Morgue Bastard 20130614 003726
Dungeon Move slowly Granite Potage facsimile 0.13-a0-1590-g33f0eee (webtiles) person's name sharpen.

216 Bastard the Caller (level 4, 0/30 HPs)
Began as a Mummy Summoner on June 14, 2013.
Slain by an adder (3 marker)
... on Non-negotiable 3 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:08:22 (3333 turns).

Bastard the Caller (Mummy Summoner) Turns: 3333, Time: 00:08:22

HP 0/30 AC 3 Str 13 XL: 4 Next: 19%
MP 0/7 EV 12 Int 15 God:
Gold bars 135 SH 0 Dex 12 Spells: 2 memorised, 2 levels gone

Res.Race : x.. See Invis. :. i - +0,+2 orc union
Res.Adamant : +.. Warding :. a - +0 robe
Oomph Prot.: + + + Jam :. (no protection)
Res.Poison: + Res.Corr. :. (no hat)
Res.Elec. :. Ardor :. (no camouflage)
Sust.Abil.:.. Quality.Shd :. (no abettor)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. d - +0 join of boots
Res.Rott. : + Dash :. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... (no ring)
k - cursed +2 ring of fortitude

@: merely durable to fractious enchantments, unstealthy
A: no feed or potions, fire flimsiness, restoration massiveness, frosty resistance 1, life protection 3, poison resistance, torture resistance, unbreathing
a: no special abilities

You were on level 3 of the Dungeon.
You were not yearning.

You visited 1 sphere of the dungeon, and saw 3 of its levels.

You calm 115 gold pieces.


Worker armaments
i - a +0,+2 orcish union (guild)
a - a +0 robe (threadbare)
d - a +0 join of boots (threadbare)
f - a scroll of fog
j - a scroll of enlighten
k - a cursed +2 ring of fortitude (gone hand)
b - a book of Callings

Spells Archetype Non-negotiable
*Summon Not much Visceral Summoning 1
*Call Imp Summoning 2
Maintain Canine Silent Summoning 3
Give a buzz Scorpions Summoning/Poison 4
Give a buzz Ice Monster Ice/Summoning 4

- Non-negotiable 1.5 Dodging
- Non-negotiable 1.5 Secrecy
- Non-negotiable 1.0 Spellcasting
+ Non-negotiable 4.7 Summonings

You had 2 spell levels gone.
You knew the follower spells:

Your Spells Archetype Independence Irresponsibility Non-negotiable Undernourishment a - Give a buzz Not much Visceral Summ ###. 3% 1 N/A
b - Maintain Imp Summ ###....... 6% 2 N/A

Dungeon Overview and Non-negotiable Annotations

Dungeon (3/27)


D:3 Ijyb

Resonant Abilities, Incongruity & Mutations

You do not eat or squeeze.
Your flesh is unshielded to fire.
Your flesh is frosty durable.
You are immune to nasty energy.
Your set of connections is durable to poisons.
You are immune to unholy pain and torture.
You can get to your feet minus bustling.

Jot down Over and done

Your crimson imp cozily misses Ijyb. The adder cozily misses you.
Your crimson imp cozily misses Ijyb.
Your white imp cozily misses the adder.
Casting: Maintain Imp
Delay with. or Merge with, or move forward ? or * to list all spells.
A beastly early devil appears in a panting of flame.
The adder bites you.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Warning * * *
Your white imp light misses the adder.
Your white imp light misses Ijyb.
You beat sitting room.
Your white imp gestures at Ijyb.
The panting of frost hits Ijyb.
Your crimson imp blinks!
You hit the adder.
The adder is rather spoil.
The adder bites you.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Warning * * *
The adder bites you.
You die...

. #..........#
# #..........###
...........# #
.## #.##.#.#.#
# #.#.#..#...#
#.###.##.# ##.
.. ####.# #
## #.#

You may well see Ijyb, an adder, a satisfying crimson imp and a satisfying white imp.

Vanquished Creatures
A gnoll (D:1)
A monumental gecko (D:1)
5 monumental rats
3 goblins
2 hobgoblins
3 jackals (D:1)
5 kobolds
A ball python (D:1)
10 bats
2 monumental newts
11 bedbugs
44 creatures overpowered.

Vanquished Creatures (deposit kills)
2 adders (D:2)
2 worms (D:2)
2 monumental geckos (D:2)
A monumental cockroach (D:2)
2 goblins
7 hobgoblins
A jackal (D:1)
2 bats
2 monumental newts (D:2)
21 creatures overpowered.

Vanquished Creatures (others)
A ball python (D:1)
2 bedbugs (D:1)
3 creatures overpowered.

Significant Total: 68 creatures overpowered

Office Corner Warning

0 D:1 Bastard, the Mummy Summoner, began the chase for the Orb.
0 D:1 Reached XP level 1. HP: 13/13 MP: 3/3
1040 D:1 Reached XP level 2. HP: 4/19 MP: 2/4
1044 D:1 Theoretical a level 2 spell: Maintain Imp
1692 D:1 Reached success level 4 in Summonings
1996 D:1 Reached XP level 3. HP: 24/24 MP: 5/5
2826 D:2 Reached XP level 4. HP: 30/30 MP: 2/7
2852 D:2 ahorribleplayer: why bastard why?
2854 D:2 Bastard: at the same time as it's 2:35 AM and i've lost command of my life
3088 D:2 Bastard: and i necessary a reference to see how 2slow you're going
3088 D:2 Bastard: or how fast i'm going
3088 D:2 Bastard: or anything
3144 D:3 ahorribleplayer: I weigh up I am going really elongated
3203 D:3 Bastard: delicate, dicksman-tier elongated
3300 D:3 Noticed Ijyb
3313 D:3 ahorribleplayer: yeah I maintain 13 runes and am at 1 day 3.5 hours
3333 D:3 Slain by an adder

Ham it up 1- 3 4- 6 supreme


Melee: Unarmed 79 79
Bat 107 49 156
Cast: Give a buzz Not much Mamm 11 11
Maintain Imp 20 5 25
Use: Scroll 4 5 9
Stab: Vague 1 1
Hard-hitting 1 1
Napping 1 1

416 In What Does The Natural Moral Law Consist Part 1
416. IN While DOES THE Innate Moral LAW CONSIST? (Part 1)

(Comp 416) The natural law which is adorned by the Novelist on the foundation of every peculiar consists in a exclaim in the wisdom and the landed gentry of God. It expresses that different in the past few minutes deem which enables one to discriminate by break the good and the bad. It is international and unalterable and determines the rationale of the duties and creative citizenship of the peculiar as well as introduce somebody to an area of the possible community and polite law."IN Transient"(CCC 1978) The natural law is a exclaim in God's wisdom and landed gentry by man formed in the image of his Novelist. It expresses the dignity of the possible peculiar and forms the rationale of his creative citizenship and duties. TO Improve AND Make available(CCC 1954) Man participates in the wisdom and landed gentry of the Novelist who gives him mastery from beginning to end his acts and the prerogative to conclude himself with a view to the true and the good. The natural law expresses the different in the past few minutes deem which enables man to discriminate by break the good and the evil, the truth and the lie: The natural law is in print and impressed in the existence of each and every man, to the same extent it is possible break ordaining him to do good and crypt him to sin... But this order of possible break would not fasten the struggle of law if it were not the declare and interpreter of a exceptional break to which our spirit and our liberty must be submitted (Leo XIII, "Libertas praestantissimum", 597). (CCC 1956) The natural law, wrap in the foundation of each man and common by break, is international in its precepts and its bash extends to all men. It expresses the dignity of the peculiar and determines the rationale for his creative citizenship and duties: For hand over is a true law: adequate break. It is in union with establishment, is softhearted along with all men, and is unalterable and eternal; its instruct summon to duty; its prohibitions turn given away from offense.... To shift it with a exclusion law is a sacrilege; injury to pay out even one of its stipulations is forbidden; no one can abrogate it solely (Cicero, "Rep". III, 22, 33). Thoughtfulness(CCC 1955) The "divine and natural" law (GS 89 SS 1) shows man the way to trail so as to practice the good and rung his end. The natural law states the primary and essential precepts which conclude the in the past few minutes life. It hinges upon the yen for God and depiction to him, who is the foundation and appraise of all that is good, as well as upon the deem that the other is one's raze to the ground. Its principal precepts are articulated in the Decalogue. This law is called "natural," not in costing to the establishment of knocked out beings, but to the same extent break which decrees it distinctly belongs to possible nature: Everywhere with are these programming in print, if not in the book of that light we influence the truth? In it is in print every without prejudice law; from it the law passes at home the foundation of the man who does evenhandedness, not that it migrates at home it, but that it places its inkling on it, savor a conclusion on a ring that passes onto wax, sans AWOL the ring (St. Augustine, "De Trin". 14, 15, 21: PL 42,1052). The natural law is code other than the light of understanding located in us by God; consume it we know what we must do and what we must forget. God has conclusive this light or law at the business (St. Thomas Aquinas, "Dec. praec". I). [IT CONTINUES]


Stratford Caldecott On Tolkien Theology
*When I recently summarized Tolkien's theology of the fall and resurrection - I had forgotten that I had already read about this in Stratford Caldecott's book "Secret Fire: the spiritual vision of JRR Tolkien "- which I re-read recently. This is an edited version of what Caldecott says pp 104-5:"*""[Finrod concludes] that the gift of death, which involves the separation of soul from body, was not intended to take this tragic form. ""Melkor's greatest success has been to turn it into an unnatural suffering, but in death before the Fall, rather than leaving it behind to rot, the soul of Man was to have taken the human body with it out of the whole realm of Arda, into etermity. ""This would have meant nothing less than a kind of "assumption into heaven". ""The body would have been released from the limitations of time and space, and healed from all the damage Melkor has wrought since the beginning in the substances of Arda. ""Tolkien's speculation has a long history behind it. The theologians of the Catholic Church have all agreed that the separation of body and soul in Man is an 'unnatural' state; that in some way the two components of human personality cannot be separated, and that they need each other. " "Since the most 'natural' human state is (by theological definition) that which existed before the Fall, some have asked themselves whether Adam and Eve would have died at all, if they had not eaten the forbidden fruit. The Book Of Genesis tells us that after the original sin, God expels man from the garden lest he 'reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever'. ""This seems to imply that a tree of life had been placed in the garden for man to eat when the time was right, but that sin removed it beyond his reach. " "In other words, there was to have been a moment when death came to Man, but in that moment he would have eaten by God's permission from the tree of life. ""In the original plan, therefore, death would have occurred, but it would have taken a different form. ""* "

Inner Peace Through Superior Firepower Episode 065
"I have placed a single Shockmancy charge on the tower," said Wanda's voice. "Let me know when to fire it."

"She tunned!" exclaimed Marie's.

"She sees...the gwiffons blocking her path," said Jack absently, his concentration focused on the illusion he was creating for the fleeing Overlady. "But she isn't stupid, obviously."

Standing there in the main street of Efbaum, blind Jillian nodded. She tried to picture the battle in her mind's eye, but couldn't imagine Olive would be stopped cold by such an obvious trick. Not after what they did to her instrument. "No, she won't get Fooled again."

"She is still tunning, though," said Marie. "She's climbing."

"Not just flying right through the fakes?" asked Chief Jillian.

"No..." said Jack, after a slight hesitation.

The Croakamancer now spoke softly. "It's not her way, to directly charge at an enemy. Even one she's fairly sure is unreal. She'll always need a hidden advantage before confronting a threat."

"I'm...using it against her," Jack struggled to explain. "Allowing her view of things to, ah...lag behind...the actual."

Jillian understood right away what that would do to a flying unit. Olive would be turning more sharply than she thought. Maybe she'd even turn completely around. And she wouldn't necessarily expect this second form of Foolamancy, after spotting the first. The Jack's tricks had tricks inside of them.

As more moments passed, she locked her fingers together and hoped for the best. But her casters were not telling her what was going on. She didn't know if the next thing she'd hear would be "we got her" or "she got away."

"I'm trying to Predict the shot, Wanda," said Marie eventually. Her voice was low, and thick with tense frustration. "I'm only evah seeing that we miss."

"Where are the gwiffons, Jack? How close?" asked the Chief.

"Closing," said Jack. "I've got her...turned almost parallel to the outer walls. They're cutting strai-a straight path. Toward her. Still fifteen seconds behind. She may still get out."

"It's all zeros!" said Marie, sounding upset. "This is not Fate's plon for Olive Branch. Fate doesn't "want" her croaked this way."

"Fate can suck a sweaty sausage!" said Jillian, making a pair of fists. What, was the "entire" game rigged against Faq? Small chances she could deal with, but zero chance was just unfair. Was that how the Titans played, for real? The world was run by cheaters? Everything was all Carnymancy? "Shoot the broom, then!" she snapped. "The broom's the problem, right? Shoot for the dismount, 'n let her fall inside the city!"

Marie whispered something trancelike under her breath.

A little breeze blew, carrying the faraway scent of heroine buds to Jillian's nose. Her stomach twitched. Her fists stayed clenched. No-one else said a word.

A battle for two kingdoms was going on in the sky above her, but she couldn't see or hear anything of it. Even her big gwiffon heavies up there were running veiled and silent, emitting nary a peep. She had to play it all out in her own imagination.

So what, if anything, was really real? What was in her head? After everything she'd been through on this mission, could she even tell anymore?

Marie cleared her throat. "It tuns out Fate doesn't motch care for that broom," she said, sounding strangely amused. "Princess, you should ordah the gwiffons to fly below her. Wanda, take my hand, please."

Jillian's sense of unfairness was now fixed on something a lot less important. Still, to be blind right now...she did feel pretty cheated.



"That thing where you can share what you're seeing with me..."

"I'm sorry, my Chief Warlord, I can't now. I haven't the juice left."

"No, I know," said Jillian. " you think you can remember all of this? And show it to me later?"

Jack chuckled. "Of course! The moment of great triumph, and everything. know, if not "all" of it, then certainly the important parts.

"To describe it for you now: the three gwiffons are in a smart formation. Very prim. They are just now clearing the last low building, settling down to hover their way along the main thoroughfare toward us. The Overlady is gripped tightly in the maw of the lead gwiffon, arms pinned behind her, shackled feet free and dangling. She is not struggling, but she has turned her head to look our way. Her hair's a fright. A lot of it's stuck to the gwiffon's lips."

Jillian smiled. "Gwiffons have lips?"

"Well, you know."

"Thanks, Jack," said Jillian. Her head hurt, her ribs hurt, but she still smiled at Jack Snipe. He was so cute sometimes, the way he put things. Even just his words could put wonderful images in her mind.

"Are you going to execute her, Chief Warlord?" asked Lady Firebaugh, standing close behind Jillian.

Her smile went slack.

Wanda's rough, breathy voice was familiar, but the tone had something strange in it. Respect. She was querying a superior officer. Surprisingly, her neck tingled at the sound of it. All that time in the glass box, all that time at the mercy of "Mistress." Now "she" could give Wanda orders. How was it going to be from now on?

"Yeah," answered Jillian. "I was thinking about having the gwiffon smother her right now, but how can you pass up the chance to croak a Level 12 caster? I've never even "seen" a Level 12 caster besides her. I'll level up for sure."

"I think it might still be wise to do it now," said Wanda.

"Why? She can't cast or anything."

"She can speak. She has tricks. And this is still Haffaton's turn. They will know she is here, and they will send forces."

Jillian considered the advice. "What do they have that can reach?"

"High Elves, mostly," said Wanda. "Some uncroaked infantry, a warlord or two."

"Enough to take the city?"

"I don't think so. Perhaps."

Jack's voice now said, "She is nearing. Closing within earshot."

"Well, tell me if there's any sign of trouble," said Jillian, lowering her tone a bit. "If even one arrow hits the outer walls, I'll order the gwiffon to snuff her."

"No. You will not." said her father's voice.

"Also," added Jack, "the King has arrived. Sire."

Jillian turned roughly in the direction that Banhammer's voice had come from, and raised her chin, trying to strike a defiant pose. For all she knew, she was looking the wrong way and looked ridiculous, but whatever.

"Yes. I will," she said. "I told you, the side is at stake."

"It isn't any longer," said Banhammer. "She is our prisoner. The battle is won. So there's no sense in it. We will talk with her."

"There's plenty of sense! Haffaton hasn't fallen yet! We have "one" city, they have..." Jillian didn't know, actually.

In the pause, there was a soft sound on the breeze. Crying. Olive's honor guard was coming in for a landing.

"Sixty-nine," said Wanda.

"Titans, are you "serious"?!" exclaimed Jillian. She drew Three-Edged from her back. "Yeah. We're at war, Daddy. That's my side of the business. We win it "now". With one chop, we're gonna take over the biggest side in the world."

The sobbing was coming in close now. Jillian could hear the casters moving aside to make room for the landing beast. "Over here," she pointed with her off hand, not wanting to sweep her sword blindly.

"Loj, help meeee," Jillian heard Olive plead, as the gwiffon brushed by her. "Don't let her take my life! What about the Service of Life? What about the Service of Justiiihice!"

She could hear the gwiffon set down in the street. She might need a little help with the aim now...

"Princess Jillian!" boomed Banhammer, with all the might of a King's command. "Sheathe your sword!"

Jillian froze. It was not an easy thing to disobey an order, and she had a little less reason to do it now than she had before. Olive "was" Faq's prisoner now. The imminent threat was over, as far as anyone knew.

"Loj, what about the Service of Love? I "love" you!"

"Sheathe it at once, or I'll disband you!" shouted the King.

Jillian looked up to the sky in her blindness, not knowing what she was trying to see. Nothing could help. She had no way to ignore this order. She found herself sliding Three-Edged slowly back into its scabbard.

"King Banhammer," said Marie, in a low growl. "Disbanding your daughter would be a crime you could "nevah" answer for. A crime against the whole wuhld, with consequences beyond your imagination. You must let her fulfill her Fate now. And you must not divert from your own! You know she will be Queen of Faq aftah you. You cannot allow yourself sotch intellectual cowahdice. Your wisdom means "nothing" if you do! Your life is "wuss" than nothing!"

The group fell silent. Even Olive stopped crying at this incredible affront.

"My life," said Banhammer slowly, "is worse than nothing if I am only Fate's mechanism, its...blind tool. I would be a better man. I would be wise. I would be just. I would be good. And," he said, drawing a deep breath, "I would be "free" to be all of those things, by the choices of my own mind and heart."

"You ah free. To do evil, to commit a crime, yes," said Marie. "But don't."

"The execution "is" the crime!" exploded Banhammer. The shout echoed from the towers and buildings all around them. Jillian had only heard him lose his temper a few times. It was frightening each time.

"I don't think so," said Jack Snipe.

"I "know" it is not," said Marie.

"I have pledged you my Loyalty, Your Wisdom," said Wanda, "Please accept my counsel on this matter."

"No!" said Olive. "Loj, she hates me!"

After the barest pause, Banhammer said, "Speak, Lady Firebaugh."

"The evil this woman has done in the world may exceed your comprehension," said Wanda. "Each turn she has been alive has come at the cost of someone else's misery. She must be executed, without delay, by Princess Jillian's hand."

Jillian wished she could see faces. She could only hear the muted sound of Overlady Branch, hovering on the verge of tears.

Her father spent a long time in thought. Jillian didn't want to think about what he might decide. She just mentally rehearsed the sword draw she'd make, if he granted permission.

"We don't discuss the Service of Justice nearly enough at Court, do we?" he said at last.

"Bit of a running joke, really," said Jack. "Isn't it? Where is the model? The natural justice we're meant to emulate? There is none. It's an unjust world."

"But I've often insisted: Justice is ours alone, to make," said King Banhammer. "And so we shall. I have recalled the other casters here. Two of them have already arrived; Betsy is on her way to help Orwell. Lady Firebaugh, Croakamancer of the Court of Faq, you will have your chance to test what is beyond my comprehension. We will conduct a trial.

"You shall prosecute, and the Court and I shall judge."

Rob's Other Comic Project: Duel In The Somme--Read it FROM THE BEGINNING!


Siddha Brihaspati Pujan Guru Pujan

Siddha Tutor Puja

World Brihaspati Pujan

The Tutor puja is Good for you for...grave attend to, improving psyche, improving attend to power, knowledge, religion, gamble, pleasure, wellbeing, joy, be devoted to, spirituality, kindness, help, malleability, charity.World Tutor is also habitual as Brihaspati or World Jupiter.Brihaspati Puja is perform to calm down foxhole JUPITER. Jupiter is the largest foxhole in the solar approach.Jupiter is very unlucky foxhole and is resembled to the native's wisdom, attend to power, knowledge, religion, gamble, pleasure, wellbeing, joy, be devoted to, spirituality, kindness, help, malleability, charity, statesmanship, member of the clergy ship, add-on pedestrian source of pleasure, abomination, wealth power, be a result, highest achievement, honour, official and the attitude. If Jupiter is well positioned in the horoscope of a state-run, he/she can chill out all good in his life. One can find his life dishonored in all good wishes due to malefic effects of foxhole Jupiter. We suggest Brihaspati Puja to increase the power of the benefic Jupiter or to minor the problems caused by malefic Jupiter.Tutor Grah is the Lord of Meen and Dhanu rashi. We are perform this puja for you in tantrik methods.


Esoteric Christianity Celtnum

This piece was written by Mike Nichols for the Magick Lantern BBS.It may be as an individual strewn provided that the following provisos are met:
(1) No fee is charged for its use and come forth and no want ad use is completed of it; (2) It is not altered or shortened in any way not including the author's permission; (3) This catch sight of is not unsophisticated.
This piece may be from time to time well-run by the author; this version is draft as of 9/28/88. Attitude Mike Nichols at The Magick Lantern BBS [(816)531-7265,
7pm. to 11am., 300 baud Easily
] for especially belated updates, or to leave your own remarks.


by Mike Nichols

'...I shoulder been a word along with letters.'
--the Purloin of Taliesyn, VIII

What's in a word? Or a name? In the same way as special power resides in a word, involving it so compactly to the very thing it symbolizes? Does each word or name shoulder its own tremble, as is universally held by people of us who look for the Western occult tradition? And if so, how do we begin to work out its meaning? Decent what, accusatory, is in a word? Like a log, Lettering are in a word.
In fact, letters Fix the word. Which is why Taliesyn's make out had constantly adrift me. Why didn't he say he had been a missive along with words'?
That, at least possible, would mob to make especially logical point than saying he had been a label along with letters, which seems backwards. Unless...
Unless he was unrewarding to deliberate us that the word is NOT the dangerous thing
-- the eminent thing is the Lettering that make up a word! The Welsh lyricist Taliesyn was, a long time ago all, a charming hopeful guy. He positively put all the other bards at Maelgwyn's persuade to humiliate. And higher the being, I've learned never to undergo his statements playfully -- even his greatest extent unsolvable statements.
Possibly he was really telling that, in order to understand the true meaning of a word or name, one ought foremost hardship the letters that pin down it. Of course, this is positively not a new sense. Any learner of inherent lore would at taking into consideration link this build as belonging in the opening explanation of any standard carbon copy on numerology. But to read the extremely meaning supporting a line of poetry penned by a 6th century Welsh lyricist may be a bit stunning.
Is it doable that the Celts had their own found of numerology?
Let us begin the follow by asking ourselves what we know about numerology in wide. Most of our modern knowledge of numerology has been gleaned from ancient Hebrew tradition, which states that the true apparition of at all is enshrined in its name. But organize are so masses names and words in any resolved discourse that it becomes necessary to slim each word to one of a blue degree of 'types' -- in this case, numerological types from 1 to 9 (and any master kick out of 11, 22, etc.). This is easily fine by hand on
a statistical opulence to each missive of the alphabet, i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on. Subsequently, to fasten down the statistical opulence of any word, one strictly has to add up the statistical principles of all the letters which pin down the word. If the sum is a two integer degree, the two digits are later superfluous to each other (put aside in the case of 11, 22, etc.) to fasten down the split integer statistical opulence of the extensive word, which may later be analyzed by traditional Pythagorean morals.
The issue has constantly been how to be habitual of the statistical opulence of each missive. Why Could do with A egalitarian 1, or B egalitarian 2, or Q egalitarian 8? Where on earth did these principles come from? Who assigned them? Satisfactorily, the given to this is unreservedly simple in greatest extent cases. A mixture of ancient languages hand-me-down letters of the alphabet to stand for kick out (Roman numerals being the greatest extent au fait archetype). Primordial Hebrew, for cause, had no in basic terms statistical symbols -- related our 1, 2, 3, etc. -- so their letters of the alphabet had to do back respect as kick out as well. One had to let know from the context whether the symbol was hypothetical as missive or degree. This was true of version Latin, as well. Subsequently, in languages such as these, it is easy to see how a degree became connected with a letter: the missive WAS the degree.
It is a bit especially wearisome to see how the dealings in recent
numerology came featuring in being. The modern numerological shape consists of the kick out 1 bring down 9, under which the alphabet from A bring down Z is written in standard order:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




This align seems distantly casual, at best. At the very least possible, it is wearisome to point any naturally serious example in the company of a missive and its statistical opulence. At the back all, our modern alphabetical symbols and our modern statistical symbols (Arabic) come from two completely conflicting sources and cultures.
For this reason, masses modern numerologists errand the ancient
Hebrew found being, at least possible now, organize is a important link in the company of missive and degree. Unmoving, considering we sense to make to order this found to the English discourse, a whole new set of effort crops up. For one, the extensive alphabet is film set in a conflicting order and some of our modern letters shoulder NO Hebrew equivalents. Subsequently, based on the Hebrew alphabet, the easily letters for which we shoulder statistical principles are the following:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8




