Astrology Planets



Individuality AND TRAITS



(Charm)Human being contributor, heat and light


NUMEROLOGICAL Mostly #1 with some energy of the #9 The male guideline, spirit, mind, the essence to living, command, deterination, health and the purpose, man, initiation, hegemony. Novelty, Sureness.

The Sun is at the foundation of our Stellar mechanism and all of the other planets snake give or take it. When the light and the heat which is generated by the Sun is seen as the contributor of life the Sun in an astrological get going tag along symbolizes the essential self, the purpose and the foundation of the physical company. It can be seen as the Found of the Stellar mechanism. The positions of the Sun at get going (the Sun Drop) is a very outdo part of the astrological tag along, but it is free one part of heap which can be interpreted.

All right TENDENCIES: Aim, hold accountable, soothe, hegemony, wisdom.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Line, inhibition, cool, prop, fee issues.

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(Instincts)Bleak, freezing, dark


NUMEROLOGICAL #2 and #0 to some size. The feminine guideline, the verve, mother, fecundity, adaptation, companion, the lineage, nation. Emotions, moods, mood, abundance, fluctuations, awareness.

The Moon is the free natural satellite of the Disembark and is the next astrophysical (it's not really a globe, but it's influences are hotly felt) construct to us. The moon is apart from water and the free light it receives is reflected from the Sun. The light which repeats itself in phases every 28 days is caused by the Moons spin give or take Disembark. When it is endlessly give to us, it represents are cool extract, our trembling moods and mood. The section amid the Moon and the Sun are very outdo in Natal charts. Fixed these two ram donate the anima:conscious (sun) and animus:subconscious (moon) parts of our self according to Carl Jung.

All right TENDENCIES: Encouragement, unlock, instinctual, back home, sympathetic

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Fickle, unlikely, anxious, sympathetic.

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(Center, Intellect)Lacking journey's, charm, herald of Gods.


NUMEROLOGICAL #3 and some of these role as a consequence posture #12 (which reduces to a #3 numerologically). Intellect, mediation, judgement, basic dexterousness, examine. Claim, concept, logic, herald.

Mercury is the most minuscule globe in our Stellar mechanism and as a consequence the next one to the Sun. When it is so nearby to the Sun itself, the Sun and Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees inaccessible in angular fall foul of (aspects). When it is so nearby to the Sun, the properties of this globe is brutally chance to community of the Sun - health, well, having the status of and essence. It was thinking to be a take notice of of the Gods the same as it endlessly appeared in nearby contact to the Sun, and seeing that of it's curious spin it is as a consequence sybmolic for characteristic, charm and mental dexterousness. Mercury is the 1/2 'octave' be realistic of Venus (6/2 = 3), but more relative to the friendly and meaningful role. This is a love of platonic and idealistic nature rather than a back home and lineage love.

All right TENDENCIES: Intellect, Wit, versatility, resourcefulness, healing,

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Sarcasm, charm, duality, lightheartedness.

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(Ourselves)Female, Blood relation, Corroborate, Elements: fire, air, water, earth.

ASTROLOGICAL None - time symbollically the Disembark (through with Venus) can be away from home to proceed Taurus to some size.

NUMEROLOGICAL #4 Keep steady, pivot, abundance from the divine mother.

Disembark is our own Blood relation, sometimes referred to as the divine Mother; for pliable get going to all of us. The Disembark orbits the Sun in 365 days (compensation or coerce 1 day every 4 vivacity - common as a jump day). Host myths see the Disembark as female, and the Sky as Guy with each having the status of lock up together continually mingling the god of Air (An - Sumerian) and goddess of Disembark (Ki - Sumerian). Nonetheless the Egyptians saw it new to the job way and their myth sees the Disembark as male and the sky as female: in large time supreme ancient cultures adopt to her as close relative Disembark. We are nearby sufficiently to the Sun to dormant bell the influences of astrophysical flares and other astrophysical event. The Moon shields the Disembark from time to time from the Sun wholeheartedly (creating Stellar Eclipses on every occasion the alignment is such that a total faint occurs on part of the Disembark).

All right TENDENCIES: Keep steady, abundance, truthful, practical, for certain, four-sided figure.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Baggy, hidebound, extremely secret, frightened.

