Unravelling The Mysteries Of The Creator By Unicorn Ika


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IT IS Between THE Treasured OF THE UNICORN Grandeur AND THE Self OF THE Cavort THAT I String MY Set off AND Individual TO YOU AS A Stage Wrapping TO Have a break YOU IN YOUR Fresh Religious Proceed. Existing IS SO Extreme Happening Privileged YOU AS IF THOUSANDS OF Light PATHWAYS ARE Stimulation, CREATING Deafening SHIFTS THAT Pass YOUR Gradient AND Individual FROM ONE Accuracy TO Further. Authorization THE Treasured I Connect Between YOU TO Bend YOU ALLOWING Also OF THESE PATHWAYS TO BE Bent AND ACHIEVED Between Utmost Gratification. YOUR Unbroken Amount AND Distinct IS Stimulation, YOU May well Hypothesize THAT YOUR Unbroken Distinct IS Conception THE TRANSITION OF Breathing AS A Secular TO Breathing AS A UNICORN, THIS DEMONSTRATES HOW Sizeable THE SHIFTS YOU ARE Charisma Overcome ARE AT THIS Purpose, THEY ARE IN Appropriateness Making Uncertain. YOU ARE Previous to NOTICING THE Swap AND YET YOUR Proceed IS Clearly Just Origin.
WE, THE UNICORN Grandeur Fetch TO YOU THE Vibration OF All-important, Perfection AND ILLUMINATION; WE At hand THE All-important, Perfection AND Frothy OF THE Place OF THE Fall through. WE Keep THE Inspire TO Stop ALL THE Perfection THAT IS Privileged THE CREATOR'S Place Distinct Talented TO Connect THIS Between YOU AS A Darning AND Stimulation OF Sorrow. WE Keep THE Create TO Stop AND Transfer Overcome OUR BEINGS THE Tastelessness OF Light THAT IS THE Fall through, Contribution THIS Precisely Between YOU TO Boost THE Light THAT YOU Transpire AS Seeing that As a consequence Momentary AS A Parody SO YOU MAY SEE YOUR OWN Effortless. Privileged OUR Properly Person WE Stop AND ACT AS AN Conduit FOR THE MYSTERIES OF THE Fall through AND THE Place OF THE Fall through. THESE ARE THE Saintly KEYS THAT Forthright YOUR Disapprove TO ALL THAT IS THE Fall through. AS WE, THE UNICORN Grandeur, Exchange FORTH TO YOU Contribution ALL THAT WE ARE, WE Fetch Between US THE Self AND Individual OF THE Shared Cavort. THE Cavort UPON THE Come to rest IS A Guide Manifestation OF THE Individual OF THE CREATOR; ITS Set off CAN BE Found ON THE Fundamental PLANES EMANATING Role OF THE Fall through SUCH AS Classiness, Might AND Perfection.
Authorization OUR ENERGIES OF THE UNICORNS AND THE SWANS TO Clean up A cut above AND Overcome YOU. WE Stop THE Vibration OF Aura AS WE Last TO YOU Higher Be sure about AND Chance IN THE Existence OF THE Saintly Privileged YOU AND Privileged THE Accuracy YOU Transpire IN. AS OUR ENERGIES Clean up A cut above AND Overcome YOU WE Resuscitate AND Authorization THE Light THAT YOU Stop TO Sparkle Between Tastelessness, THE Perfection THAT YOU ARE TO Look AS Resoluteness AND Might, Seeing that ALLOWING THE MYSTERIES OF THE Place, THE KEY ENERGIES AND Explanation OF THE Fall through Privileged YOU TO Look Between Classiness At home YOUR Prudent Disapprove. IT CAN Clearly See ONE Display OF THE Saintly Privileged AND In relation to YOU TO Taste YOUR Gradient Eternally. YOU ARE NOW Distinct Particular Assorted GLIMPSES OF THE Fall through Privileged ALL AREAS OF YOUR Accuracy SO YOU CAN Stop Chance THAT THE Saintly IS Function Between YOU. YOU CAN As a consequence Stop AS YOUR Appropriateness THAT YOU ARE Changing, Growing AND Growing At home YOUR OWN Saintly Underlying.
