Deport America Muslims
A very interesting post from www.badeagle com about this deportation proposal. This follows this post about Barack Obama's condemnation of Israel's self defense and this article about the recent news about offshore drilling to encourage American energy independence This is a key issue to prevent money from going to hostile countries such as Iran and Venezuela. For more posts like this click here.The Arab in Contextby David has presented numerous pieces on the Arab, his history, his identity, and his personality. We have also noted his religion, and its deceitful nature, and the ire it takes to resist it.Islam was invented by a madman, a murderous aspirant to world domination. "Mohammad," son of 'Abdullah (570-632) was relentless in purpose, and exotic in ambition-personal and national. The numerous tribes of Arabian people being perpetual and nasty rivals amongst themselves, with myriad gods and spirits, they would never amount to anything beyond the barren desert unless there was a way to unite them. That way Mohammad found-"religion" it was called, a religion that was based on the presumption of superiority, and the mandate to enslave all other people. This manic, satanic notion brought the Arab out of the desert, in all his paranoid and arrogant glory. He soon conquered most of the civilized world.It was merely assumed that Arabs were the descendents of Ishmael, and thus Abraham. (See, Genesis 16: 7-12; 15; 25:12-18.) However, there was no evidence ever put forth. And no one contested the claim (except, in 2006.) But even if Arabs are descendents of Ishmael, this brings them no honor or privilege. The word about him was simple enough: he would be numerous, but he would be averse to everyone, and everyone averse to him (Gen. 16:12).Mohammad's cult, the magic death cult, the Arab warrior society, certainly matched the Arab personality. It arrogantly insisted on superiority, and employed every possible means of deceit and cruelty. Persuasion or coercion, that was the non-Arab's choice. Arabs preferred to use coercion, of course. Interestingly, the abusive mentality proved contagious, or infectious. Any ethnicity or race that came under the spell of Islam would manifest the same spirit. It is an extremely powerful and dangerous form of aggression, Islam.It is also obvious, blatant, and rather stupid. Or, should we say, those who are fooled by it are stupid, or at least willing to be enslaved. Perhaps they are simply ignorant and indolent. This would be most tribesmen of the Third World, and those who have never known freedom, or flushing toilets.In America, the Arab Muslim has achieved the wondrous status of unpredecented deception. He has risen to a plateau of affront which transcends that of even the Communist Democrat politician (who adores him so). People like Nihad Awad (Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations) delight in artfully seducing the meaning of words. Indeed, they essentially rape the sanctity of the 1st Amendement of the United States Constitution. Hear for yourself. Here is a FoxNews video of Awad in the act.Nihad Awad, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Pamella Geller, beginning at 2:38. Awad begins at 4:01.Nihad Awad, a complete alien, claims to represent America! This complete foreigner claims to have full understanding of America, and says that to build a mosque on the site of Ground Zero demonstrates "...what's best about America...the freedom of religion, the freedom of diversity, and beauty of the United States..." He claimes that those who oppose the mosque (like Geller) "do not represent America, do not represent New York, or the beauty of what this country has been founded on, and the freedom of religion." Awad claims that 9-11 had nothing to do with Islam!Such is the perfection of Satanic delusion, in the face of America, in the name of freedom. Freedom to lie, and freedom to destroy. This is the freedom Nahid Awad lauds so elegantly. Note his cool, calm, collected superiority. These deceiving Arabs think as long as they can act so suave in public, in the media, they are superior. They feign pity for the poor Americans who are so angry and outraged by the murderous Muslims. Here is the epitome of deception. The Muslim tortures the victim, then claims to pity the screams he causes. Actually, he merely demeans them, scoffs at them, belittles them, and denigrates the suffering of his victims. That is the spirit of Islam, and the character of the Muslim-as displayed time and time again.Ahmed Rehab, director of the Chicago CAIR (and regular contributer to alien Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington's news site), manifests the same egregious kind of condescension. It is repulsive to anyone who loves the truth, and who cherishes America and the historical values upon which it is based. These aliens know nothing of the American spirit, and merely manipulate words, superficially, to suit their traitorous, destructive purposes-and they enjoy great financial success and material luxury while they're at it. Why, it's the American way! Lie and get fame and fortune for it. Such a deceiver can actually become president of the country.That special knack they have of acting so cool when they are being so piquantly offensive is a trait that makes them wholly vomitable. They disgrace even good manners, let alone the dignity of words. Their usurpation of social grace is ghastly. They are not animals. They are devils.But, this is the final phase of the Arab presence in the world-the usurpation of language. They are in fact the zenith of liberalism. They are the spearhead of the Communist Democrat movement. Historically honed with centuries of cruelty and aggression behind them, these suit-and-tie puppets of Satanism are ready instruments. They fool only those who love to be fooled, who themselves are liars, and enjoy being raped. It is become a socio-psychopathology, this Islam bit. Obvious ill willed in the world, with murderous intent, they find a special haven of delight in the make-believe world of American freedom. Yes, to them, it is make-believe. They're only playing a role, acting a part, and feigning a place-while they move in for the has called for the deportation of Arab Muslims for some time. They should all be back in their own countries, and an international travel ban should be placed on all of them, for at least a decade. Deportation is the privilege and responsibility of every nation. Comes with the territory, indeed.No disservice is done any Arab Muslim by deporting him. He has a country to go to-in which he is not persecuted. Why should he be anywhere else, except to colonize, coerce, and enslave others? I say get rid of him, quickly. He is a menace, a threat, and a curse to all except his own. Is that not the prophecy of his birth? Let him dwell amidst his own brethren.