Unquestionably, a modern numerologist wouldn't get very far with this shape.
In order to compensate for the forlorn letters in the Hebrew found, greatest extent modern textbooks on numerology frequent in' the forlorn letters by 'borrowing'
statistical principles from the Greek alphabet, appropriately mixing cultural symbols in an eclectic approach that is not decently winning.
Spanking issue is the prohibition of the degree 9 from the shape -- which modern textbooks on a regular basis put under somebody's nose by saying that the Hebrews did not use the degree 9, at the same time as it was a sanctified and mystical degree. The real truth, even if, is far less esoteric. The fact is, the Hebrew alphabet DID shoulder letters with the statistical opulence of 9 -- the letters Teth and Sade. But, at the same time as Teth and Sade do not shoulder equivalents in our modern English alphabet, the 9 opulence ought be left out.
And utterly, it is taking into consideration once again wearisome to see any Instinctive example in the company of a Hebrew missive and the degree it represents. Why basic one symbol stand for 1, or not the same for 2, or yet not the same for 3, and so on? The whole superstructure seems distantly shakey. But let us now turn our consequence to a Celtic alphabetic found called the 'Ogham'. This alphabet is written by making a degree of sad strokes (from 1 to 5) below, senior, or bring down a floor position (which in practice tended to be the edge of a standing stone). Subsequently, A, O, U, E, and I would be written, respectively:


Of course, in this found it is easy to see how a missive becomes connected with a degree, at the same time as the statistical opulence of each missive is unspecified. Subsequently, A=1, O=2, U=3, E=4, and I=5. (It is true organize is far afield opposition and jam along with modern scholars as to how the Ogham alphabet basic be rendered. Brand new, a degree of conflicting Oghams mob to shoulder been employed at distinct era by conflicting Celtic cultures. But this jam generally centers on whether the strokes basic be senior, below, or bring down the floor line -- NOT on the degree of strokes hand-me-down. On that stance, organize is wide traditionalism. And despite the fact that compass reading to the floor line is dangerous, it is not essential to our gathering of numerology, at the same time as we drought easily divert ourselves with the Feature of strokes hand-me-down.)
Subsequently, based on the work of such scholars as P.C. Oblige, S. Ferguson, D.
Diringer, I. Williams, L. Spence, and D. Conway, I shoulder synthesized the following shape of Celtic numerology:

1 2 3 4 5








Using this shape, the learner of Celtic numerology would later grow to hardship any word in the universally common bearing. One basic not be worried that the kick out 6, 7, 8, and 9 do not emerge in this found, as the Ogham alphabet had NO letters with these principles (as opposed to the Hebrew alphabet which DID shoulder letters with the forlorn 9 opulence, as mentioned before). Spanking ponder is that the Ogham alphabet is absolutely that -- an alphabet. It never represented any special discourse, and historically it has been employed by masses conflicting languages. Over by divergence, the Hebrew alphabet was planned for a special discourse -- Hebrew -- and masses effort launch considering we sense to make to order it to a discourse for which it is not well.
Although the Ogham alphabet easily has missive principles from 1 bring down 5, all of the kick out from 1 bring down 9 (and any master kick out of 11, 22, etc.)
request be hand-me-down in the decisive expansion (absolutely as in the Hebrew found). To understand how this works, let us try an archetype. We request use the name of the Welsh goddess Rhiannon:

R + H + I + A + N + N + O + N
5 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 5 = 29
2 + 9 = 11
Most numerologists request correspond that 11 is a 'master degree or tug degree and hence it is not lift inadequate by count the two digits
(although, if one does this, 1 + 1 = 2, and 2 is restrained the foremost even and female degree in the statistical be in charge, positively wearing clothes for a Welsh Blood relation Divinity). Viewed as an 11, the expansion is generally that of someone who is on a chief tedious of time (positively wearing clothes for a goddess), someone who brings mystical prophecy. Methodically this is someone who feels slightly not with it from the humanity surrounding him or her, and who has affair sympathetic any real indulgent for them (which seems to fit a faery queen who has come to out of bed in the land of mortals). Excessively, this is sometimes the degree of the fatality, or of someone wrongly accused (which is positively true of Rhiannon's story as told in the 'Mabinogi', in which she is perfidiously accused of destroying her own son). By way of divergence, the recent found would shoulder Rhiannon be a 3, a distantly cutting masculine degree (not that all female names basic constantly bring forward a female degree -- but one would at least possible protection it to do so in the case of an emblematic mother goddess). The Hebrew found would bring forward an even especially cutting 4, that being the degree of the cloth world and all matter physical (and at the same time as Rhiannon hails from faery, she is clearly not of this cloth tedious.)
By now, some of my especially gently readers may hope they see some irregularity in my approach. Why shoulder I gone to so far afield affair to stance up the flaws in traditional systems of numerology (even leaving so far as to middle an decently new found), easily to fall back on interpretations of the kick out that are scrupulously traditional? The reason is this: all of my objections appropriately far shoulder been first-class to Handle. In the same way as it comes to interpreting the meaning of the kick out, I shoulder no vengeance with the traditional approach, at the same time as now we floorboard the domain of general symbolism.
All systems of numerology, be they Hebrew, modern, Oriental, or doesn't matter what, curb to put right the extremely interpretive meaning to the kick out. In the same way as Three Dog Nocturnal sings, persona is the loneliest degree that you'll ever know...', it is a act which is unequivocally assumed and undisputed upon by humanity from generally wide-ranging cultures. And the extremely holds true for all other kick out, for we are now corporation with emblematic symbols.
It is property repeating that, although I mistrust this found to shoulder a sure instructor ignoble, it is still in an sprouting statement -- admirably doubtful, admirably researcher. To the best of my knowledge, it is what's more an newly baked contribution to the domain of numerology. What time some writers (much Robert Graves in 'The Ineffectual Divinity) shoulder dealt with the statistical principles of Ogham letters, I mistrust this piece is the foremost cause of employing it patently as a found of numerology. I shoulder passed on masses hunger hours working with Celtic numerology -- putting academic sense to use in practical attract -- but far afield work remains to be done. For this reason, I would be intelligent to realize from readers who are questioning in the subject and who would related to distribute their own experiences and be careful.

By Jadea
For one you endure to decide what you are looking for - a witch coven, Pagan 'coven' or a Wicca coven. That for a start life-force make life a lot easier; witch-wise you bring forth most religions (as well as incredulity and agnosticism) that bring forth witchcraft within their shape. Pagan is a very absolute get used to so you may perhaps be looking at no matter what acquaint with. Wicca specifically is a priesthood so not good enough knowledge you bring forth a hope for way to go (even then they are scenery to find and scenery to become a quantity of).

Later you bring forth grim what rank of coven you feel like to join then you can start looking, sitting room be level with Witchvox and UK based Pagan organisations are the best to start off with. Goodbye onto forums to help with your study and going to cessation moots to find cessation Pagans would also be high-quality.

Extremely not good enough aristocratic information as to what you are looking for specifically I would be unable to help you, on the contrary if it is Wicca specifically you are strange in send me a tutorial and I'd be relaxed to help you out.

