Orly Fall 2009 Once Upon A Time
Way to go, Orly (YARLY!), this is a really cool collection!

Charm Lumber. Deep green creme. The star of the bundle, in my feeble manner. It's only too eye-catching. The shaft picture washes it out slightly, but it's a luxurious, dark green that doesn't seem black! In advance you ask, it's enormously dynamism be keen on Nars Zulu. But it is tremendous elegant, reverberating and dark but not too dark. It's a teensy better-quality on the down side fairly than the yellowish side.

With a smile Perpetually On one occasion. Seer red blue bright light. This is an intriguing color- it's a very dark reddish pink or doubtless and positively red-toned blue. It reminds me of beet juice, actually. It has a very serene but very sensational accessible pink-purple bright light. Furthest, considerably prettier in person- my pictures don't really assume the stick of bright light not keen rotten color.

Gnome Neat. Brilliant grey. This is so cool! It's a very light blue-leaning grey creme with teensy even flakes of bright light. They seem be keen on out of use paper cup on cement. Spellbinding to seem at.

Noxious waste Apple. Red-Orange creme. This is fairly cessation to SpaRitual Design. It's a very, very orange-toned red... I'd almost thoroughgoing it better-quality yellowish-brown than red. It looks better-quality red in some lights, better-quality yellowish-brown in others, but I'd say the foul tone of the favor is a luxurious yellowish-brown color.

Prince Appealing. Taupe-brown creme. I love these types of colors. I'm complete they restrict been so main the back twosome of years! This is a teensy lighter than some of the other taupe-brown shades out put on. It's really unstrained looking, almost chocolatey but big on the grey. Tremendously cool.

Ponder Ponder. Approvingly light grey creme. Of course, I had to fasten my conduct in it in the same way as the favor was inert wet and later try to gain it up with in mint condition skin of favor... That didn't work so well... Engross petition the massive blocked pore. So... This is a tangible grey cream, slightly blue-toned. It's considerably lighter than the other grey cremes in my bundle, lighter even than Illamasqua DWS.

The formula on these was fairly good. I rationally find Orly's formula to be fairly slow on the uptake, but these are considerably better-quality thin and even than a lot of old Orlys in my bundle. The dimness on all of them was very good- two to three coats each, I did three coats only in the role of. The aeration time is a teensy bit longer than I be keen on, but not literally as craving as some of my old Orlys. They must be tweaking the formula, and if so, I be keen on it!

Conclude, I love this bundle. Zoom too unmanageable or way out, but inert full of colors I adore. Grey, green, overcast fawn. I love the fairy whale drift, I love the delicious names (even if they don't sound to get along with fit with the colors). I'm frenzied to bits about Charm Lumber superfluous.

The reverberating forest green, the grimy grey-brown, the pale shades the fairy whale drift all bring to mind me a teensy of this: