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hinduism is the highest ancient religion in the world. It is after that specific as sanatan dharma, which means the eternal courteous path. In fact it is the simply religion in the world, which does not fuel salvation. it is first-class than a religion; it is a way of life. It is not a man complete religion, founded or produced by any oracle. It has no origin and no end. It is a religion of discharge and, out of the ordinary highest other religions; it allows correct discharge of one's plan and mode of idolization. Unquestionably, it is the simply religion in the world, which greetings the courteous of recruits to check the almighty by their own free desire. the history of hinduism has proved that it is a living weight. Both harsh rulers and unfamiliar aggressors could not banish it having the status of it is a religion of self-experience and self-realization. It is not based on any dogmas or set of signs to be plain with cover plan which is why atheism is plain in it. Yet, hinduism has a very buff understanding of and spiritual union with the almighty god.
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