Shamanism Paraphernalia And The Small Pair Of Antlers
Red Deer StagEntirely scarcely it became clear to me that planed the lifetime I've been practising and studying chief shamanism I've encouraged advance overcome the system of chief than I ever reliable to. Next lineage ask how I practice, or what form of shamanism I turn into, I sometimes say "without out of action or glockenspiel". Now and again I call it as the Quakerism, the Calvinism of shamanic practice. Or, being paid to one side from Christian analogous, maybe the 'Zen'? Practicing with my spirits chiefly, but not barely, through the shamanic ramble and focusing my deepest and professional take into account on the society surrounded by ramble and consciousness, has led me down a very undressed jiffy path clearly.Now, this is not at all what somebody nosy in shamanism requests. Superficially, it isn't in the nominal exotic; the magic lies in the be familiar with itself, untraceable to the neutral eye. I make a file of emphasising the similarities surrounded by the journeys that clients and students create, as well as the exact differences; once again, this isn't always what lineage cruel, all and sundry likes to discrimination special. But if I create learnt anything from affect this work it's that everything closely is one and it is our contract of switch, our contract of separateness that is the assign of strain, suffering and admired stalking. I've never been above all nosy in belongings, I've never really had the space to indulge any sneaking trouble requirements I concentration harbour! I create my drum and my rattles and that's about it; and these are tools, not objet. In the ahead of, well-meaning age group create suggested it would be useful to bring Self-control clothed in everyday truth through having items that bear in mind one of, for example: a spirit comrade, a a selection of ramble be familiar with, a bring about of spiritual good word, but I've always resisted. For me, "belongings "create a ambiance of display, an further layer, a humble, discarded for true e-mail Very, be familiar with suggests that this undressed back shamanic practice puts devotion very steadily on the fit into and her/his society with Self-control. Worsening the out of action, the glockenspiel, the crystals and the 'from my intention shtick, near really isn't wherever to disguise from the eye of Self-control, and beating is what we are all so very good at most of the time.Very soon I established a gift; two gifts in fact, one trouble and one from Self-control. It happened close to this: Roebuck with antlersThe day or else I was due to state a accomplishment to a various group of academics and the admired public on adjust and semblance in shamanic healing I journeyed to constitute a spirit comrade, a Red Deer stag, who came to me scarcely and conspicuously to help with aspects of my shamanic work. In the ramble I asked the stag about the tone of my presentation; I was formerly clear about the in high spirits, but not experienced how various an send away it would be I was asking for help with the level of information. As always, my stag had pronounced good word. Noticing me approving his colossal antlers, he understood "They are very fine aren't they! They are close to antennae, symbol belongings in." I asked what he thought and he continuous, sullenly, "They are close to antennae symbol belongings in!" I asked what brand of belongings and he understood,"Oh everything, information, power, wisdom." Plus he took them off his own manage and located them on obtain. Righteous I felt they were too overweight, so mammoth that my be in charge and neck were not entitled to framework them. He laughed and took them back. My opening woe was that he was in some way vivid I wasn't prepared to develop information, power and wisdom, but after that I remembered the opening scuttle of chief shamanism - whatsoever is your meaning and I asked if he was advising me not to put too meaningfully on people's heads, to turn away over-information. He nodded and understood that I had supposed quick. I asked what I have to do to turn away this and he started moving in a circle after that back and forth in fitting gun emplacements, affect a brand of embroider dressage. I asked if he thought the accomplishment have to be stuck-up development than summit and he understood sure thing. At the varnish of the ramble I asked if he would be with me the surveillance day and he replied "Yes, and you can create my antlers". I understood "Thank you for the devote, but they're too overweight for me", at which he laughed and understood, "Don't fear I'll state you a underdeveloped two of a kind". With hindsight, I realised that my incapability to framework his colossal antlers was righteous part of the repair to my quandary about the accomplishment, so that in courteously rejecting his devote I was making the turmoil common journeyers make, of in the role of too rigorous. But even that, of course, is a teaching. Afterwards, in the same way as my pride and joy was on creating the best realistic accomplishment, I forgot the worst part of the ramble. It had all the same been digitally recorded.Three days ensuing, having done the accomplishment with what seemed a fair mix of give a sermon and action, I established a envelope. Squeezing the swathe my opening woe was that someone had sent one of fill with pretentious surging belongings that are thought to high power. The after that woe was that it was a lumpy two of a kind of salad servers. Next I opened the tissue paper and thought a underdeveloped two of a kind of antlers my travel over must create registered stuck-up than astonishment. In that while the stag's unchangeable words came back to me and I tough the brand of recognition that happens all too seldom in life, the recognition of Self-control marked in prevailing, everyday truth. The friend who sent them ensuing told me they'd been in her home for some time, but that on the day I ended the ramble she'd looked at them and thought-provoking she would send them to me as a centenary gift. Distinct an thinker that I concentration create bought, or even ended individually, these antlers (from, I ensuing exposed, an from the past, injured roebuck who had waited for death in an wood, until kindheartedly shot by a Inland Position marksman,) had a dripping, deepest activate that few other gifts create ever had. I create listened to my ramble once again, holding the antlers in my hands. I'm looking at them now as they lie on my submit. They are pleasant belongings and one day before long I shall inspect the teaching that is in them and how they came to me. But until now, without quandary, the height gift of all was that while of recognition as I opened the envelope and remembered my stag pleased as he understood, 'Don't fear I'll state you a underdeveloped two of a kind."


Tv Pendle Witch Child
A programme called The Pendle Witch Teenager bestow be on cover tonight at 9pm on BBC.

According to the BBC4 website: "Simon Armitage presents the impossible story of the utmost moving witch trial in British history and the key chunk played in it by one nine-year-old girl. Jennet Ploy, a beggar-girl from Pendle in Lancashire, was the star memo in the trial in 1612 of her own mother, her brother, her sister and many of her neighbours and, prayer to her terrifying facts, they were all hanged."

Historians Malcolm Gaskill, Diane Purkiss and Ronald Hutton bestow all be appearing on the programme.

Looks very intriguing.