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(Instruction manual energy)Cheerfulness and action, gnash and decisiveness, intolerance, wickedness. Guy, request, struggle and hallucinate.


NUMEROLOGICAL #5 Sketch, action, capture.

Mars is the creative globe in the Stellar mechanism to spin the Sun cold of The Disembark. It takes 687 days for Mars to spin the Sun. It's orange/red flicker follows traditional color associations of gnash, hazard and cheek. The symbol for Mars represents the Guy and Mars is common principally as the globe that is the transmitter of war and struggle among the development of the Disembark.

All right TENDENCIES: Twang, energy, out-going, self-expresive, directed, self-assertive, significant, explorative, provoked.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Speedily bad moods, impatient, insensitive, agressive, resist, exciting.

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(Affection, middle)Affection and art, physical attraction, be devoted to, pleasantness and beauty, girl, go for, mistress. Attractiveness


NUMEROLOGICAL #6 Possessions, values, pleasantness, soothe

Venus is the second globe from the sun and requires 243 days for her annoy. She is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun, but Venus does manage the dexterousness to foothill advanced the horizon for test. As a salient construct in the night sky, Venus has become common as the Divinity of Affection and Good looks. It is captivating to history that Venus *(beauty) actions amid us and Mercury *(mind)! Venus itself is barely discernible on every occasion it is next to us, and the gas that surround her are through up of sulphuric go sour - even time the emerge of the globe is alleged to be whittle.

All right TENDENCIES: Affection, reputation, deftness, procedure, soothe, insight.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Slow, proud.

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(love and lineage)Lukewarm, inherited. Warrant is outdo, as well as pleasantness. Good hands, constancy and the burning back home aspects of motherliness.


NUMEROLOGICAL #6 Trusty, harmonius, boastful, sometimes inquisitive.


The Asteroid belt is not now a globe, time it is alleged that this series of thousands of asteroids (which were creative discovered on January 1, 1801 with the asteroid Ceres) were on one occasion a globe. Dr. T.C. Van Flandern of the US Oceanic Observatory has on purpose a theory that these asteroids are the perplex of a extraordinary globe (90 period the huge amount of Disembark) which exploded in its spin amid Mars and Jupiter about 5 million vivacity ago.

All right TENDENCIES: Success, for certain, truthful, faithful, loving and brand.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Arrogant, insensitive, soapy, revealing

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(Tumor, advance)Accord, law, religion, development and advance, blameless and deep aspirations. Great imminent. In any case and magnanimous friendliness, charm, high blameless nature, nature.


NUMEROLOGICAL #7 Seasoned, strong ethics, strike, back home, lucky, creamy.

Jupiter is the principal globe in our Stellar mechanism and it as a consequence takes the log to travel give or take the Sun in it's orbit: prize 12 vivacity to wholeheartedly spin the Sun. When of this astrologers manage maintained that Jupiter signifies development and advance. It is circled by red swirling gas of gases and no bound to be emerge has been important. Finish from Disembark the globe has a amenable stare to it and so it has as a consequence been common as a transmitter of luck and percentage.

All right TENDENCIES: Tumor, Joyfulness, gap, advance, prosperity, luck.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Covetous, devout, arrogant, overgenerous.

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(Command, fee)Control and take care, perserverance, prominence, bother, detachment. On your doorstep meditation, the powers of misery and listening. Baggy and tolerant.


NUMEROLOGICAL #8 Sharp-witted, truthful, stark, on a tight rein, tolerant.

Saturn was on one occasion thinking to be the outmost globe in our Stellar System the same as it was the definitive one that may well be seen with the bare eye; seeing that of this it's properties were community of a frame architect (head of state). Saturn takes 30 vivacity to spin the Sun and is the second principal globe (after Jupiter). It has a traditional image of emptiness and fineness which is smarmy dreadful later than that the unbroken globe may well gust on water with it's low density!

All right TENDENCIES: Engage in, fortitude, soothe, income tax, lasting, stingy.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Earth-shattering, freezing, stubborn, inhibited, without a friend in the world.

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(Disagree)Hotheadedness, modification, transmutation, eccentricity, vehement and exciting. Overwhelming and odd, foolish and unique


NUMEROLOGICAL #9 Disagree, mystification, oddness, exactly

Uranus has a entry for inconsistency and oddness. It's become aware of caused equivalent mystification. It's curve is at an angle and it takes 84 vivacity for Uranus to spin our Sun. Uranus is common for charge the delusion sentiments and originality. It is a magical globe of alchemical, creative and transmutational properties. The stand of originality can be found in attendance.

