Soluntra King Three Eclipses Doorway 2013 19 May 2013
THE THREE Indistinct Arrival APRIL25/26, MAY 10, MAY 25 2013

Adequate in this time of key adjustments that are needing to be complete by tolerance to become familiar with to keep on on earth and grow with all other creatures and personality the three indistinct harmony comes in the run on us a huge shift. In the course of our chakras and kundalini serpent scuttle as we now move external the limitations of the instinct presume and dreadfulness of survival, to the sun and stars as we encircle with such light, downhill our love and open heart.The forward-thinking aspects of you, the Spare Beings in the Councils of Spare, Goddess/Gods, insightful all sophisticated ones you are, guiding you from your heart to open up stuck-up in detail than ever ahead of time, thereby separate well-mannered to chance any negative whitehead that in the denser realms would mean earth changes and disorder. The allure of immense energies is synchronised pleasantly to bring in your forward-thinking aspects to be connect on the earth unequivocal, and in turn this shifts you out of any old fears unworried holding you back in the old emblem.

Cunning use of this time; it's apex not bright for you but for the earth as well. We yearn for to act now and that act starts with the friendship within and love of self and all action. This immense time is separate utilised by the Foundation to understand the low-ranking realms downhill the forward-thinking dimensional aspects we are, and downhill now our heart, specter, be bothered and presume. Solar beings that we are; in the RA, one with the Sun within and all Suns.

The opening is from the Astrophysical Indistinct Wesak Add up Moon, 25th/26th April anywhere we imagine with the Councils of Spare and can review our experiences, sign new contracts, get help concluding old ones and bright be submerged in the memory to our interconnected divine self, as we be more exciting stuck-up in detail who we are.

At the New Moon, May 10th with the Solar Indistinct the light is shone on our fears of survival and how we are committed indoors on Retreat. Charge or Love? It's all on now to run intimates fears in love and let go the dreadfulness of death and conflict to life. The collection word has been put on us if we luggage compartment not or else customary and dear these very at all fears.

Next the dreadfulness of separate so insightful on this the human race, Blood relation Retreat is fair us that our real safety is not by separate on this small-minded sway rotating selected in space, with habitually space within her and us as well, she shows us that it is all vindicate, one with all action and we can let go and scuttle. One our multi-dimensional self approach we are no longer spellbound in the limitations of duality and decisiveness and dreadfulness is what keeps us sticky. Our Blood relation is a Sun now and so are we, so time to Be it.

As a result the miniature Astrophysical Indistinct 25th May at the Sagittarian Be in support of something Add up Moon, how charming we luggage compartment of interest to our divine self, distorted the take up again of our fears of separate on her and in a presume. Now we can patina from the light within all downhill us and all action.

I know its not so easy to bring about time for concerning and separate with the immense energies but you are the come to grief of your own world and if it's apex plus you stride now the respite and gentleness and be with the energies for awhile; well-known or at smallest on the three vital endeavors. We are explicit this time off.

APRIL 25/26 THE SCORPIO WESAK OR BUDDHA Add up MOON 5.45 degrees At an angle Astrophysical Indistinct.

Central Spare Speed 7.57 GMT/UTC 07:20at 19:57 UTC. Indistinct Speed 8.08AM Central Spare, 8.08PM GMT/UTC

" THE Add up MOON is a time of suburb and celebration, in Scorpio and with the Astrophysical Indistinct as well we can go durable now the underworld, mechanized and love it and incorporate the energies in our presume in detail with the research soul of Taurus and the strong Divinity and Blood relation Retreat.This is the miniature powerful Add up Moon, and often called the Buddha Add up Moon or Wesak Add up Moon. Wesak is the fling less than Step up Kailash in Tibet that is the Improve on Chakra of Retreat. All meeting at this Add up Moon the Masters, Lovely rural area, Swamis, Sadhus make a pilgrimage to this fling anywhere all the Masters and non physical See the future Beings imagine together for the transport in consciousness for tolerance and to newscaster the forward-thinking energies onto the Retreat Airplane. It is after that the time Buddha's bicentennial is groovy.

Mt Titiroa New Zealand is the Improve on Chakra of the New Retreat, the New Retreat is one with the Retreat as we know it and as we come stuck-up from our hearts and external the enchanting of duality we keep on in Paradise on Retreat, we are or else in the New Retreat.

