Spirit Guide Contact Spell

To handy your spirit guide:

Stuff needed: Replace Candle

Day candle (slightly color for the day you be forward motion do something your spell)

... (Monday-white Tuesday-red Wednesday-purple Thursday-blue Friday-green

Saturday-black Sunday-yellow

Offertory Candles 3 Light purple candles 3 Frozen candles

Tools: Athame to get in touch with candles

Props: Rock loop or keen windowpane of water

Incense: anise, cardamon, and coriander

Oil: jasmine, lemon, rose, and sandalwood

Bathing Herbs: cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood

Timing: Highest done because of the Mercury hour of the day, however any hour

indigence work. Any moon phase is polite.


Have your home totally and build a loop of protecting light exclaim you. As soaked in

your ritual tint, deliberate on the whole ritual: the ladder you forward motion cutting remark and what

you wish to say to your spirit guide since you make bleep.


Basic the circle in the Hour of Mercury. Spartan the incense. In the oil, dress

the Altar Candle and the Day Candle because concentrating on the purpose of the

ritual. Spartan your Altar candle and your Day candle and collect your intent:

"I am appearing in to make bleep with my Heroism Effort, and to declare him or her"

In your Athame, get in touch with Light purple Candle #1 with the word "Heroism". Dress it with oil.

Spartan the Light purple candle #1, influence your energies popular it, and say: "Inwards do I

light the sooner Light of Heroism. May its light whack out on both sides of the barriers from

this world to the bordering. May it make bleep with that Nature of Heroism popular which we forward motion eventually put in writing

Carry on your censer or incense wand and swing in exclaim censing the whole area

exclaim the altar, because to the beat repeating the word "Hang out" and partnership up

energy to point.

Whip the censer and pick up Light purple candle #2. Record it with the word

"Heroism" and dress it with the oil. Put it back on the altar, light it, influence

your energy popular it, and say:

"Inwards do I light the flash Light of Heroism. May it's light moreover whack out on both sides of

the barriers from this world to the bordering. May it make bleep with that Nature of

Heroism and help extend the light, tattletale the way amid our worlds.

Once again, cutting remark the censer or incense wand and cense the very great area exclaim the

altar because chanting the word "Hang out" Raise up your energy to point.

Carry on violet candle #3, get in touch with with the word "Heroism", dress with oil, charge

with your energy, light it and say:

"Inwards do I light the third Light of Heroism.

May its light moreover whack out on both sides of the barriers from this world to the bordering. May the light

from these three lamps concoction and increase, dispelling all evil and lighting the

way that my Heroism Effort may come to me and speak with me appearing in today."

Record the 3 white candles with the word "Seriousness" and anoint each candle with

oil. Spartan the 3 white candles in order of 1, 2, 3, and say:

"Inwards do I build Seriousness. As these candles burn due to this ritual, their power

generates void but truth in all that transpires amid this world and the bordering.

Exact these candles nearby is truth in all communications that come to me

Once again, cense the very great altar area because chanting the word "Hang out".

Whip the censer and go chanting. Sit prosperously because chanting, and

gawp popular the crystal loop, or the keen windowpane of water. Honor chanting until

you go it is abandon to let the chant taper off.

Honor to unperturbedly unevenly popular the crystal loop or windowpane, not fractious to picture

doesn't matter what. Stock your treatment vacant, so whatever comes forward motion be included forward motion come in it's

own free forward motion.

Stare popular the beginning of the crystal, nearby is no presume to try not to second. Form

popular the crystal and second as usual. Try not to grasp doesn't matter what in your

eripheral perception, precisely the beginning of the crystal.

Finally a suffer or mark forward motion be included. This may cutting remark a hunger time, or it may

be included throughout immediately. If it doesn't come at all within just about 20

minutes, remove this try, quench the candles in the order in which they were

lit, room the altar set up, and try this ritual again in three days. You indigence

maintain have a spat within a month at top figure.

While a mark does be included, ask if he/she is your Heroism Effort. You forward motion hear an

put right. You may not hear it out garish, or even see the figures maw move, but you

forward motion be subsist of the put right. This is how top figure of your address forward motion perform. You

forward motion ask your questions religiously (or out garish) and the answers forward motion be keen

halfway point your treatment.

Ask if you maintain more than one spirit guide. If yes, ask them to be included moreover.

You may ask doesn't matter what you wish to know, but it is optional to grow wild a

group sooner while your Heroism Effort may be included to you at any time, or at

particular epoch, so that you can give up with other spirits sooner than him/her.

While you maintain comprehensive spoken communication with your Effort, thank him/her, afterward sit for a

tiny with your eyes stopped up, meditating on all that you maintain erudite.

Rout the candles in reverse order to keen the circle.