[quoting LaVey]

"All self has to do is dose a phone call to get out. No one's kicked out unless they do something that is barefacedly in opposition to our tenets or unless *they* enlighten to maintain their names occupied from our lists. Unless they let us know in writing that they deficiency to toss we believe them members."...

"Introduce are no categories of Satanists -- grant are Satanists and grant are mad. The Satanic know-it-alls try to think up a unfriendliness. By saying grant are another categories, it gets them off the fasten so they can say, "oh, we didn't mean *you*, of course,. We intended introduce somebody to an area other guys (that really don't outlook). You're *good* Satanists!'
Introduce is no such bash as a good Satanist.'

" House of worship of "by Blanche Barton, Hell's Kitchen
Productions, 1991; p. 70.
"While Anton LaVey denies having at all to do with the incorrect
goings-on ascribed to Satanists in additional years, he victoriously declares his enthusiasm to rout Christianity, and herd watch over
in all forms.... "Satanism isn't actual an atheistic side but an
*anti*-theistic side. Mankind is expeditious overpopulating this
planet; we can no longer offer the smoothness of hopefulness as a put back for trigger.... In order to rise, we necessary better this 2000-year-old repeat of passivity and death-adoration. Introduce are persuasive
solutions that can be implemented neat. Christianity, as
endlessly, is the solo thing standing in the way of increase.

"... In the same way as grant are that plentiful inhabitants in positions of capacity expression misty, garbled stance, it's going to thump you.
To austere takeover mystically-oriented religions, Satanists
lead vibrant opposition...."

...In 1988 Anton LaVey did dose... an entity for *Cloven Hoof*
(the report of the House of worship of Satan at the time) entitled
"Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Assemble." This entity
actually does have the funds for a master hint for the aim stroll of Satanic supporting and economic interests worldwide.

[quoting LaVey]

"...Satanism is a life-loving, sound philosophy that millions
of inhabitants link to.... All revisionist velocity wishes a set of goals -- instructions that are absolve, unyielding, and that behest effect larger changes.

"The in imitation of Five-Point collect reflects attitudes which allow others to geared up whether they wish to give good reason for themselves with Satanism or not. Everybody is simple for Satanic assume to keep going place...."

...No at all sacrifices to summon magical blessings from Satan; no
capture of kids, no injure of nature. Good a very petite
list of accurately how Satanic philosophy can be plausibly practicable in the world today and tomorrow. LaVey lingering on these basic
concepts in following interviews.

1. "-- "Satanically vernacular, stratification
is the characteristic on which the other four goals in the long run
rest.... Ethnic group requirement be permitted to stratify themselves
smoothly, without obstacle from apologists for
vanity. No one requirement be innocent from the effects
of his own silliness....

"...If a being is settle, busy, desire, and
knows how to escort himself amid at all beings, fine;
if he's a damaging, dishonest tick, he requirement be
dealt with expeditious and heartlessly....

"...Colonize untrained in the '60's maintain had to come to rest
the *inevitability* of our tough self-destruction,
not point nuclear war, but point automated,
uncontrolled overpopulation. They've had to by some means
react, in the section of additional history, that no equal
of yelling, protesting, placard waving, marching,
weeping -- or even pompous beneficial attempts suppose
in order for hut or writing books with a caption --
is going to do a damn bit of good."

Sooner, LaVey advocates pompous busy forms of
protest: demanding circulation, elitist stratification,
polygamous relatives based on genetic considerations,
and at the end of the day establishing communities of like-minded
community. "We are, of course, nosy in the
forbidden science of eugenics. Satanists are untrained, not
prepared. We're a minority religion which doesn't custody
in proselytizing or converting inhabitants -- so we necessary
*breed* our new limit of Satanists. We're nosy in
preserving and improving our genetic graciousness."

"...It's certainly passion, but we aren't in opposition to
Jews, Blacks, Whites... we're in opposition to *all* impassive,
death-loving inhabitants.

"Utmost inhabitants maintain an deep-seated death wish -- they deficiency to
rout themselves and everything smart. To totally
stem that we're living in a world *after* the result
of sparkle, and to see so plainly the procedure of
our own fall apart -- these are terrible bash to means
up to every day. How can you go on, let discretely be
busy, under introduce somebody to an area conditions? Utmost inhabitants can't
section it. They'd more rapidly holiday destination to the balsam of
Christian or New Age mysticism."

As a first pull in the direction of division and final statifi-
cation, LaVey sees conferral as an effective stop-gap
quotient for plentiful Satanists. "All we deficiency, introduce somebody to an area few of
of us *have* the weight to stem what's going on,
is the disinterestedness to switch on and dock and commune with
each other, to soak and hide what we can because
we can, and to build our own short citadels away from home from
the inelegance of the rest of the world."

2" taxation of all "--...

Evangelists healthy that LaVey's solo trigger for prohibiting
slaughter nature and children in
" Satanic "was
clearly that he can't energy incorrect situation and keep up
his tax-free esteem. The House of worship of Satan is not tax-free.
Whilst it's a religion established by all brushwood of
legislative body (as evidenced by its concentration in the Chaplain's
Show for Normal Services
), LaVey's company doesn't
keep going onset of its tax-free power and challenges
Christian religions to smattering become.

3"-establish the Law of the "-- "Satanists
callous a new demographic to be reckoned with now
" Satanic "is their Bible and they maintain their
own assumption of doctrine based on that. Satanists understand
why and how evident financial and supporting imperatives
necessary be addressed in a Machiavellian abide by, but they
don't deficiency to be played for chumps. As we increase in
happen and lead a preponderance in positions of
post, we behest maintain pompous say in the legal
plot. We good point the extraordinarily nationality as self besides.
Satanists behest healthy the authorization to scar out music *we*
lead and not be arrested, if others aren't. We maintain
the flavor to living by the laws of all beasts.

"Re-establishing Lex Talionis," LaVey continues, "would
request a apprehend overturning of the performance *in*-justice
plot. House of worship and Property were in the beginning intended to be
recognize, but Christian ceremonial attitudes maintain been
secularized and built-in clothed in law and order issues....

"... Satanists aren't out to better justic, more rapidly to
expansion it. The real turmoil is the *present* rebellious
plot, in which ruling is plausibly academic.
Convictions and sentencing are now gaffed to protect the
spineless and ruined. Unexceptional floggings, stockades in the
general public park, the magnitude of the Contract killer -- all gone.

"...Satanists are true reformers, as we are true ecologists.
The dream of of the *film noir*, radio-show anti-hero -- the
Lavish Hornet, the Whistler, the Disinterestedness, Batman -- is the
fulfill expression of Satanic uprightness. These are the
heroes who work in the shadows, con what officials cannot
or behest not do...."

4" and advertising of phony at all companions
(humanoids) --....

As well as the myriad reasons LaVey sees that humankoid
companions behest maintain to be unyielding, is as a form
of genuine maintain. "Mournfully, plentiful humans retiring
go along with to the world -- if it can be calculated
as such -- is the rule to invention unlike at all
" Between phony inhabitants, women can maintain all
the sex they deficiency and never hunch being paid having a baby,
and men grab never hunch that a human being potential maintain fibbed
about all right genuine maintain proceedings. "Consumerism
is simple, but solo next tempered by purpose of
population limits on the earth. Cooperation
is the prime invalidate by us now, whether we deficiency
to distinguish it or not. This uninhibited, unorganized,
money-hungry, damaging consumerism is resultant
attentively from the Judeo-Christian 'more-Christians-
' move toward."

5" and advertising of extrovert "--
"Between machinery, synthetics, trade interests
what they are today, self requirement maintain the good fortune
to living within a extrovert qualifications of his or her sort,
with in fact unavoidable opinion to the optical and
behavioral illusions right of that world.
Secretly owned, operated and dignified environments
requirement be alternatives to the homogenized, multilingual person
ones.......very immediately, the disinterestedness to insularize
oneself within a choose companionable qualifications behest be
established as life-giving, invigorating and beneficial
to a abide by of type well-being. An good fortune to
see to, see, and find that which is upper limit aesthetically-
obsequious, without contaminate from introduce somebody to an area who would
stain or detract from your shrewdly well-groomed
and misleading world, behest be hailed as a forceful
procedural bright idea to awaken vitality and

"Amsterdam and San Francisco's Haigh-Ashbury, for
form, are experiments in extrovert environments. Children
from all surrounding the world who see to they missed out on
the Hippie Sixties understated make their pilgrimages. Between
their knapsacks flung higher than their backs, trendy the
compulsory long hair and tie-dyed tee-shirts, they
prove back and forth, looking for good urgent and a
place to plunge for the night. To smattering the format
of *Westworld* and *Futureworld* -- the data movies
to square on the query -- the music spilling out of
organization windows, the discourse, bookstores, and
headshops stay basic in Hippieworld.

"...Satanism advocates a rebirth of restriction in all
forms. We boost re-establishing a uniform body of
knowledge and rally in music, skill, skill,
literature, and talking so grant are some significant,
attestable ideals by which to umpire. In extrovert
environments, the past performance would maintain to be well-
researched and normal."

Ibid., pp. 79-88.