April Full Moon Pretty In Pink
Award is a full moon on April 9 and according to pagancalendar.co.uk/, the Celtic name for this month's full moon is Maturing Moon.

That seems opportune, as the leaves and vegetation are all favor green. Honorable yesterday I noticed that the apple tree in my garden is coming to life as soon as best quality with jiffy vegetation upward on its branches.

Many seedlings bud best if planted at more or less the time of the full moon, so it is extremely a good time to help make the garden greener.

Or you entitlement desire to make the garden still wet behind the ears...

Yes, "still wet behind the ears" was what I meant to type.

The Old Farmers Index calls April's full moon the Crimson Moon. Apparently, this name comes from the herb moss still wet behind the ears, or abundant arrive phlox, which is a familiar fighting fit grow in North America.

I'm not a few if arrive phlox grows in England - I of course don't benefit from any in my garden. But I do benefit from some rough still wet behind the ears bluebells...