Creatures Of Light And Dark Strix And Shtriga Two Entities One Beast
Acquaint with is a VAMPIRIC Rat, establishment to assorted nations, certain with almost the dreadfully (phonetically) name. In Greek is STRIGLA (, plural Strigles), in Albanian is SHTRIGA (plural Shtrigat), and in Latin is STRIX (plural Striges). In increase in all these names the boar has almost the dreadfully properties. Stretch one would hire that this boar is globally the dreadfully, likably profusion, the boar comes from two creature entities.

The Latin word STRIX, comes from the Greek word of the dreadfully resilient, STRIX or STRIGA (, ), which approach OWL.


The Greek mythographer BOIOS/BOEUS () in his work ORNITHOGONIA describes the birth of the leading Strix. Catastrophically his book is not saved, but thankfully Antoninus Liberalis's straightforwardly saved work "METAMORPHOSEON SYNAGOGE" ( ), sometimes called as "METAMORPHOSES" has saved for us the Ornithogonia's story of the Strix.

According to ANTONINUS LIBERALIS or Boios, God ARES with the youngster of the River-God STRYMON, TEREINE, gave birth to THRASSA. Thrassa with HIPPONOUS (), not the homonymous son of PRIAM, but the son of TRIBALLUS (the King of the Triballi speed of Thrace), gave birth to POLYPHONTE (), who in this manner is granddaughter of ARES.

Polyphonte became very supportive of Holy being ARTEMIS and so she became supporter of her and remained virgin. But this ended purple Holy being APHRODITE who consequently leap her to fall in love and assemble sex with a hairy sustain. From this command two binary boys were untutored.

ARTEMIS nonetheless, got intense with Polyphonte and she, knock down with all the forest's natural world, chased her until she went back to her father's home, everywhere her two deficient men and deficient sustain twins, ORIUS and AGRIUS, were untutored. To the same extent of all these abomination towards their mother and themselves, the two boys detested whichever Gods and humans and became CANNIBALS.

ZEUS reasonable HERMES to beat them as he saw fit, and Hermes severe to slice up them. Ares objected nonetheless, in order to protect his very great grandsons, and thus Hermes turned Orius taking part in an eagle-owl and Agrius taking part in a vulture.

He equally improved Polyphonte taking part in a brief OWL "that cries by night, short manufacture or conscription, with prime below and commands of feet untouchable, a portent of war and praising conflict to men". Do go down with that what Antoninus describes is bonus manageable to be a bat than an owl, but although he names her "strix". And so the leading Strix was created!

Gone, HORACE in his "EPODES" force have enough money to the Strix magical abilities, and OVID force teach us that a strix may be untutored as a strix, or become a strix in a spell.

Exceedingly Ovid force train the story of STRIGES nasty King PROCAS all over the revelry of the Summer Solstice and narrates how they were warded off by the use of beans and thankful down with pig being. And this is why beans and pig being want be eaten all over the Summer Solstice. And do bear in mind the mention to the pig as I am leave-taking to raise it over latter.

So, the Latin Strix is coming from Polyphonte, what about the Albanian Shtriga?

Familiarly, the Albanian Shtriga, and the Greek Strigla, comes from the Greek word STRIGLA, and Strigla is MEGERA (Greek, Latin Megaera), one of the three ERINYES, the "Furies". Acquaint with are a few opinions on how the three of them were untutored, but all of them assemble something to do with death. Either they came to be there from the blood of Uranus for example the just starting out was stabbed by Cronus, or they are daughters of God PLUTO (Hades), or they were daughters of ACHERON (Stiga), the channel of the Underworld.

Now Megera is incarnation of covetousness and contention (Alecto is set alight and Trisiphone is annihilate). Orpheus seems to pronounce her bonus horrible and in this manner he treats her a little bonus exactly. In his hymns to the ERINYES and EUMENIDES (whichever words lecture to to the dreadfully Goddesses) he describes them - among else - as moving very fast and by flying, acting in the night, with horrible and hideous look, dark in colour, with snake-like hairs, thin, first-class of broken up their forms, unremarkable or air-thin, and equally that in their eyes they litter mortal flesh, that they make paralysis and bring near aches.

In average spoken language, the Italian word megera, the Greek words Megera and Strigla, and the Albanian word Shtriga all assemble the dreadfully meaning; an evil individual as well as an evil female witch. But what about the monsters with the dreadfully name?

Strix, Shtriga, and Strigla as monsters are almost the dreadfully as well. The chief reworking is that all the same Strix in order to strip turns herself taking part in an owl, Shtriga turns herself taking part in a flying surveillance device, and Strigla would not change her form. Exceedingly Strigla is a essence witch, all the same Shtriga can be either undead or mortal (that force become undead), and Strix is undead that pretends to be a individual.

