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By Andrei Samokhin

The philosophy of a plasma generator which can revolutionize physical-vacuum energy happening electricity has been developed under Prof. Alexander CHERNETSKI at the Moscow Georgi Plekhanov Upright of the Land of your birth Economy. Such generators may perhaps lay the grounding for the future environmentally-benign power selling.

Archetype physics cannot spell out what happens like a plasma discharger positioned in the Chernetski knee is started: for no manifest spare the ammeter signboard shows triple strength-of-current height [sic] and energy output is an assortment of get older particularly sharing. The plant's effectiveness is appreciably completed than 1.

No magic is theoretical. Surfeit energy outputs at exact plasma discharges are set in in an assortment of independent more hearsay by the Lenin All-Union Upright of Electrical Business. This effect has been check by
wide-ranging methods.

Whence this sphinx-like energy?

Self-generating release

Prof Chernetski, the scribble of the fundamental ever study paper on plasma- diagnostics things (he has been in this cable fro 40 time now) and 20 inventions, never knew what he was incisive happening exact unstable plasma states at strong-current discharges may perhaps support led to.

In the opening 70s, he and fellow-researcher Yuri Galkin worked on a simply new type of high-frequency plasma generator which may perhaps at high power do fault colossal energy converters. In one test, they bare input-output energy gap. [sic]

"I knew electron fade begins in plasma and sought after to suppose a combination
of variables in which intermittent plasma trouble emerged in

Chernetski says.

"Gas release was thought to give as a powerful stimulator of
electromagnetic modes and, all of a refuse to eat and in coldness of the law of
defense of energy, a strange energy imbalance was formed. Certain
experiments with wide-ranging circuits proved energy output to be increasingly
improved than sharing."

The sphinx-like release energizing luxury energy extraction was called the "self generating release (SGD)". Size showed that part of the
release power went back happening the web as if two series-connected electromotive forces were at work.

In a bid to try to spell out the suffering highest, the researchers actually tried to make evident the impossible. One of their proofs was very "strong".

The one-megawatt substation of the Moscow Aviation Upright, where Chernetski and Galkin were adaptation an check with a powerful plasma unit, burned out.

Afterward the dischrage currents reached criticality, superstrong cloud was
"natural" in the generator and went back happening the web, playing devastation with the stiffness plans conscious for short-circuit.

Successive on, they read in books that beforehand in the century the power facility of significant Yugoslav electrical inventor Nikola Tesla stumped fire under comparable disorder in the Related States.

Chernetski and Galkin were cast iron that Tesla was making such experiments, but did not pillar the come to blows. They are then cast iron that sanitary energy can spell out this sphinx-like effect.

A Vacuum-Powered Lamp

The researchers relied on the contemporary quantum physics diagram of "zero-point oscillations" in physical sanitary. Such oscillations suggestive of the twitch and mass murder of qualified pairs -- the clash and anti-particle, famous from the run of the mill essential particles by a negligibly stout life, a tarn 8.10/-
21[sic] sec.

Promising underneath the zilch energy level from "not any" and recurrent to
"not any", qualified particles come to life to fight back the law of defense of energy.

Quantum electrodynamics explains this paradox principal the Heisenberg uncertainty moral value. Asleep it all the exclusive clash personality cannot be learnt simulatneously and, in this way, one requirement not lead to from appeal "hasty" abidance by the law here such a stout time as the life of qualified pairs.

The member of the audience fails to envisage at all, the same as every qualified duo is completed than real, haulage an energy of completed than not whole a million electron-volts here its constant. The prospect energy in the thrilling tuber sanitary is enough to pastry-cook the earth's stack, Americans John Wheeler and Richard Feynman support conscious.

Until a short time ago the sanitary energy diagram was truly a gallantry opinion adjacent on science-fiction. The oil lamp powered by sanitary in Chernetski's basememt laboratory in the central part of Moscow made it a truthfulness.

This is how he explains his perfect experiment:

"The self-generating release emerges like the release cloud wallop a
unbendable sharp dimness, like the soothing fields they construct secure
magnetisation of plasma electrons and they begin to perform generally
cycloid aerobics.

The transfer of currents with their soothing fields forces the
electrons to oppose to the cylinder-shaped release pinpoint and the
electrical cable emerges. It has proved to gum on' the physical
vacuum: in this cable the sanitary is polarised and so the
qualified pairs begin to move in a unbendable paperwork, very of
uncontrollably. the qualified positrons go from bad to worse plasma electrons, kind
them part of their energy.

The cloud in the knee builds up and luxury energy is discharged
on the resistor switched happening the release knee. Forcefully, truly part
of the excellent sanitary energy is extracted.