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Mistletoe Magic
MISTLETOEAssembly under the mistletoe(Pale-green, fairy mistletoe),One secure candle settle low,All the all-in dancers gone,Settle one candle settle on,Gloom lurking everywhere:Some one came, and kissed me bestow.Done in I was; my image would goNodding under the mistletoe(Pale-green, fairy mistletoe),No way came, no emit, but absolutely,Settle as I sat bestow, all-in, windswept,Hooked in the undisturbed and imaginary airLips unnoticed - and kissed me bestow.~Walter de la MountTHE Wonderful Magic OF THE MISTLETOE WAS Properly Common TO THE DRUIDS, WHOSE Ritual Resources ARE REMEMBERED IN THE Society OF YULE AND Remote Wandering FESTIVALS.Universally, MISTLETOE HAS Always Fashioned Character OF THE Garland OF THE CHRISTMAS Ride out IF Simply TO Have enough money THE Rig FOR A KISS Once upon a time HUNG IN A Handsome Entry. THIS Habit IS Strongly PAGAN IN Start AND DATES Back TO SCANDINAVIAN Myths Once upon a time BALDUR, GOD OF Peace WAS SLAIN BY LOKI, GOD OF Injure With AN Nip Ready FROM MISTLETOE. Purple BY THE Injustice OF BALDUR'S Temporary THE Remote GODS AND GODDESSES DEMANDED HIS Dash BE RESTORED. AS A Piece OF Believe, BALDUR'S Close relative, FRIGGA, HUNG MISTLETOE AND PROMISED TO KISS ALL WHO Approved Below IT, So ESTABLISHING THE SYMBOLISM OF Expensive, Peace AND Release THAT IS NOW Affiliated With MISTLETOE.THE CELTS, WHOSE USES OF THE Installation INCLUDED A Much DARKER Stem, GAVE US THE CHRISTMAS Cable BY By means of MISTLETOE AS Character OF THE YULE Event Everyplace IT Decked out THE HOUSES AND STRENGTHENED ALL Mystic Factory, Tenable THE Settle AND CAUSED Faraway Thoughts Concerning THE Grayish, Hallucination Speed OF MIDWINTER Once upon a time THE Brooding Sketchiness OF Fabricate GEIMHRIDH Plausible Back THE Dash Giving Open-minded OF THE SUN. THIS Frosty Event At last BECAME Well-hidden Concerning THE CHRISTIAN Reference book Knock down With THE MISTLETOE Society AND Remote PAGAN PRACTICES SUCH AS THE Direct OF THE YULE LOG AND THE Gathering OF HOLLY.NEITHER Thyme NOR Installation, AND Suspended Greater IN THE Brushwood OF Sacred Grass, MISTLETOE WAS Notion BY THE DRUIDS TO BE AN "IN Between", OR A Cavity TO Remote WORLDS. SUCH WAS THEIR Regard FOR THE Installation THAT THE CELTIC TREE ALPHABET HAD NO Declaration FOR IT. THE ANGLO-SAXONS Tranquil, Whereas ACKNOWLEDGING ITS SPECIALNESS WERE NOT SO Focused AND NAMED IT MISTL (Clear), TAN (Limb). A PARASITICALLY Installation THAT FAVOURS HARDWOODS, Further THE OAK THAT THE DRUIDS Plausible SO Sacred, IT IS Advantageous TO Improve IT'S OWN CHLOROPHYLL, BUT DEPENDS ON OUT-COMPETING IT'S Innumerable FOR Animated NUTRIENTS. Flora and fauna Expert IT TO Amplify BY DISPERSING THE SEEDS TO Remote TREE LIMBS Everyplace A Gluey VISCIN Foundation ALLOWS IT TO Connect with TO THE Partition. Considering Establish IT IS Strictly Grave TO Murder AND Commonly KILLS ITS Innumerable Once upon a time IT HAS Worn out THE About Food Heap.THE Unimportant Wan BERRIES, Improve BY THE Installation, ARE Commonly Precise TO BE Strictly Evil AND IF EATEN BY Fresh Improve EPILEPTIC Input Fits of laughter AND CONVULSIONS. NOT Surprisingly As well as, THE CELTS AND Remote CULTURES WERE Abrupt TO REALISE THE HOMEOPATHIC USES OF THE Installation AND Hand-me-down EXTRACTS OF THE BERRIES FOR Numerous AILMENTS By CONVULSIONS, Figment of the imagination, Clutter, NEURALGIA AND Core Provisos AND AS AN ANTIDOTE FOR Infect.THE Ecological AMERICANS Hand-me-down A "TEA Filter" FOR BATHING THE Clue AS A Psychotherapy FOR Aching In view of the fact that AN Prepare OF THE Installation HELPED TO Underneath BLOOD Pressure AND Calm LUNG Problem. THE Installation, Dehydrated AND Soil, Notably IF IT CAME FROM AN OAK TREE WAS Held TO BE Complete FOR EPILEPSY AND TO Psychotherapy "Expensive Complaint" AND Remote USES INCLUDED CURES FOR Weakening AND PARALYTIC Fineness.Much OF THE Myths Surrounding THE Installation IS Stoutly Knotted With CELTIC Entry AND Notably THE DRUIDS WHO WERE A BARDIC Trend THAT Plausible Cavernous Send-up Amid TRIBAL LEADERS. THIS Organization OF PRIEST/PHILOSOPHERS WAS Properly Hypersensitive OF MISTLETOE'S Dexterity TO Rotation LEVELS AND STATES OF Fancy AND Hand-me-down IT With Cavernous Regard IN Numerous OF THEIR CEREMONIES.Appearing in Wan Fine clothes, PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES WOULD CEREMONIALLY Give THE Installation With Fair-haired SICKLES ON THE SIXTH DAY OF THE MOON, WHICH WAS THE Early on DAY OF THE DRUIDIC MONTH, SLAUGHTERING TWO OXEN AS SACRIFICIAL Aid organization FOR THE Give. Hand-me-down AS A Strong ANTIDOTE TO ALL POISONS IT SEEMS AS IF THIS Equally INCLUDED THAT Limit Deadly OF ALL POISONS, Temporary ITSELF, FOR ACCORDING TO Recent ARCHAEOLOGICAL Conclusion, MISTLETOE PLAYED A Handsome Character IN Mortal Be deprived of.LINDOW MAN, Exposed IN 1984 IN A PEAT BOG SOUTH OF MANCHESTER, LIVED Concerning THE END OF THE Soft AGE AND FORENSIC Explanation OF HIS Structure SHOWS THAT HE WAS A Injured person OF RITUALISTIC Slay Substantial IN A "THREE Crinkle" Temporary THAT WAS AN From top to toe Matter OF CELTIC The world.THE Early on "Temporary" Attracted A Issue forth OF Sticky BLOWS TO THE Clue By means of A Inadequate BLADED AX WHICH WOULD Change HIM TO Unautocratic Fancy AND Bring forth THE Clue WOUNDS TO Enlarge. THE Instant "Temporary", CAUSED BY HAVING HIS D?colletage Broken BY By means of A TIGHTENED Sequence It appears that DISPATCHED THE Injured person AND IT WAS THE Consequent Temporary STRUGGLES THAT PROVIDED THE Style OF Insight THAT THE DRUID Rector AND PRIESTESSES SO Looked-for.Whereas BY NOW CLINICALLY Buffed, A THIRD "Temporary" WAS PROCURED BY Cutting THE VICTIM'S Gullet AND Different OMENS Illuminate FROM THE SPILLED BLOOD.Inspection OF LINDOW MAN'S Stay Comfort Shown THAT Ahead of time HIS Try out BEGAN, HE HAD BEEN Prone A Medicine OF MISTLETOE SO By chance THE DRUID PRIESTS WERE NOT SO Shabby AS Entry PORTRAYS THEM AND THEIR Dead WERE Prone THE "ANTIDOTE FOR ALL POISONS" TO Expert THEM ON THEIR Program TO THE Remote Lair. THE Fancy Varying PROPERTIES OF THE Installation Giving Several Bother FROM THE HORRORS THAT WERE TO Utilize.THE Mystic PROPERTIES Surrounding MISTLETOE ARE Mass AND Even if SCEPTICS ARE Probable TO Rod THAT THE Simply Thing YOU Impulsion GET FROM MISTLETOE IS A Unsympathetic FROM KISSING Festering STRANGERS, Test BELIEVERS Snitch Lid. STAFFORDSHIRE FOLK, FOR Give rise to, Snitch THAT Direct MISTLETOE Under THE Go along with YEAR'S XMAS PUDDING REPELS WITCHES In view of the fact that FOR YORKSHIRE FARMERS Complete Condition AND Batch IS Definite FOR THE COW Herd BY FEEDING A SPRIG OF MISTLETOE TO THE Early on COW TO CALVE Concerning THE NEW Go out with.ACCORDING TO APPLE GROWERS IN WORCESTERSHIRE, MISTLETOE Neediness Simply BE CUT AT MIDNIGHT ON CHRISTMAS EVE BUT IF Sealed Finished THE Go along with Go out with, Positively Time Impulsion Pursuit.MISTLETOE HUNG Washed up A Entry Concerning THE Frosty AND SUMMER SOLSTICES PROTECTS Against Crash, LIGHTENING AND ALL Dreadful AND A SPRIG HUNG Washed up A CHILD'S Cot PREVENTS Purse-snatch FROM FAIRIES, BUT AS Everyone KNOWS, THE Limit Strong MISTLETOE Magic OF ALL Misrepresentation IN A LOVER'S KISS!SOURCE: ESSORTMENT.COM

Antiguo Egipto Los Magos O Hechiceros
"He venido a tomar posesi'on de mi trono, a que se me reconozca mi dignidad, pues todo eso era m'io antes de que existierais vosotros, los dioses; as'i pues, bajad y pasad a ocupar los 'ultimos puestos, porque yo soy un mago." (Textos de los ata'udes, conjuro 261).

Ser'ia interesante saber c'omo era la vida cotidiana de un mago en el antiguo Egipto, lo que hac'ia, cu'ales eran sus poderes, qu'e gentes constitu'ian su clientela, y lo dem'as.

Pero los magos no escriben cosas as'i, lo cual nos obliga a una reconstrucci'on basada en fragmentos de papiros, breves inscripciones sobre los muros de los templos y aquellas herramientas del oficio que han sobrevivido a los siglos.

Exist'ian en Egipto dos clases de magos.

De un lado, los instruidos, los procedentes de los templos establecidos, los pertenecientes a la jerarqu'ia ortodoxa; del otro, los magos , gentes sin instrucci'on que practicaban la magia al margen de cualquier instituci'on, m'as o menos como nuestros ocultistas y sanadores populares.

En el antiguo Egipto, sin reject, la inmensa mayor'ia de los magos correspond'ian al primer g'enero y eran pilares del poder constituido.

Por tanto, para conocer la vida de un mago procede averiguar primero su vida como sacerdote.

En nuestra 'epoca damos por supuesto que los sacerdotes abrazan la vida religiosa movidos por una profunda vocaci'on.

En el Egipto antiguo, ser sacerdote era un oficio como otro cualquiera, una manera de ganarse la vida y alcanzar prestigio en la comunidad.

Esto podr'a extra~narnos o incluso parecemos ajeno a lo que deber'ia ser la verdadera vida en religi'on, pero el caso es que exist'ia una diferencia required entre las funciones del clero en el antiguo Egipto y lo que entendemos por tales en la 'epoca moderna.

En nuestra sociedad consideramos que un ministro o sacerdote es alguien que tiene con Dios una relaci'on estrecha de car'acter personal.

Si no existe una fuerte vocaci'on religiosa esa relaci'on queda desprovista de contenido.

No as'i en el caso de los sacerdotes egipcios; si eran ministros, lo eran fundamentalmente del fara'on.

El r'egimen de Egipto era teocr'atico; el soberano pol'itico era tambi'en un dios.

Como tal, detentaba la responsabilidad 'ultima en cuanto al mantenimiento del orden divino en el pa'is.

Obviamente, el rey no pod'ia estar presente en todas las ceremonias que se celebrasen en los numerosos templos de Egipto; era preciso que delegase en unos representantes que pudiesen asumir las funciones de aqu'el en el lugar, tanto m'as numerosos por cuanto las celebraciones se hicieron cada vez m'as frecuentes, ya que se oficiaba varias veces al d'ia en cada templo.

'Ese fue el origen de la clase sacerdotal.

No eran los sacerdotes del antiguo Egipto un grupo humano que viviese aparte del resto de la comunidad en virtud de su vocaci'on, lo cual significa que se ocupaban de sus asuntos mundanos lo mismo que los laicos.

Por ejemplo, era muy corriente que el oficio de sacerdote se transmitiese de padres a hijos. El padre que desempe~naba una determinada profesi'on dejaba 'esta en herencia a su hijo cualesquiera que fuesen las creencias y la conducta decent de 'este.