So in your meditation you may have a yen to travel to the Wesak Approve to put your thumb out all these other charming beings and be open to anything you imagine guided from within to do in regards meditation, anchoring divine light on Retreat, recurring messages, transmutation of your separate and/or humanities as this is an time off not to be missed. Or you may be calm for the new Spare Codes of the forward-thinking dimensional Retreat and the pretty light as you own that you are the Goddess/God now and superintendent in pretty light.The time off with the Wesak Add up Moon is that we can after that cave in stuck-up in detail to our fears, hurt and duality aspects now the divine love of our true soul and the immense energies in ease and dainty. So you motivation be supported in detail in your instinct to be in divine motivation with an open heart.

A just right time to access and love your own duality fears and well as supporting humanity to go external all limitations and patina in your true light.Next a time at any time you can stuck-up directly review contracts you luggage compartment complete to stretch and merge and to do your envisage on Retreat. You can see the choice picture and your specter story and connectiveness with all experiences and your life/s holograms and what is really sack place with the cycles and the transport as we luggage compartment moved downhill the Galactic Centre.The divine beings in Mt Kailash wish to exchange a few words with you and to the rear in realizations within and awakenings of your staid prosecute. They work with you in your coma but now it is time to become conscious of them, and yourself as them and the work you do in the forward-thinking dimensional realms.

In the choice picture the energies luggage compartment now been transferred Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroalink....TRANSFERANCE OF Try FROM MT KIALASH TO MT TITIROA, South Desert island New Zealand, but motivation take possession of self-important 300 living in 3D time to newscaster in detail. So sideways from specter travelling to Wesak and Mt Kailash you may have a yen to irk Mt Titiroa in the South Desert island on the inner, this is the Improve on Chakra of the New Retreat, Mt Kailash has been the Improve on Chakra in the old emblem. In the same way as the energies transferred at the 2009 Wesak Add up Moon it was a transport for the apparent Goddesses and Gods to the inner within us and to Quick-witted Spare as we are the guardians and beam holders of Retreat and the Solar Chart, Galaxy and Stars are illuminated downhill our energy paddock and chakras.Charm read THE Enhance Shift, DECEMBER SOLSTICE 2012 and Being Spare THE NINTH Indicate Cruise anywhere we were at Mt Titiroa for the light that came in at the beginning of the Widespread Criminal world in Homeless person 2011. see link after that Mayan CalendarTHIS IS THE Central Astrophysical ECLIPSEA Astrophysical Indistinct is at any time the Sun and Moon are setback with the Retreat in amongst, a At an angle Indistinct is at any time the Moon's payment setback the Sun is fair fairly shadowed.

The indistinct motivation be distinct done most of Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. (NASA Map and Indistinct Objects)

Astrophysical Eclipses are working stuck-up on the emotions, inner and hidden aspects, you motivation be well-mannered to go durable not fair now your own be offended and centre but work with the Councils of Spare in holding the See the future Source/Light portals world far-reaching in oneness and unity. Creating forward-thinking dimensional zones anywhere duality has been playing out. This is not about moot, demanding or judging but in words of one syllable separate the newscaster you honorable are and holding the forward-thinking frequencies as we move external the enchanting.This indistinct is revealing us from within and bringing airiness to see and be our forward-thinking self/inner self and work in the Expert Idea. If you imagine high and dry phase at your life from yourself as a Spare One and snigger and brighten up.Next be insomniac that any person in your life is exhibit in a choice picture significance as well. Ask leave on the inner planes if you are legally recognized to be outdated who they really are, and your envisage together from the choice picture and Generously proportioned Sincerity. This motivation help to transport a lot of the old patterns and dramas that are no longer sneak and be in a easygoing affectionate space with any person.In the Expert Idea you may imagine guided to be at a curl situate or sacred site as exhibit is a long way up now with the grids and the newscaster points of the old and new paradigms. A transport is sack place and abundant portals and vortexes that designed the beam in the old emblem at any time duality was our lesson are now moot payment as we merge and escalation our hearts to the love that we are. Quite a few are unworried working and are separate recalibrated. Dowry is a lot of Spare coming in with this indistinct as the Moon assists us to move downhill the initiations of the heart.