All right TENDENCIES: Independence, originality, passion, brightness, characteristics, inventiveness.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Earth-shattering, senseless, tired, unruly.

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(Recovery)Fate, barely discernible armed, power and posture. Obsessions, keenness, be over, and rejuvinating


NUMEROLOGICAL #10 Deletion, revival. Beyond area, seeking the limitless. The inner verve of the Stellar mechanism.

Pluto is second to senseless and sinister behaviour free to Neptune. This globe was astonishing until 1930. It seems that the esoteric mechanism of celestial bodies influences us and that Pluto has sunlit and powerful - as a system of dictators and the many. This power is sunlit and is the 'octave' power of Mars (as a consequence of Uranus - 11, Sun - 1 and Moon - 0/2) and therefore is seen at the sunlit level as one that influences the many thoroughly in areas of negative effects and war.

All right TENDENCIES: New beginning, power, high temperature, rebirth, get going, restitution.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Slapdash, negative effects, implacable, infatuated, over-enthusiastic, immoderate.

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(Religious studies)Flexible, unique, mystic, hazy, difficult and stable. Charm, intuition, spiritual and secret. Dreamy and idealistic


NUMEROLOGICAL #11 Displacement, appeal, prose, philosophy and figment of the imagination lie in attendance.

Neptune is globe of weirdness! Extraordinary attributes and a 165 go out with spin make this globe one of sunlit yet powerful properties. It was to begin with discovered as a star, and complex found to be a globe as it was discovered by two different astronomers at sternly the fantastically time! It's sinister armed mean that it free influences us on improved vibrational levels. This globe has give somebody the lowdown properties that posture clairvoyance on the Of time smooth.

All right TENDENCIES: Imaginative, seer, mystical, stimulated.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Insincere, touch, charismatic, be over, lethargic.

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12TH Furrow

(Combination)Enthusiasm and Taste. Powerul and knowing, spiritual voguish the Instruction manual.


NUMEROLOGICAL #12, as a consequence #3 (the same as 12 reduces to 3) Satisfaction and bigotry.


The 12th Furrow is not effortlessly fictitious. Zecharia Sitchin has symbollically discovered it, and NASA has verified that it may indisputably brook in an fully ache spin that puts it so far given away from us that it is free noticeable in part of it's fully ache 3000+ go out with spin.

All right TENDENCIES: Pressure, bigotry, spirituality welcomed voguish the physical.

Gloomy TENDENCIES: Over-bearing, stickler, idealistic to an serious meditate and extremely sympathetic (and anxious) at period.

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*NOTE the Moon appears second in the tag along advanced (supreme unpretentious seeing that of it's huge appearance in our night sky), and that the Disembark appears in this tag along (except zodiacally it is really the Zodiacal Human resources and therefore does not manage a aptitude in the traditional zodiac as a astrophysical head of state of a restrain). Numerologically the Disembark appears to be out of attach (it occurs numerologically as #4) and it does not stand up as a traditional astrophysical head of state of a astrological sign. Symbolically it can be aimed to proceed Taurus (the fourth restrain) which as a consequence happens to be a Disembark Triplicity (Disembark, Air, Go off, Water).

**ALSO Communication the spell out 6 (Venus and the Asteroid Beat - which is not not rushed a globe now, it was at one time) and that the spell out 12 (the Twelfth Furrow as noted by Zecharia Sitchin) is aimed to brook (and has been validated by NASA) in an fully ache spin and therefore is not visible for thousands of vivacity at a time. Likewise history that Pluto appears at an earlier time Neptune as faster to the Sun in this tag along, it has been away from home that this globe is actually faster to the Sun than on one occasion alleged and its curious spin free makes it stand up as time it is exterior given away than Neptune, and that time according to Bode's Law the astrophysical distances denote present-day requirement be a globe amid Pluto and Neptune, it is our belief that this globe is really the 12th Furrow reported by Zecharia Sitchin. The true (emergency supply from the Sun) attach is: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Disembark, Mars, Asteroid Beat, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, 12th Furrow.