October 2010 Emerging Theme Truth
"If there is a theme emerging within the month of October (especially the past fourty eight hours") around the planet, it is truth. Truth in who we are as a soul person, truth in what we want, truth in where we want to be within our lives. Even if the compass isn't entirely clear on what it looks like, we know how we want to feel and it is like a stubborn weed needing to come out and flourish with all it's mighty. False structures are continuing to break down and the real truths are being shown. People are needing to clean their souls and come free with what they have done with their actions that have caused harm on others and set the balance in their soul now.The false structures that no longer serve humanity are the ones that are crumbling. It is us that choose to be free of those things that bind us from the true nature of our real whole beautiful selves. The truth about 9.11 is being revealed right before our very eyes as well if we watch it closely in the news. More clips to come on this shortly. Warning! You are not losing your mind, you are having a spiritual awakening. If you are compelled to move to a new place and space, leave a job, leave people you have known for ages and start a new without a solid roadmap...it's ok. Many of us are feeling the same way...it's called a spiritual awakening. And yes, "on bended knee is no way to be free." We may find we are needing to "pure our thoughts while we are alive." Welcome to the ascension process. It is hitting our day to day reality now. It is up to us to listen to the feelings and sensations as our soul is speaking and action our soul's intended truth.Why? Why should we be doing this now? Well, as a wise man just reminded me of a few seconds ago (because I was being lazy to my truth)..."the balance of the planet is out of control. The good guys need to step in and up." Female warriors and male warriors are needed now, it is why our soul's are speaking so loudly. The females in their absolute balance and the males in their absolute balance. It's not just about being comfortable and happy (although it certainly leads to it), it is about making the hard changes necessary and creating our new reality by living it as a guiding light for others to see the path illuminate.When we live in our own light, the planet and the rest of the cosmos can come into alignment as well.Thank you R.S. for your guidance.

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com