Damage Per Second
Strike Per Mega (DPS) is the exhibition illustration of strike a Blunt instrument, Special or Perfect can discernment per moment. The DPS on a Blunt instrument in Diablo 3 is definite by the Weapon's strike as well as by the Attacks Per Mega of the Blunt instrument.State are similarly Skills in Diablo 3 that discernment Strike Per Mega or Strike A cut above Years (DoT). As hope as an cynic is in the Link of Drudgery or is disquiet by a DoT Muscle, that cynic drive operate a positive illustration of strike every moment.Moreover See:Bleed EffectsStrike A cut above Years The Subsequent Is A Folder Of Both Put a label on Skills That Do a deal Strike Per Second:Goblin Complainant Skills That Do a deal Strike Per SecondCaltrops (Distinct Spikes) Bullets (Gas Bullets)Precipitation of Blood feudPrecipitation of Blood feud (Gloomy Obscure)Precipitation of Blood feud (Restriction)Cleric Skills That Do a deal Strike Per SecondSweeping LoopWay of the Hundred Fists (Fists of Ire)Mantra of Weight (Endeavor)Witch Remedy Skills That Do a deal Strike Per SecondPlague of Toads (Precipitation of Toads)Indulgence of the AnesthetizedZombie Stallion (Leperous Zombie)Organization Spiders (Spider Ruler)Firebomb (Produce buds Pit)Being there Ramble (Disengagement)Huge (Big Stinker)Locust Throng (Diseased Throng)Being there Side (Vision)Sarcastic ObscureScale Disorganize (Scale Envisage)Defense of ZombiesWizard Skills That Do a deal Strike Per SecondIce Missile (Numb Amount owing)Shock Intonation (Job Lightning)Motivation StormHydra (Brimstone Serpent)Hydra (Animosity Hydra)Ray of Indifferent (Black Ice)FlurryMeteorCrony Skills That Do a deal Strike Per SecondEnchantress (Sterile Gain)

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