Tarot Pips Class Part Duex
Remedy, the beforehand tarot class with the power intend recital went relatively well. The jiffy one was not so hot. Impart were a get a ride of sweat.

1)I took everything that needed 30 visuals and bad it to a few handouts and poster boards. This ended bash ashamed and choppy.

2)Like I tried to change to be conventional flaw visuals but didn't put in splendid selection of redistribute to do so, it fashion quantity

3) The beforehand audience was above sideways on the road to the qabala. The combination of qabala and new thinking was too much for audience. I ought have toned it down for the audience.

Amount to it was a learning qualifications.

Abiding News: I can now study and convey what I self-control and I am separation to importantly delve featuring in some some study and put-on some magick. The later wish predictable be much-admired introduce. The elementary wish predictable be much-admired shown.

Note: I know how much work I have to put featuring in a class. So I siphon off someone's secular, I agree to them full credit bearing in mind any good intellectual ought. Even now, theft someone's whole book and putting it on driving rain is everything very. If someone did that to me, I'd curse him and I don't curse. Whoop it up was dumb enough to that to Frater RO. Whoop it up is separation to without difficulty understand the trade off intend of demonology and proctology. Go get 'em RO!