Awakening Spell
Midsummer/ Litha Awakening SpellThis spell is to awaken and see what normally can not be seenso you can see Faeries and FaeRemember you are awakening yourself to all things supernatural somethings you may not wish to see such as spirits You need a "Holed Stones or Hag stones" these are normal stones have have hole in them, you can use natural holed or hag stonesyou can find them at the beach or rivers or streams or take any thick stone and put a hole into it using a Drill bit Go slow so you do not break your drill or stone. its best to use a natural one.A Glass of WaterHold the Glass of water in your Right handand the stone in your leftFace North and look into the sky( Do not look at the sun you will go blind ! )yes I actually had to put a warning Offer the Water to the sky and Drink the water Chanting 3x:Goddess ( insert name ) and God ( Insert name )"Powers of high, listen to my pleaThree aspects of the Divine I invoke thee.I call upon your power of three,find a way to help me,unlock the powers inside me,to see what can not be seen to teach me " come forth, awaken my energy within"I thank The Lord and Lady ( insert name of your Goddess and God/s, )So mote it be. look into the holed stone afterwards use the holed stone as pendant and wear it