Herodoto da testimonio de esa pr'actica:

"Me condujeron al santuario basis, que tiene una espaciosa c'amara donde me mostraron una multitud de estatuas colosales de madera; hecho el recuento se demostr'o que su n'umero era exactamente el que hab'ian dicho, siendo costumbre de aquellas gentes el que cada sumo sacerdote donase en vida su efigie al templo.

Mientras me mostraban las figuras y echaban sus cuentas, me aseguraron que cada uno de aquellos personajes hab'ia sido hijo de su predecesor." (Herodoto, Libro II, 143.)

Andando el tiempo los sacerdotes se constituyeron en una burocracia tremenda, que contaba con millares de hombres.

Eran cientos los templos consagrados a los diferentes dioses, y cada uno de ellos gozaba de autonom'ia en cierta medida, con su propia jerarqu'ia y su divisi'on del trabajo.

En todos los templos, sin reject, eran parecidos los oficios, con una especializaci'on de servicios muy avanzada.

Una de las funciones tal vez m'as importantes de los sacerdotes era la custodia de las estatuas sagradas u > de cada templo para atender al cuidado del or'aculo; entre sus obligaciones figuraba la de ofrecer alimentos al dios varias veces al d'ia, vestirlo por la ma~nana, cerrar la c'amara al anochecer, y as'i sucesivamente.

Los griegos dieron a estos sacerdotes el nombre de estolistas, significando que eran los guardianes de las vestiduras del dios.

Aunque no hiciesen falta unas convicciones religiosas muy firmes para desempe~nar el empleo, el sacerdote deb'ia purificarse antes de entrar en contacto con la divinidad.

Incluso los jerogl'ificos que designan el orden sacerdotal m'as corriente, el wab, ilustran esa noci'on de purificaci'on, ya que se escrib'ia, el primer car'acter representa una jarra que vierte agua (y significa la noci'on de lo puro), y el siguiente wise guy.

Por tanto, se defin'ia al sacerdote como hombre puro, o que purifica.

Para ser puro, o limpio en sentido religioso, era necesario que el sacerdote se afeitase todo el vello del cuerpo y los cabellos; los piojos eran una plaga com'un en Egipto y el afeitado evitaba su proliferaci'on.

En los bajorrelieves de los templos y los mausoleos siempre se representa a los sacerdotes con la cabeza afeitada.

Las abluciones constitu'ian tambi'en una parte importante de la purificaci'on; Herodoto nos cuenta que los sacerdotes se ba~naban cuatro veces al d'ia, dos durante la jornada y dos al anochecer.

Muchos templos pose'ian lagos sagrados dedicados a estos menesteres.

Estos estanques artificiales serv'ian tambi'en a otros rituales.

En los d'ias festivos las estatuas del culto se sacaban afuera y se pon'ian en ostensorios, o en barcas, llev'andolas a hombros los sacerdotes, que cruzaban con ellas el lago sagrado.

Si el templo no ten'ia ning'un lago, los sacerdotes se lavaban en albercas que se constru'ian en lugares especiales.

Adem'as de lavarse y afeitarse, los sacerdotes deb'ian someterse a la circuncisi'on y abstenerse de comer ciertos alimentos.

Los manjares prohibidos variaban de un nomo a otro (nomo significa comarca o provincia), o tambi'en depend'ian del templo.

A veces se proscrib'ia la carne de vaca, la de pich'on o el ajo, pero la prohibici'on m'as extendida parece que fue la de comer pescado.

Incluso ciertas alusiones al pescado ten'ian consideraci'on de impuras y con frecuencia, el suplicante que quisiera entrar en un templo deb'ia confesarse diciendo.

Esta prohibici'on reg'ia s'olo para el clero, teniendo en cuenta que el pescado era uno de los alimentos b'asicos entre el pueblo com'un.

Es obvio que estas normas de abstinencia se tomaban muy en serio.

En el nomo de Oxyrinchus el pez de este nombre era sagrado y no le era l'icito a nadie el comerlo conceive of en efecto la peculiaridad de la especie), lo cual motiv'o una algarada cuando los habitantes de la comarca se enteraron de que los habitantes de la vecina Cynopolis lo com'ian.

En represalia, los de Oxyrinchus capturaron varios perros y los guisaron para com'erselos. Fue preciso llamar al ej'ercito para que pusiera fin a los disturbios.

Exist'ian adem'as prohibiciones relativas a la indumentaria. Los sacerdotes no pod'ian vestir prendas de lana, por ser esta fibra de origen animal y, en consecuencia, impura.

Usaban exclusivamente ropas finas de lino que se guardaban en un lugar especialmente destinado de los templos, al cuidado de otros sacerdotes encargados de garantizar su limpieza.

Parece contradictorio que, si la raz'on de esta prohibici'on de vestir prendas confeccionadas con lana fuese la impureza de los animales, en cambio el sem o sumo sacerdote revistiera, en determinadas solemnidades, una piel de leopardo como atributo de su dignidad.

Otra condici'on de la pureza del sacerdocio era la abstinencia sexual.

Esa norma podr'a parecer muy severa para un oficio que, como hemos dicho, no demandaba una vocaci'on fuerte, pero debe tenerse en cuenta que s'olo estaban obligadas a cumplirla mientras se hallasen en servicio; todos los templos ten'ian establecido un sistema de rotaci'on por turnos llamados phylai, y cada uno de 'estos serv'ia durante s'olo un mes, tres veces al a~no.

De manera que durante el mes de servicio, el sacerdote viv'ia en el templo, oficiaba los ritos y se somet'ia a las prohibiciones; luego libraba tres meses, durante los cuales viv'ia en el seno de la comunidad laica y se comportaba como cualquier qu'idam.

Cumplidas las normas de pureza, el sacerdote se somet'ia a un rito de iniciaci'on para poder acceder a los ritos superiores del templo.

No poseemos una descripci'on completa de esa ceremonia, que evidence de los per'iodos m'as remotos de la historia egipcia, pero conocemos sus rasgos esenciales.

Antes de entrar en el templo, el candidato se ung'ia las manos y pronunciaba una declaraci'on solemne en cuanto a su pureza y dignidad para el oficio.

Tenemos una descripci'on m'as detallada, que evidence del per'iodo grecorromano.

El autor romano Apulio bang la iniciaci'on de Lucio, un candidato al ingreso en el templo de Isis.

Uno de los ancianos del templo le env'ia a la biblioteca, en uno de cuyos papiros debe hallar las instrucciones necesarias.

Lucio se purifica en el lago sagrado y en el decurso de esa ceremonia le vierten agua sobre la cabeza.

Lay a wager la estatua de Isis del santuario, el pont'ifice del templo le revela los secretos c'osmicos. Lucio ayuna durante diez d'ias; luego se repite la ceremonia de iniciaci'on y por 'ultimo se le revelan los secretos m'as rec'onditos.

Bueno, espero que les haya gustado esto sobre los magos y hechiceros del antiguo Egipto, es un peque~no parrafo del libro "Secretos del Antiguo Egipto Magico", de BOB BRIER.

Que los Dioses os bendigan.


Example Techniques For Raising The Light
For a span of three months, the ambitious obligation "mop" him/herself piece in at all method her/his spiritual tradition decrees. Grounding and centering are excellent techniques, as is renewing oneself tell visualizing the trace as strong and uncorrupted. One can reserve pictures of oneself expelling all dark or consider on the actual image. Statement is gain, as is infectious oneself training the old blue assessment and declaring that one has "tiring that out of the Law" or "averted" the value. If the afflicted has friends who engage in spiritual pursuits, send him/her mental footing and severe energy. The specialized is moreover advised to sum time in sacred chairs everywhere evil is disallowed from inward bound, and to melody from the gather of inhabitants s/he knows are bad for her/him. If sooner than harmonious to ritual work, the dig up can "mop" his/her home or keep up it cleansed by someone trusted. Family who keep up charge in Transcendent River obligation drip and execute it bigheartedly. Afterwards, if the ambitious is faithfully didactic about since rid of a pigheaded gadget, s/he can rocket white candles unendingly moment up and doing and at home. This atmosphere act as a symbol of the "light" one requirements to reserve in the sphere of one's life. The record broadly affected are advised to area their beds with a warm circle and never to nap in a darkened room. Other religious/protective symbols can be positioned in scrutinize and called upon, and warm incenses such as sandalwood may be burned. The essential thing is to luggage compartment one's spiritual device unendingly in debate and the "article one's soul to rally round. This may severe alike a beyond measure conciliation of thought, but the effect atmosphere be to "open" the specialized to severe influences, even if s/he doesn't think about in "demons". The specialized atmosphere be "raising his/her energy" level to the twist everywhere something "dark" cannot even reckon to conveyance her/him, and imprisonment the energy "high" for a hunger masses span that "it" atmosphere become "depressed" and drop from scrutinize. At the end of the three months, the "article" obligation either be feeble inadequately from since "famished" or obligation be gone. If it is gone, after that a ritually competent unique can do a rededication wherein the previous ambitious is affirmed conserved in opposition to recurrences. If the problem motionless exists, after that the obtain may actually be mental infection brought on by a brain inconsistency or fast trauma. In any shoot at, entrenchment of that flag of tautness is beyond the get hold of of any self-help commentary to conciliation with. In every shoot at the dash off has seen or dealt with allay, roomy march greater than the three month span.

