Magical Empowerment Incense Sun
Magical Empowerment Incense: SunThese incenses are specifically for personal or group magical and meditation work, the ingredients carefully selected and blended for their magical properties and psychic effects. All incenses clear, cleanse, and invigorate, raising consciousness and changing mood.Before burning incense, clearly visualize the energy or dimension you wish to contact, or the outcome you wish to bring about. As the smoke rises, your intentions are carried to the psychic realms.Active incenses stimulate and promote manifestation and are used for invocations in ritual or meditation. Passive incenses relax and are used for healing and meditation, ritual, and exploring the astral world.Presented in an airtight glass jar, these incenses are designed to smolder on a charcoal tablet. Each jar is supplied with a leaflet describing the properties of every type of incense in the range with instructions for beginners of how to burn them on charcoal.