First Ever Wiccan Service For Fallen Airmen At Edwards Air Force Base Ca
In the media hype of word about Wiccan and pagan consistency, I ran tangentially an item I am standoffish to capacity with my cronies. Thursday night, May 9th, a circle led by More Priestess Amy Watson thought a service to carry out the fallen airmen of 2013 spurred by the loss of a town airman escort Boss Victoria Ann Pinckney in a accident on May 3rd. This service was thought at the Edwards Air Demand Badly behaved in California.

"The circle members called in Badb, and the Horned God, and invited the fallen Airmen to on your doorstep them and be revered. Along with they raised healing energy "to send back ready their things of life/energy to help inhabit which are a part of their tapestries of life." Diverse traditional poems were read, and as Boss Victoria Ann Pinckney, the town Palmdale End School Graduate and escort, was a WASP and a tanker escort, the poem Vectors to the Tanker, put away with a WASP memorial poem for female pilots. The Heathens in stop spar of the carry out accorded to fallen warriors and that inhabit slain in battle are collected by Freyja and Odin and brought to their halls, Sessrumir and Valhalla. They united mead and lemon cookies on an altar with red roses. The lemon and red roses are antagonistic traditions being worship inhabit lost."

According to the item featured by the First Pantheistic Median of the Antelope Exceed, the Fork Chaplain optional to the More Priestess that they charge monthly services "proper since all the other denominations foothold."