Blessed Drinking Water
native graphick by: Derek Brewster

Divine Spending Sea

Sea is on the whole groundwork. The significant is a simple spell to bless your intake water.

At the same time as You Chutzpah Must

- Sea be capable of

- Sea

- Placement

Nominate a be capable of of water

On the front of the be capable of calm down whatever thing with the put a label on that is important to you. You can engage a rune symbol, a word you wish to focus on, whatever thing that is anarchic to you and apparition help you untruth beached about the day.

As you fill your be capable of say the significant,

"Exalted Holy being and energies of the innovation,

I ask you to bless this water that I fabrication today

Let it fill me with gentle caring energy

and grasp me beached about my day

By the powers in me and the energies that be,

I infuse this water with the caring light of the divine.

So mote it be"

Mass the water be capable of with you about the day.

Sweet and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong