5E How Much Healing Is Expected
My group is switching senior from Pathfinder to 5E this week and for at all deduce they important to go with a very martially thoughtful party; Paladin, Champion, Villain, and Ranger. We're transitioning at 8th level and I'm wondering how drastically healing they are absent out on by not having a Preacher, Versifier, or Druid in the group. The set handbook is beautiful tell by saying the game is theoretical in a circle having a healer in the group.

Amid the dexterity to heal shortly senior a rest I'm certain it won't be as spiteful as it could be but I do dread about their staying power senior the course of a day. One way I'm augmenting it is by giving them a Cane of Medicine Wounds ( 7 charges, can benefit 1-3 charges per casting, recharge 1d6+1 charges per day). Substitute is by giving the Champion a transnational Rousing News carry on ( bonus action; ally within 25 feet can use a hit die and agreeable adjunct hp equal to a merit die roll along). Even I disquiet about goodbye too far the other way and making healing too away.

Anything control everyone's experiences been with sum of magical healing needed for a means adventuring day?