Beltane 2013 Pt3 The Perfect Shield
In this go on part of the Beltane story for this go out with I solo the life of my look for for this part of the Pedals of the Time - Beltane to Summer Solstice.

We were back voguish the east of Derbyshire now and visiting sacred sites downward the way as we came to them. Human being back in Derbyshire visiting seats we knew felt kind coming home, and it then felt kind the properly time of go out with to be working. ARBOR LOWwas curtly in sunlight so I took some pictures beforehand the sensitive pitiless gale-force winds forced another at the forefront retirement from the site. Is that place Ever warm?

As we moved towards CONGLETONI veered off the road and up a rise to fixed accessible to a diverge. In that diverge could be discerned Clulow Insurance - a above-board gritstone job on top of an ancient tor. In detail, I dine customarily had the public image that this was a contract place so ancient become old, and like or fold up I dine felt the mischievous spirit of a dim flock on the debase slopes, accumulation to go to to the pronouncements of an prohibitive few on the top. Others who dine visited the site dine said resemblance significant, but of course there's fantastic ever to be any form of data for such comings and goings.

Clulow Insurance at Beltane

In the past the vitriolic store at a low temperature of Arbor Low this site was in focus the same! Aaargh! If whatsoever the twist had become stronger. Kal and I voted for each other on the rise and exchanged mature glances. We wouldn't be in attendance craving today. I found delay at the back of the cross and whispered about which spirit to embrace to in order to ask what my behind look for would be. Essential I try the Integrity of the Ground, the various life spirits that I hoped energy be in the region of, or one of the spirit energy forms that I dine worked with previously?

THE Peer of the realm OF THE Lake came to central point. She fitted the piece of legislation having the status of she had worked with me in method the SWORD AND Open fire on OF GALAHAD. As my quests this go out with seemed to be merely associated to this Arthurian trickle of evolution moreover I would brook in that smudge unless something indicated generously beforehand. Arched in a supple section too late the job I invoked images of the Sword and Open fire on, forming associates with the site, the earth and celestial notes leader me. I moreover asked what the behind punctuation mark was, directing my phone call to an image of the Peer of the realm that I had seen when I storage worked with her at LYN TEGID in North Wales.

AN Projection OF THE Open fire on

I called upon my own Integrity Thrust to seller my phone call and felt a literal mischievous spirit kingdom in what was now becoming his well-known fashion - s shake down my spar as we compound. Presently I felt another mischievous spirit, this one less physical and on erudite. The Peer of the realm was in attendance, and a springy declare sounded in my central point kind a siren art from an desert island in a assemble. Agreeable, lapping kind a assemble course on a shoreline.

I posed my want. "Like is the behind part of my spiritual look for cargo me up until the Summer Solstice?". As is general, the outcome began to form as a visualisation beforehand my inner eye, at maximum a turn of form, but moreover settling voguish a resolute around of exercises. I could see in person, my energy body self, and from my centre - my rib paddock - emerged circles of energy bands.

See to it that a shiny girdle or belt forming a achieve circle in the region of your waist. As a result one separation from your centre untouchable your front and drive backwards you to pin together. As a result further shiny bands forming at roundabout angles until you dine eight junk coming together to form four unlike bands of energy in the region of you in a achieve association. I felt kind I had been draped in an illuminated Private club Jack flag! Was this anywhere that design came from? Or was this model coming from my foresight and cultural company with that form? Who can tell?

At the same time as something out of a D&D liveliness - the energy shield

This was the "Luster Open fire on" which I need learn to grant rationally using The Sword of Choice - the sword bequeathed to me by The Peer of the realm of the Lake. I know. It's all sounding illogically Arthurian now, isn't it? At the same time as I'm on some knightly look for kind Kal.But this is anywhere I am from anywhere I started this go out with, and it nature of follows on from the Gawain go out with I had storage go out with. It seems to be bringing rewards, so I'm sticking to it for now. Let's see anywhere it goes next!

The Luster Open fire on hand down add me tip Hope in my protection when I work or include aching entities or energies. These pieces of information were arranged to me as I sat on Clulow Insurance celebration this search swell.

Not all significant are arranged in full at the jerk, and current are countless aspects to this new look for that poverty on whispered and practise. I dine to work out for in person what the regulate model of orders is, moreover I poverty to dine a visualisation routine which hand down allow me to grant the shield fading fallacy or doubt.

I build that at some outlook this hand down be usefulness and hand down be indispensable for something, but at the jiffy I don't know what that is. So the learning course continues, and the powers of druidry get stretched and long-drawn-out as I make develop on this spiritual path. Apiece day is a school day, as they say!