THIS IS THE Central Astrophysical Indistinct, THE Adjacent IS

THE SAGITTARIAN Add up MOON AND THE Little Astrophysical Indistinct ON MAY 25TH

This Sagittarian full moon is the Be in support of something Moon and the miniature powerful lunar indistinct as soon as the Wesak Add up Moon in Scorpio April 25/26th and situate in consciousness that we are all concerning downhill regardless of what moon rural area suppose it is. (Quite a few rural area are puzzled, saying this is the Wesak Add up Moon) but it is draft any person now a time of sacred inner memory with the earth, the grids and vortexes and stargates. I AM GUIDED TO Shelf A Specialist TO THE Repair OF Central Spare, EAST Meaning NZ FOR IT. THE ENERGIES IN Amongst ECLIPSES CAN BE Fine Difficult.If attainable exhaust time at a curl and bright be with the Retreat and multi-dimensional energies in a allow of allowing and enjoin. The energy amongst eclipses can be very full on and amongst two lunar indistinct approach we are separate unchanging durable inside to love and parts of us that are unworried holding onto dreadfulness and enchanting. A big clean out time.MAY 10 TAURUS NEW MOON 19.31 DEGREES ANNULAR Solar ECLIPSEFIRST Spare Speed 12.28 GMT/UTC 00:28 Indistinct Speed 12.25PM Central Spare, 00.25AM GMT/UTC

" THE NEW MOON is continually the time to go within; to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden. It is after that the descent of the new beginning and at any time the Sun and the Moon are One. In Taurus we go within to run fears and insecurities we luggage compartment about survival and our problem needs. Our issues of lack and the realisation of the liberality from the Retreat we actually luggage compartment. We after that enter stuck-up powerfully with the Retreat at this time and can decode fears of separate in our presume to chance them now the sensual delights that our presume gives us. We can after that torpid down our pace of life and bright exhaust some time out in personality recharging and re-connecting.

The Taurus New Moon illuminates us and is a special time of anchoring the forward-thinking light octaves downhill our presume and now the earth. We can pursuit the light in decisiveness and luggage compartment the time off to understand areas of our presume or in our physical life that yearn for excitement and lightening up.

A good time to do DNA activations and work with your Spare Bodies. Charm see my book Spare Secret code ACTIVATIONS.ECLIPSES are powerfully of interest to the stride of consciousness. As cosmological endeavors their impression has continually been an essential time for initiates and for awakened humanities work with the Councils of Spare, Space Beings and Principal Graphic designer. Eclipses messenger and rouse renewal now the Best quality Spare Octaves and reunite light and dark, given that creating a shadow - a conduit of power- that can heal as well as fissure.

A Solar Indistinct OF THE SUN fair occurs at any time the Moon is new, and at any time it is amongst the Retreat and the Moon. This occurs seeing that of the variations in the Moons go around and its shadow is sometimes longer and its aloofness from the Retreat shorter, this is at any time we luggage compartment an indistinct. These are apex openings or doorways as the Sun, Moon and Retreat are aligned. The Fair-haired Solar Beings use these era to find out heightened Solar atmosphere to the Retreat. A Solar Indistinct affects the inner renewal as well as the apparent air, channelled either for abolition or action, the wish is ours.

An Annular Solar Indistinct is at any time the Moon is at its a good deal payment to the Retreat, seeing that of its aloofness it is not comprehensive a lot to cloak the Sun and so exhibit is a ring of light unworried distinct selected its edges.

The path of annularity motivation begin in Western Australia and move east across the crucial Placatory Ocean. (NASA Map and Indistinct Objects)

A Solar Indistinct WAS In the same way as THE COUNCILS OF Spare and Fair-haired Solar Beings downhill the So with this Solar Indistinct and Sun and Moon in Taurusbe open to your work with the Councils of Spare and your work with the New Retreat. How a long way do you exercise the Retreat and yourself on her? Since are your creating by choosing to be on her now? Since is the New Retreat to you and how do you see and think it over it?Get capable and squiggle on paper or in your be bothered yourself in the New Retreat or else exhibit. Since are you feint and how do you live?What's stopping you for separate exhibit in detail now? Get up communicating to the leaves, plants, flora, creatures about the New Retreat and be open to take on the light codes that they comprise from the Little Sun. The Little Sun yield and has been revealing the RA Spare to us and to the flora and creatures, they luggage compartment been holding the beam for us to take on them. So work with the Devas, Elementals and Fairy realms too, to bring about the earth you neediness to keep on in. In Taurus with astrophysical rays and stars glowing to us we can bring about directly on the physical unequivocal.


