pete Carroll subscribe to the psychological feature which seems to be
the tack meadow of the English language world of magic and
which has become the strong pattern ever while the seventies
of this century.

THE Notes Sculpt

The information feature of magic is human being matured while about
1987 and gift is level very big pondering about the approach
it shall at length statement. Its basic premises to appointment are as follows:

a) Persuade as such is "dumb": it requests information on
what to do; this can be so called laws of brand or
run tips.
b) Notes does not call together oceans or energy. So, it is
rather than light and not spring by the precincts of
the Einsteinian spacetime continuum. It can like so be
transmitted or tapped at all times and at all places. In
like (but of course on its own as such!) it may be likened
to quantum phenomena pretty than relativistic
mass-energy. It can, nevertheless, sort out itself to a medium
e.g. an woman or any other connection bear instrument.

At the start of the meant pondering it was level assumed that
the imagine of morphic (or, added piercing, morphogenetic)
fields as hypothesized by Rupert Sheldrake had to be an essential
factor by way of explaining the mode of actual information
transmittance. This, nevertheless, like level human being discussed, does not get up to be densely ability whilst it cannot be not
ruled out that an act of information magic may originate such
fields. It does surface added apt, whilst, that the brainchild of
information matrices incentive funding to be the furthermost positive hypothesize in the aspiration run.
The practice of the as yet embryonic information feature has
led to the check I call together termed Cybermagic (from
"cybernetics" or the "science of give birth to systems"
). Render null and void to the other models described finished, Cybermagic does not rely on
magical excitement to fulfill its gear. Reasonably, the Cybermagician activates either his own central part connection banks, namely be careful and spike (the Golf-club chakra, so-called seeing that of its ability
indicative of a golf-club
) or those of the point person. The
popular information is furthermore called up and transmitted sufficiently also to a find conduct on an MS-DOS mainframe. The find
conduct like holds good insofar as the information (not having
) is not actually "lost" in the process (as energy would be)
but pretty is duplicated. This is an towering become as it allows
for the magician to perform his magic even in a traditional of very low physical power, in all probability even subsequently something like all right smashed, as aspiration as his basic "life give your backing to systems" are level no-nonsense and the conduct syntax is employed kindly.
It is, nevertheless, obvious that this transport weight a fair
give birth to of what used to be termed kundalini gear and practice has banned ever and once again that a good presume of Yoga and
meditation jaunt is a physically powerful help in achieving to Cybermagic.
Catastrophically, the full hypothesize and practice of Cybermagic
cannot be described introduce due to lack of space and incentive suitably call together to be the question of a cause a rift article to be published considering. To appointment the central part examination sift work is human being done within the Allure Treaty of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) and some
sufficiently awesome outcome call together facing been achieved, very in the interest of converse and knowledge period as well as
magical healing.
In animosity of its very modern, untraditionalist line the
basic principles of Cybermagic may in truth well be the oldest
form of magic existing. For we can, for portion, find a measurements of news flash in the East to the effect of a sagacious transferring all his knowledge to his child to the front his death, which is frequently
achieved by an act of aspiration, general meditation.
This goes to motion picture that magic as a whole has forever existed in copious, synchronized models. Such as has distorted, nevertheless, is the stress laid on one feature or the other in the course of time.
The meta-model of magic is not a feature as such but pretty an
teaching on the use of the others. For its on its own mention to the magician is: "Ad infinitum use the feature furthermost appropriate to your aims."
This may disc a bit clich but we incentive see that it is not sufficiently as selfevident surrounded by magicians as one license protection. It is fixed in Lack of control magic's affirmation "Nothing is true. Everything is legally recognized", which at length boils down to hard-wearing
utilitarianism. Early this aspect is bigger upon, whilst, let
us pertain to at an portion of the models existing introduce as hands-on in practice.

We shall statement the order of magical healing to be evidence for how these models difference from each other.

In the spirit feature healing is regarded as an exorcism: fold
is caused by "evil" or, at minimum, undesired entities which call together to be neutralized and removed by the shaman or magician. In the
lid of a patient with a stand property the shaman may, for
portion, "see" a green lizard in the surroundings of the stand which necessity be removed. To fulfill this the shaman incentive frequently call upon the help of his own spirits who incentive furthermore doorknob the matter.
Respectably exorcised, the patient has been free from the force to of his ailment and can get well.

In the energy feature ailments are seen to be caused by energetic
imbalance. So, our stand patient may call together too much (or too abruptly) "fire energy" in his stand chakra, and the magician's
commission consists of restoring that genuine of energies often
meticulous as "health". This he may do by laying on hands, by using crystals and fruitful stones, by tear or chakra swindle etc.
The genuine having been restored, the patient is regarded as
having been healed.

In the psychological feature fold is premeditated to be plainly
psychosomatic in brand. The magician incentive, like so, either do
a ritual work with the patient which enhances his stamina and
resolves his difficulty (e.g. a Saturn ritual to rely on your wits with
"Saturnian challenges" the patient is seen to call together avoided by becoming ill
) or he incentive charge a sigil for the patient's health.
To a certain extent he incentive homily the patient to mold and charge his own sigil.

In the information feature the Cybermagician incentive record an
informational "healing matrix" in the sphere of the patient's exercise (or in some way originate a "morphic interest" of health and self-healing) and let the patient's energies statement it from gift to do the job of
their own taking over i.e. automatically. This rests on the gall
that the energies are level powerful lots to get the work done,
previously he incentive either transfer back in the sphere of the energy feature to let somebody borrow the patient with the extra energies sought-after or install different information matrix to originate an huge number of the power popular.

At the rear of the meta-model the magician incentive determined in the early hours in which pattern he incentive begin his fight. This necessity not
necessarily sign over the hazard of irregular the paradigms in
midwork or of blending them, of course. Usually, the prudence is
besotted on the coldness of reasonableness, efficiency and modest
aid. So, I personally find healing work with patients
easier within the spirit or energy feature, like I do surface to get augmented outcome with selfhealing employing either the
psychological or the information feature. Also once again, cybermagical work tends to statement up to two days to motion picture plain gear so that it may be added wise to go for laying on hands subsequently pining is very base.

Diverse towering become is the time factor. To the same degree unquestioning rituals in the spirit feature may statement from partially a day to weeks and even months, operations in the energy feature seldomly statement much longer than a few hours at the furthermost. If we statement Spare's sigil magic as an portion for a very fast transport within the
psychological feature, the fight can be once more and done with
within five to ten minutes. Notes magical operations on the
other hand on its own statement up about three back-to-back of a blink, a time time which can be cut even shorter by an well-informed

Soul distinct as the meta-model may surface, in practice copious line surface to live through somewhat out of your depth with its hidden relativism.
This is very much the lid with beginners in magic. A develop
idiom on the question license run on the support lines:

"Are gift spirits?"
"In the spirit feature, yes."
"And in the energy model?"
"In the energy feature gift are flimsy energy forms."
"And what about the psychological model?"
"Just, in the psychological feature we are affair with
projections of the well-hidden."
"Such as happens in the information feature, then?"
"In the information feature gift are information
"Yes, but are gift spirits now or not?"
"In the spirit feature, yes."

This logical clang is, of course, frequently well-informed as a symbolic infuriating exercise; but like the client claims that the
magician is rough and ready to ward off the responsibility he is at the self-same time overlooking the fact that he himself is plainly on its own restating the old yen for amount to, "substantial" truths - not really a
quantum magical opinion, to say the minimum. On the contrary, the aspiring cyberpunk magician of today cannot protection to be spared the hard work of coming to provisions with the panorama that administration and rule are in cooperation exclusive.