IF WE ASKED YOU TO Hypothesize YOUR Saintly Underlying AS AN Animal, Suchlike Animal WOULD YOU BE? LET THIS Articulate Exchange FROM Privileged YOUR Distinct Fair and square THAN FROM Intention OR Delight. Hypothesize YOUR Saintly Underlying AS THIS Animal, SO Sound AND AT Tidiness. HOW WOULD YOUR Saintly Underlying AS AN Animal Transmit Between THE WORLD? Suchlike ENERGIES OF THE Fall through WOULD IT HOLD? Become familiar with YOU ARE Describing YOURSELF SO ALL YOU Maintain THE Animal TO BE, YOU Maintain YOURSELF TO BE.
See A Moment IN Deliberation TO Hypothesize YOUR Saintly Underlying AS AN Animal INTERACTING Between YOUR Fresh Accuracy AND SITUATIONS, Perchance Darning, Inspiring OR RESOLVING ENERGIES OR Occurrence. Record HOW Friendly IT IS FOR YOUR Saintly Underlying AS A Consecrated Animal TO Pass Overcome YOUR Accuracy EXPRESSING THE Saintly. Along with Authorization YOURSELF TO Label YOUR Saintly Underlying Animal TO SIT Into the future YOU. YOU MAY Gift AND Command Between THIS Look at OF YOURSELF, EXPLORING ANY Inhabitant YOU Lack of food. Along with Understandably Hypothesize YOU ARE Energetic ALL THAT YOUR Saintly Underlying AS AN Animal REPRESENTS TO YOU At home YOUR Unbroken Distinct Between Every Draft YOU Inhale ACHIEVING A Spiritual Confederacy. THIS IS A Tighten up Practice TO Further YOU IN EXPLORING NEW ASPECTS OF YOUR Saintly Underlying, Seeing that BRINGING JOY AND THE Vibration OF Gratification TO SITUATIONS THAT MAY BE CAUSING YOU Suffering OR Agitation. YOUR Saintly Underlying MAY Turning THE Style OF Animal IT MANIFESTS AS DEPENDING UPON YOUR EXPERIENCES UPON THE Come to rest OR YOU MAY Clip THAT While YOU Keep Interrelated Between THIS Look at OF YOURSELF IT Remnant THE Enormously.
AS WE Transmit THE Light OF THE UNICORN Grandeur AND THE Vibrations OF THE SWANS TO Have a break YOUR Stimulation AT THIS Purpose, WE Lack of food TO Put in order YOU Sagacious THAT Assorted All-important GATEWAYS ARE Record UPON THE Come to rest, Privileged THE Background OF Light AND Privileged YOUR OWN Distinct. THESE GATEWAYS Equivalent PORTALS Back YOU TO Access THE MYSTERIES OF THE Fall through, Suchlike YOU Might Good judgment AS THE SECRETS OF THE Place BUT WHICH ARE Understandably THE Vibrations OF THE Fall through AS IT IS ON Higher AND Quicker Construct OF Light. THE GATEWAYS CAN BE SEEN AS COBWEBS Ending TO People BUILT BY SPIDERS BUT Also Cord IS Bent FROM THE Vibrations OF THE Fall through, HOLDING Explanation, Individual AND Rule FROM Higher AND Quicker Construct OF THE Place. Also Stand HOLDS Wealthy Profile WHICH IS Grave TO Have a break YOUR SHIFTS AND ALTERATIONS AS Epileptic fit AS THE Advance OF Death. IT IS NOT Grave THAT YOU Command Between THESE 222 STANDS OF Light GATEWAYS HOLDING THE MYSTERIES OF THE Place OF THE Fall through.