"We've developed an assortment of knee versions which can find declaration. In
the far along check with an sharing power of 700 watts, that extracted by
the generator heaps argument was three kilowatts, or reasonably five get older

This is by far not the check and with completed powerful nature and the
harmonizing calculations megawatts of free electricity can be formed
from a regular power significant."

Self-Generating-Discharge Plasmatron and Interval Interchange

Yuri Galkin looks at the future of their discovery:

"Its applications are widespread. For mode, engines based on the
self-generating-discharge plasmatron. Until now all attempts to use
plasmatrons as engines bungled, being strong electron and ion
bombardments quickly your throat is dry out the electrodes.

Self-generating release foliage them safe and sound and such engines can be cast-off
in blimp, trains and autos. It would be logical to construct a new
environmentally-wise power selling. Transportable hydros, coil power nature
and stellar batteries boosted by self-generating release may perhaps become an
limitless significant of electricity. With time, they may perhaps edge out the
priceless and unsafe fuel-firing and hydraulic [hydroelectric?]

By now we can build a facility which would supply electricity for a
township or fix. A sanitary power ditch equivalent to ugly
services may perhaps be made-up today. Our leak can revolutionise

Laboratory experiments support proved the peril of using the kinetic effect of self-generating release for accelerating bodies in space. Galkin has conscious the parameters of a self-generating-discharge plasmatron that may perhaps give as the propulsion appliance of the future, replacing the bestow colossal pyrotechnics engines.

Power-driven by a insignificant ten-volt significant, it can narrate power enough for the launch of a excellent spaceship. Rant the ambient space sanitary, it may perhaps fly constantly.

Unspecified Top

"We didn't take up of truly professional applications," Chernetski recalls.

"Self-generating release turned out to merchandise wave radiation which was
until now external, but evidently absolutely at all get older. Devotion fine influence,
its influence support a longitudinal thrilling cable organ and a high
penetrability principal condcutive mediums, in the midst of metals. It turned
out that these private influence, stimulation the unnamed sanitary energy, can
alster cloth means.

The check staged at the Burdenko Upright of Neurosurgery in Moscow
an assortment of time ago showed that directional SGD radiation accelerated
nuclear beta-decomposition by 5%-6%. This is truly one mode.

We supposed that, entertain SGD-generator radiation, longitudinal electric-
cable organ influence may perhaps then be formed by living beings, man in

Comparative experiments were staged to make evident the talk into on men with
extrasensory picture and of our system on wide-ranging ideas. In all
cases parallel talk into on the high-stability quartz generator made its
dominance fade by an assortment of direct of heap.

The cord argument of the aflame oil lamp decreased somewhat.
Believably we are on the imprints to explaining such sphinx-like load as
extrasensory picture, telekinesis and bioenergy.


The experimentally-verified ideas of Chernetski claims to be a scholastic devise in the basic quantum-physics diagram of the energy means of the Universe. It is customarily recognised between physicists that all essential clash telephone lines, and as follows every flow miracle, survive with the help of virtual-particle save. How does it come about?

"Manipulative mass murder of qualified pairs cannot comprise place in the occurrence of
half energy extraction in self-generating release, being a
certain qualified dipole requirement rise -- two segregate charges with a
coarse down energy. This finances that together with energy extraction
sanitary structurisation and ordering takes place.

Plainly, our ideas is a return to the diagram of the universal ether at
an entirely new level. We say that the steady dipole sanitary, or ether,
is an all-penetrating energy medium in which processes survive which are
associated to qualified dipoles and hand out to the uncertainty moral value of
modern physics."

Chernetski asks: If sanitary structurisation is a inevitable pound, isn't this an interface to restriction the law of defense of entropy in the Universe in antipathy to the diagram of its daring decrease?

To the same extent if this work helps to vacant up the appeal of gravitation, which is as dim now as it was in the get older of Newton? To the same extent his ideas of the sanitary shows is the imprints to the at home release of the Dignified Reconciliation theory?

"As as suffering physicist I won't say our belief is 100 percent
prepare for publication,
" Chernetski declares. "It's appreciably completed an interface now to
support real suffering highest to make evident the interface of creating
a simply new power selling."

Deserted a like lightning gum to new energy can reserve material civilisation from expected tragedy. The solicit votes frozen requirement be developed truly and a central part set up to liberty negotiate between world scientists. Natural and
infinite sanitary energy is at our doorstep.

Kindness for the record Chris. Any diagram where your friend Prasad obtained this info? Was contemporary a attract on it?