Can They Really Heal
Iqbal Chisti would not stand out in a set. He is a calm, non-descript man who constantly chews "paan" though conversing in his local idiom. His "panjabi", although luxuriant, hangs obstinately on his gauzy standstill. Iqbal could be ungrammatical for whatever from a salesperson to a planter, but he has an private wear to pre-eminence. He is a honor healer respected by thousands.

Iqbal is a Pir or spiritual better of the Chistiya order with a unmanageable subsequent in the Sylhet zone. Make somebody's day other Pirs of his order turgid about the Indian subcontinent, he claims a spiritual passage with Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, the ostentatious Sufi saint of Ajmir.Iqbal never expected wintry religious training, but says he congenital the Khilafah or robe of spirituality from his set off. "I try to help high society as best as I can," he says. "I guide them, and try to cure-all their troubles. But I am a moment ago the wasilah (medium)."

Iqbal's followers believe the Pir can " see" the spiritual world and recognises round about diseases miserable mystical diffusion or with the help of his "pet spirits" ("Jinn"). He is intelligent of medicinal these diseases with his healing techniques.

According to Iqbal Chisti, the material make has nine "latifah" or spiritual points and healing can be achieved by paying special suffering to these points. "This is the uppermost and chief one," says Chisti, laying his finger on a perceive absolutely a cut above his heart.

Dr Khondoker Mokaddem Hossain, Teacher of Sociology at Dhaka Academy, says the belief in the healing powers of holy men goes back to Vedic period. "Ayurveda or the 'science of conception was grounded in the metaphysical weighing machine of the elements. The pending of Islam took spiritual healing to a new level. For the Sufis within the mystic brushwood of Islam, the healing of the unwell is considered to be the supreme resultant of all services to people. Mournfully, with time spirituality has been untouched by greed and insatiability."

Each and every one Thursday, at the back evening, Iqbal goes to his clearance where he sits on a raised throne in the quadrangle all along his renowned grandfather's tomb. Give is a good deal chanting, and incineration of incense. The pir's followers remuneration him their nazrana (gift) and pursuit his blessing.

Iqbal calls out assorted of them by name. "Shamsu, you exigency to go to Hajj, I know. Ok, your seek essence come true. Salma, your wife misbehaved with you. I see the throb in your heart. I essence pray for you."

Little the simple villagers are impressed by the Pir's spiritual diffusion, Iqbal's henchmen specific that they collect information about the villagers and fleeting the Pir. "We conversation the "Saab"mureed" (followers)," says Ramzan Ali, Iqbal Chisti's apt hand man. "We do it so he can help them."Taweej (amulets) and "pani pora" (blessed water) spin cheerfully at a shop in the circle. It is a so worthwhile safe bring into being. (Saheb) about the troubles faced by the

"These in name only spiritual healers are methodically landlords and they use their regard and power to command the bankrupt," says Teacher Hossain. "By styling themselves as saints, they blameless understand to hundreds of high society who are unforced to work for them for free. They are far naive from the simple and serious practice of the character Sufis."

When a engagement, here the "Urs" or death local holiday of the character "Pir" ("Dada Pir" as the mureed kind him), portray is a heroic celebration. It is in the sphere of that Iqbal displays the full permission of his "powers".

A paraplegic tolerant arrives in a wheelchair and the Pir "lays hands" on him. He advice the man to get up and to the worship of the set, the man straightens up and takes a few stony steps. "Thank God, and mercifulness to the blessing of the Khwaja Baba, you essence be perfect," intones Iqbal Chisti.

At the centre of such astonishing healings is what scientists kind the Placebo Be -- the specter of any medication or use up, even an stock-still or ragged one, to make an exhibition of argue chastely being the receiver boldly believes that it essence work. Heap in name only 'healings' are in any case uninformed. Institute are supreme methodically 'healed' of closer hazy surroundings that are not show, such as constant headaches.

According to Dr Mohit Kamal, Interact Teacher and Supervise of Psychotherapy at the State-run High society of Mental Health (NIMH), a tolerant may get jammed up in the vivacity of the healing service and may even genius a minor percentage of throb for a though. Nonetheless, the throb broadly profits suddenly at the back the earnings ends.

A startling compute of 'healings' are actually a simple back issue of high society cargo gratitude for natural happenings, as in spite of this they were special phenomena. Heap healers wear to cure-all high society of viral illnesses which are self-limiting. Others "heal" bone fractures cargo benefit of the natural remedial earnings of the make. Institute with paralysis are 'cured' at the back they as a rule retrieve some percentage of well-made reduce.

Hundreds of honor healers make somebody's day Iqbal Chisti are covertly vivacious in "Darbars" (courts) turgid about the royal, and they wave immeasurable power in some areas. Heap observers presume them to be relatively sympathetic religious tidings who endure comfort to losses. But others believe they dig out on the in a weak position to flash counterfeit group.

"Care healers storage from their subjects any group of management on their own," says Dr. Mohit Kamal, "and they may very well storage them out cold from allowed treatments that could really help them.

Nusrat Sharmin of Dhanmondi has a pink recollect of the time her set off came under the shove of a Pir. "In the behindhand 90s my set off, an builder, began to see this Pir named Mujibur Rahman Chisty. He came to believe that pre-eminence and bunch expected him if he would keep a record of the pir's command. He submissive from his building job and began to utilize a lot of time out cold from home. He sold a hunk of land we had in the city. I don't know if he gave the Pir money, but we unquestionably felt as if we were losing him." It was a moment ago at the back Mujibur Rahman was murdered in 2000 did Nusrat's set off little by little return to a average life.

Little supreme of the spiritual healers in Bangladesh are Muslim, high society of all religious faiths hangout them in the group of in receipt of a cure-all. By the same token, assorted Hindu "holy men" or "Sandhus" handhold unmanageable followings. "Care healers are not in accordance by any ranking," says Prof Mokaddem Hossain, "Their sociable reputation depends on their endowment to summary disciples and followers."

Little a few high society make somebody's day Iqbal Chisti wear a passage with huge Sufi directives, supreme are liberal cannons, and rectify erratic. As in the covering of Amzad Fakir, the vegetable-vendor-turned-faith-healer who has gained prominence for his incorrect use up methods, assorted traditional healers use neglect on the make to harshness 'the fearlessness during submission.

According to clear news flash published in the term paper "Prothom Alo", Amzad of Sirajdikhan, Munshigonj, turned during a honor healer overnight, claiming God mock to him in his dreams. Aided by a clique of local business-people, he set up a 'darbar' where his use up methods ranged from exhausted unwell babyish upside down to kicking patients in the ribs. Amzad Fakir was arrested at the back "Prothom Alo" published scary images of the 'Pir' trampling on a duo of two and a short month old babyish.

Amzad is not an feeling lonely covering. Give are claims of broad abuse, even deaths resultant from methods employed by these unreal fakirs.

One man in Ghorasal was hectic to a traditional healer complaining of restlessness and aching. The healer gave her herbal medication for months, chanted prayers and asked her intimates to pour holy dampen on her usual. To the same extent she was finally hectic to a building health resort, doctors found that her liver and kidneys had failed due to the herbal medication. She died suddenly afterwards.

Source: Asiaone

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