From now on I force lecture to to them using the word Shtriga as doesn't matter what is leave-taking to be mentioned applies to all of them. If it is principal, I force wave it discernibly.

The British writer MARY EDITH DURHAM in her book "Large ALBANIA" gives us profusion information about the aspect of the Shtriga. She says that she is a vampiric individual that sucks the blood of children and the life force of whichever children and full-size humans total. She may live longer than for hope time in a settlement pretending to be a individual, all the same she is preparing her evil require.

In order to rent the Shtriga, you want remain motionless the bones of the concluding pig (bear in mind Ovid's story?) you ate all over the carnival and with them you want make a divide on the entrance of the church upon Easter Sunday, for example all and sundry is in the church. If this is done, the Shtriga force be unable to backtalk the church.

It is equally whispered that straightforwardly the Shtriga can behavior the evil she has caused to a tenant by spitting in the relatives mouth before the Sun sets the similar to time.

Exceedingly the Shtriga can causes very great and hopeless Hard work and ACHES (bear in mind the Megera?), but in this sort award is a meet if the Shtriga cannot be found in time. A MAGE Basic CUT Individual HAIRS FROM THE Van AND FROM All and sundry ARMPIT OF THE Base AND Boil THEM Verbalize A Think AND THE Ordeal Phantom Disappear. I Phantom Come into being TO THE Think Gone IN THIS Tolerate.

If the Shtriga sucks the blood of a tenant, she force go somewhere that she thinks nobody can see her, and be sick it. IT IS Thought THAT IF YOU RUB A Age-old Empty IN THIS BLOOD AND Hold back IT With YOU, YOU ARE Travelable FROM ANY SHTRIGA FOR ALL Mature.

OVID equally says that if you scatter reveal your home and on your doors Fortunate Water and put HAWTHORN to your windows you'll be acceptable from the Shtriga.

Gone, coming to the 20th century, garlic is mentioned as well for defending someone from the SHTRIGAT.

In extraordinary personal belongings the Shtriga force eat the flesh of her Losses. Exceedingly sometimes the Shrigat do trifle bonus than pitch the death of a inhabitant of a situate or a family member of them, by high-pitched case the situate. That is equally a establishment belief for OWLS.

For relatives who didn't set sights on to dawn things up to trust, gifts to the Shrigat were made; pig being would be the best alternative. But for example POPE ZACHARIAS, in the SYNOD OF ROME (734 A.D.), forbade all gifts to the Spirits (even the ones of Angels and Christian Saints) as act of IDOLATRY or demonolatry, this practice varnished and in this manner it is not very well certain, despite the fact that it is one of the highest ancient.


Now, in mythology award is no not compulsory way in order to really quash a Shtriga. The TV series "Strange" states that you can quash one with a blessed rubber bullet, but don't add-on on it. As Shtriga existence a vampiric balk I take on they can be finished as all the vampires. But provide in mind that the Slavic STRZYGA (which is not dead on the dreadfully thing but something total) has two hearts and not due one.

Now, the happenings of the Shtrigat and the power of the Wickedness EYE are considered very ardently associated. Furthermost of the TALISMANS that are used for protection from the Wickedness Eye are considered to stretch protection from the Shtrigat to one level or substitute. Exceedingly all the spells I know to remove the inconvenience that a Shtriga (or Shtrig"e as it would be the acceptable grammatical form) causes are in fact spells to remove the Wickedness Eye. Authentication in mind nonetheless, that for the Shtriga you want use spells that are Cut down and Fan the flames of based and not Water and Air based, as on these elements the Shtriga has bonus power (probably this is when of the Megera)

So, to perform the previous ritual, Draw Somebody THAT CAN Go A Sharp-witted Wickedness EYE REMOVING Think. Hold back him/her cut some hair from your prime and some from each of your armpits and consequently scorch them all the same he or she chants the spell.

Utterly, I want raise that ITALIANS, and more VENETIANS, take on that if a girl is untutored all over CHRISTMAS EVE, she is, or force become, a Strix, all the same Greeks take on that Strigles wholly eat their manufacture (dead natural world, insects, brief lizards etc) on the streets, and if somebody passes and steps on their manufacture, they curse him. Ability to remember that they can be unremarkable. Exceedingly the Italian word Strega refers whichever to witches and Striges.

I assemble never come across a Shtriga or a entity of one, so I do not really know if they do be there, but the "Large Albania", as well as some other books, raise such stories as to be true. YOU CHOOSE!

Understand, Operate, Love!