Yankee Candle Sun And Sand
Another candle review for you today! I know it's summer, and it may seem a bit strange to burn candles, but I'm finding these fresh scents such a lovely treat even in the hotter months. Today I wanted to talk about the Yankee Candle tea lights in the scent Sun & Sand.When I was browsing the selection of tea light candles on The Scented Candle Shop, I came across this scent by Yankee. I really liked the description, so that's the one that ended in my shopping basket. As soon as the package arrived, I could smell the distinctive scent of the candle - right when I opened it. I would say the strongest note here is definitely musk, followed by the unexpected note of lavender. They make a very strong first note, which definitely leaves an impression. These two are followed by citruses, mainly lemons and oranges. I really enjoy the fact that these two additions make the scent really refreshing.I personally really like the scent, though I was expecting something more beachy - something a la Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, perhaps? However, it is still absolutely wonderful and lasts ages. I also love these little tea lights, since I get tired of candles quickly, and these are perfect to see if you like the scent as well. Lovely! You can find the Yankee Candle Sun ">"WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CANDLE OF THE MOMENT?"

Source: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com