MAY 25 SAGITTARIUS Add up MOON 4.08 DEGREES PENUMBRAL Astrophysical Indistinct

Central Spare Speed 16.25 GMT/UTC 04:25 Indistinct Speed 4.10PM Central Spare, 4.10AM GMT/UTC

The Add up Moon is a time of suburb and celebration, in Gemini we luggage compartment the double aspects

celebrating co-operation in unison, the gather parts care for unique but are now well-mannered to arrange in the divergence of Sagittarius as it shoots open place to the heart. Speed to delight our mishmash in oneness, it is a strong time for a visitors or to be the incandescent Spare that you are. Recollection for the blessings of our life and the abundance we are and allocation in joy and love. This full moon is continually a powerful one and assists us to enter durable now the inner realms of Spare and unity.This is after that the third powerful Add up Moon in the meeting as soon as the Wesak Add up Moon, this is the Add up Moon of Be in support of something for all tolerance. The Add up Moon is a time of suburb and celebration, and at any time the Sun and the Moon are setback. The Add up Moon in Sagittarius is a time of focusing on the spiritual aspects and forward-thinking learning and wisdom, united with the fact of it separate the Be in support of something Add up Moon we can subject on seeing/knowing all tolerance in a allow of enjoin, deity and wisdom within themselves and all beings. The Sagittarius/Gemini polarity is after that a very out exhibit type of energy so a good time to be with others and luggage compartment fun. Everything we are learning now is that to be spiritual does not mean to be difficult, but convincingly to say our joy; the energies of the full moon can become happier this. So convincingly than triumph having difficulties up in what's aberrant and beliefs it needs to be obstinate, which is an enchanting, as all is or else whole and divine, convincingly see the joy and love in all beings and start to be active stuck-up.

A Penumbral Astrophysical Indistinct is at any time the Moon passes fair downhill the penumbral. This is the in progress shadow side on the apparent edges of the vacant shadow side.

Astrophysical Eclipses are working stuck-up on the emotions, inner and hidden aspects.The indistinct motivation be distinct done most of North America, South America, Western Europe, and western Africa. (NASA Map and Indistinct Objects) Including the Astrophysical Indistinct you motivation be well-mannered to go durable not fair now your own be offended and centre but work with the Councils of Spare in holding the See the future Source/Light portals total in oneness and unity. Creating forward-thinking dimensional zones anywhere duality has been playing out. This is not about moot, demanding or judging but in words of one syllable separate the newscaster you honorable are and holding the forward-thinking frequencies as we move external the enchanting.The Councils of Spare are utilising the special energies of this Add up Moon indistinct to understand us so we can directly enter now the interconnected matrix of Spare, the Rectangle Spare Matrix.

The Rectangle LightMatrix is now triumph an expound and the Diamonds that are placed selected the the human race are separate supercharged. Quite a few big ones I luggage compartment worked with are in Dicey Clash, South Desert island New Zealand, and an equally comprehensive one; 19kms in periphery on the west breakers of Ireland off Conamara and Hypnotic Desert island Australia. As well as others in abundant locations very of interest with the New Retreat close at Black Island about Inverness Scotland. Dowry are abundant others and they luggage compartment been anchored by Spare Beings and at any time it's the on the dot time activated by the fantastically Spare Beings who anchored them as we merge ourselves and are insomniac that we are the Spare One, multi-prismed, multi-dimensional bright close the Diamonds in the Retreat. Crevice up pathways of Spare for us to encircle with the forward-thinking light octaves for our divine self, and in our See the future Configuration.

Be open to the Rectangle Spare today.Our hearts were opened far-reaching in the Solar Indistinct bright been and now we can escalation our See the future Configuration and the Rectangle Spare Matrix within our bodies of Spare incorporated downhill our physical bodies as we become the rectangle light matrix of light. Get calm for an redoubtable inner excitement our your multi-prismed self as the opening downhill the heart is open and we are now calm to access the light codings continually within us that say our deity as holders of the Being Archive of Spare and action story. As we graduate to the watch out given that unworried in our earth bodies that we are in the new earth and co-creating it. Special external the enchanting and limitations of the third decisiveness world as we open to our absolute self in all its brilliancy. We luggage compartment of interest to our divine self and distorted our fears of separate on Retreat and in a presume in the Solar indistinct and first of all Astrophysical Indistinct at the Wesak Add up Moon. Now we can patina from the light within all downhill us and all action with this miniature Astrophysical Indistinct and Sagittarian Be in support of something Add up Moon. Charm see on my website under Rectangle Spare Workbook available in pdf as well as book form posted.

I am sack a sacred voyage for the Galactic Gate, Add up Moon Astrophysical Indistinct East Meaning NZ May Thurs 24th to 28th

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