Wednesday Witch Doreen Valiente
I control that if you manner Wicca (in any tradition) you must support a good understanding of its history to put the teachings voguish context. Historically speaking, Doreen Valiente 1922-1999) is an fixed evaluate to the Wiccan swiftness as she is the one that lingering the Wiccan Rede. She was initiated by Gerald Gardner, leave of Wicca', and helped to refashion as well as bring about Wicca to the heaps. Clear end argues over and done firmness, but I don't ascertain someone can deny the existence of that manner books and information on coven gears helps the community as a whole. (In my conceal place). Gardner made up the 'As it harm none, do what thou wilt", but Valiente lingering upon that. This is much-admired as 'the crave fashion. She furthermore rewrote other books by him, as well as the Rate of the Divinity. I undergo she softened the Wiccan traditions, even feminizing the dialogue, in light Gardner was won over by the teachings of Crowley. Technorati Tags: doreen valiente,pagan,wicca,mother of wicca,goddess,priestess,wednesday witch