Siddha Cotton Packet
Siddha Divide of CottonClever for.... Put-on Chant, Puja and Sadhana.This Divide of Cotton charged by Ganesha sing. Cotton has united usages - the in the beginning self hand-me-down to make cotton wicks even though enlightenment the lamp (Nandadeep, Niranjan or any other) and is suitably the supreme ingrained part of the tabloid or any other jolly Pooja. This tract contains the superlative cotton that can be hand-me-down for one work month for your tabloid Pooja in your home. The specially worth of this tract of cotton is hand-me-down as a agent form of clothing the God even though bathing the Conqueror arrived an 'Abhishek' or 'Snana' that is done arrived special jolly occasions or rituals. The cotton is one of the supreme immaculate forms of natural fibers important to mankind and suitably represents an at hand of clothing to the guest, and in addition the stifling heat of the devotee's love. Divide of Cotton is a symbol of modesty and have a weakness for near the God and a gesture of thankfulness for the God."HTTP://WWW.DHYANSANJIVANI.COM/ "