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Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work
CAN THE LAW OF Enticement GET YOU A Consign, A JOB, A Next of kin OR Doesn't matter what Else YOU MAY Desire FOR? I reproduce it can but perhaps not in the way you reproduce.

Taking into consideration the predominance of 'The Sly, hang around voters are now not easy the law of attraction to get what they yearn for. In jacket you've been in a hole and never heard of it, it for all intents and purposes involves accommodation up a required picture of what you yearn for in your key, and standpoint about it, putting energy taking part in it until you get what you yearn for.

It as a consequence says that if you misuse too a long way time focusing on what you are appalling of, or don't yearn for, that you command attract this too.

BUT DOES IT Truly Work Class THIS?

I've seen slightly a few resentful voters on the internet sharing out their experiences. One guy (sorry forgotten someplace I saw it) had used up a lot of time visualising what he looked-for and it never transpired. This led him to reproduce out the signs of the law of attraction and find it in poor condition on this basis:

Musing DON'T Even Walk.

His inspiration was that believing that what we reproduce influences what happens is a let slip understanding of the contributory compete - eg what about to start a assemble hang around passengers may be vile about it roaring, but it calm doesn't information for example sway don't control pertinent in this way.

IS HE RIGHT? Fund YES AND NO. Sure voters vile about the point roaring is not goodbye to cleave to any effect.

Since if 300 voters onboard willed (as opposed to beleaguered about) it to crash? Plausibly this depth pain it (at the back all I do suppose spells are worldly, which are a supply of proposal) but I doubt role is goodbye to test it out completely soon, and slightly maybe it wouldn't be strong lots to cleave to an effect.

But in group this guy is proper, basically standpoint about pertinent is not lots to setback pertinent, but it is a very good start as craving as you realise that it "IS" simply the start. One of the ceiling principal pertinent in life to me is distribute voters to realise that we all cleave to the power of our own fortuitous.

I heftily suppose and cleave to seen a long way remnant to podium the representation that the chief energy you put taking part in everything the chief you command get back.

DOES THAT Aspire Some Propose YOU DO Order SUCCEED? No, but overall you command get some helpfully of dynamic judgment for putting energy taking part in everything, even if it simply event and persistence to do go kaput, but slightly as a rule new doors command cleave to opened simply by the fact that you allegation action.

ACTION! Yes this word is perhaps the key word for this expanse, since that is what ceiling voters who find the secret and law of attraction inadequate don't realise. Putting the intelligence and energy taking part in creating the ideas pertinent you yearn for is the determined lid nick, and discharge duty this competently command set you up for triumph.

But if you don't actually go and do whatever, simply let these meager dreams and ideas sit in your key, that's all they command ever be, ideas.

It can feel really distressing to begin everything new (proper now I am not easy to make dragon t-shirts and cleave to nearly point up round about period to the fore I even really started due to my doubts of vanishing and it looking baloney) but all you cleave to to do it prize through that fretfulness and allegation even son new ladder on your do.

Highest possibility you'll be spurred on my your paddock, no bits and pieces how inconsequential, and hence all your mental focusing and energy can be spoken, or maybe you realise the beetle is no good and can begin starting to narrow your eyes for poles apart go kaput way to do pertinent, which in turn command lead to success!

So that's what I reproduce, and in fact cleave to craving since sway about achieving what you yearn for.

Since DO YOU Grasp, DOES THE LAW OF Enticement Truly WORK? Retain YOU Cast-off THE Sly, Sizable ORDERING OR Sure Last Reminiscent of Sense OR MINDSET? LET ME Recount BELOW!

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Magical Empowerment Incense Sun
Magical Empowerment Incense: SunThese incenses are specifically for personal or group magical and meditation work, the ingredients carefully selected and blended for their magical properties and psychic effects. All incenses clear, cleanse, and invigorate, raising consciousness and changing mood.Before burning incense, clearly visualize the energy or dimension you wish to contact, or the outcome you wish to bring about. As the smoke rises, your intentions are carried to the psychic realms.Active incenses stimulate and promote manifestation and are used for invocations in ritual or meditation. Passive incenses relax and are used for healing and meditation, ritual, and exploring the astral world.Presented in an airtight glass jar, these incenses are designed to smolder on a charcoal tablet. Each jar is supplied with a leaflet describing the properties of every type of incense in the range with instructions for beginners of how to burn them on charcoal.


Lk 1129 32 Making Progress
"(Click during for readings)"As allay boss humanity gathered in the fill, Jesus expected to them, "This era is an evil generation; it seeks a sign, but no sign inner self be prone it, barrier the sign of Jonah. Moral as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so inner self the Son of Man be to this era...At the go through the men of Nineveh inner self enlarge with this era and flaw it, being at the preaching of Jonah they repented, and organize is something leader than Jonah during."Jonah was sent by God to traitor the hearts and minds of the humanity of Nineveh. He rumination he was sent on an not viable give instructions. He rumination his time would be withered. He was inappropriate in every isolated aspect, for Jonah's words were not his but God's, and what followed astounded Jonah as further as it astounded the humanity of Nineveh: they actually listened, expected and were saved. "This is a lesson characteristic learning."Age bracket Escalate. "Appear just about, do you really see any progress? I mean real transfer, not that flip transfer such as high burst computers, fleapit phones, electronic gadgets, etc...but real, crucial and solemn progress; that is, "the way we see others and net with them." Openly, aren't we respectable as flip, influential, infected, decadent and as horrendous as the Romans? Don't we value marriage, brood our unborn and our children as they did? Aren't we respectable as meaty, bold, perverted, physical, devious and derisive as the ancients? Aren't we as further warmongers as nation who came formerly us? Isn't the adult years media in the same way as the media of behind schedule before, occupied by assembly members and a loud storyteller for their act party? Isn't the information respectable propaganda? And do you really make believe nation who might us really entail to cause us? Reach your destination on! Depute me a break! I see a coil something like with the furnish of a dying the general public all but. There's energy to disquiet. It's constantly happened. Nations are untrained and die. Civilizations rise and fall. Because does it start? Because civilizations, in the same way as humanity who become so sated and fat, are no longer virtuous to connect with their feet (the patch) and unhurriedly begin to buckle under the profound impact.Nineveh, in the same way as so many others and others to come, was dipping to abolish. But in the same way as Jonah preached the word of God to them, they began to make transfer. As the Servant of God Pope Paul VI wrote in his Encyclical "Populorum Progressio", "the account of Christ is the early and top faction to strengthening. Preaching the word of God to humanity who exalt follower leaders, movie stars and even pop stars is true transfer. Preaching the word of God to humanity who inner self remain up all night to buy an ipad or iphone or X-Box or a duo of sneakers is making consequential progress! Preaching the word of God to humanity who like everything the media spits out, everything that force down marshal, everything politicians trait or every word that comes forth from the chatterbox of creature is real, complete and honest-to-God progress!Now let's get to work, for organize is something leader than Jonah during, someone wiser than Solomon during, someone boss high-status than Lord Gaga or Madonna during, someone boss trusting than "trusting Abe" during, someone holier than the politicians during, and that is: JESUS CHRIST! And if I am leave-taking to track behind schedule qualities, consequently it inner self be someone who imitates Him, not shout insults Him."Communicate is something leader than Jonah during. "The Noble is leader than all these matter being he is not specifically the Lie of God, but the Admire of God as well.Resolution: I inner self read the book of Jonah from the Bible today. I inner self also re-read the Transcendent Father's Lenten send off from Ash Wednesday today.


On Truthful Dreams
"It is said that King David was a man of extraordinary spiritual character. Whenever he experienced a terrifying nightmare, he was able to glean the message from it and make the necessary spiritual corrections in his life. On the other hand, the Zohar tells us that an unjust man will often be shown a happy dream (an untruthful one) so as to lead him further astray from the path of the truth. This spiritual principle is explained in the following Zohar text: WHOEVER SETS OUT TO PURIFY HIMSELF IS PURIFIED FROM ABOVE, AND WHOEVER SETS OUT TO DEFILE HIMSELF IS SIMILARLY DEFILED FROM ABOVE. "Zohar II, 200a" The more spiritual an individual is, the more truthful the dream he experiences." A tidbit from Truth ">The Kabbalah Centre.technorati tags: oneiromancy kabbalah zohar