Bob Mackie Moon Goddess Barbie
This further than week I was looking on eBay for tacky G.I. Joe numbers for my son. I found vintage G.I. Joe toys human being sold for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Perfectly for fun, I approved to show up Barbie dolls. I found prepare for this alluring 1996 doll.

This Moon Idol doll isn't the completely one. There's others. I would love to know what motivated Bob Mackie to generate "goddess" Barbie dolls! The other Barbie dolls made-up by him supplement Idol of the Sun, Idol of Asia, Joy Idol of Africa, Joy Idol of the Artic, Joy Idol of Americas, and Blossom Idol.

Precisely, upper goddess Barbies continue been fashioned. The Idol of Beautify, Grecian Idol, Spellbound Devotee ~ Tradition of Ireland, Aine the Celtic Faery Sovereign ~ Tradition of Ireland, The Writer ~ Tradition of Ireland, and Inuit Caption Barbie.

OOAK Barbies is a planner that alters traditional Barbies to make her own creations. She has made-up some lovely pagan and witch Barbies. Bang on the greet for some images of the dolls.