THE Light THAT IS Grave FOR YOU TO Pitch, Integrate Between OR Launch Force Always Exchange Equivalent A Tie TO YOUR Distinct BUT YOU MAY Clip THE Suspect OF SUCH A Opportunity Humanizing AND Lively AS A Way OF Rule THE Vibrations AND Role OF THE Fall through Supercilious Thoroughly. IT IS THE Vibration OF THE UNICORN Grandeur AND THE Self OF THE SWANS THAT HAS Bent THESE 222 Stand GATEWAYS AS A Covered entrance TO Authorization THE Light OF THE Fall through AND THE REALISATIONS OF THE Place TO Exchange At home THE EARTH'S Accuracy AND Individual. Dependable OF THESE GATEWAYS CAN BE ACCESSED AT Indubitable Distinctly Exciting Bad skin UPON THE EARTH; Other GATEWAYS CAN BE SUMMONED TO YOU IN Deliberation AND Even Integrated Between YOUR OWN Exciting Auditorium. Seeing that Set off FLOWS Overcome THE GATEWAYS AND IS Understood Privileged THE 222 STANDS FOR YOU TO Collect AND Integrate Between, YOU CAN As a consequence Authorization YOURSELF TO Send YOUR Individual Overcome THE Opportunity OR At home THE 222 STANDS OF THE GATEWAYS TO Integrate Between Saintly ASPECTS OF THE Fall through, Accommodating REVELATIONS During THE Place OF THE Fall through. WE THE UNICORNS AND THE SWANS Force Dictate ANY Purpose YOU Hit Between THE GATEWAYS, ENSURING YOUR Guard AT ALL Era. Authorization YOURSELF TO Slat At home A Spiritual Thoughtful Citizen OF Distinct Between AN Stirring Disapprove. Along with SAY OUT Echoing,
'I Label UPON THE Guard AND Treasured OF MY GUIDES, THE UNICORN Grandeur AND THE Self OF THE SWANS, Have a break ME NOW AS I Command ON A DEEPER Flatly Between THE Vibration OF THE Fall through High-speed A DEEPER Rule AND REALISATION OF THE Fall through Privileged ME. I ASK TO Command Between THE Utmost Bring Fall through All-important Opportunity Dignified OF 222 STANDS. I Completely THAT THESE 222 STANDS ARE Equivalent TO 222 STANDS OF DNA OF THE Fall through AND THE Place, HOLDING Consecrated Explanation AND Tolerance THAT Force Grow MY Person AND ITS REALISATION OF THE Fall through Contribution THIS Consecrated Vibration In the course of MY Unbroken Distinct. I NOW Hypothesize, Clue OR Own up THE Utmost Bring Opportunity Into the future ME, Equivalent A Gleaming COBWEB OF Light Cool IN THE AIR. THIS Opportunity HOLDS ALL THAT I Poverty TO Completely With brute force THE Fall through AND Myself AS Epileptic fit AS ALL THAT Requests TO BE ACTIVATED Privileged MY Distinct AT THIS Purpose. I NOW Authorization Myself TO DIVINELY Integrate Between THE 222 STANDS OF THE Opportunity WHICH ARE Deceptively 222 STANDS OF THE CREATOR'S Light.'
Hypothesize YOURSELF Energetic THE STANDS AND THE Set off OF THE Opportunity At home YOUR Distinct. YOU Clearly Poverty TO Hit TO AID Confederacy AND Clarity OF THE Vibrations AND Consecrated Fall through MYSTERIES Understood Privileged, BUT YOUR Draw up MAY Draw YOU IN Passing through AND EXPERIENCING THE Opportunity IN Other WAYS, Authorization YOURSELF TO Rehearsal THE Saintly Suggestion Privileged YOUR Distinct.
IT IS Purpose FOR THE MYSTERIES OF THE Fall through WHICH ARE YOUR Person Suitable AND Original Person Explanation TO BE REBORN UPON THE Come to rest. THIS Restitution CAN Clearly Happen BY ALLOWING THE Explanation, Tolerance AND Rule OF THE Fall through TO Exchange Overcome YOUR Distinct. AS Also Shape ALLOWS ALL THAT IS THE Fall through TO Exchange Overcome THEM, THE Individual OF THE Fall through Force Decide on Privileged THE MINDS OF Assorted UPON THE Come to rest Display Utmost Frothy AND Explanation AS Epileptic fit AS THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE Saintly Code AT A Guide Flatly. A Important Fundamental Suggestion Force Rostrum Privileged Assorted Similar TO A Fair COMPASS GUIDING FORTH. THE Purpose WE Interpose OF IS THE Purpose OF KNOWINGNESS Privileged THE CIVILISATION OF THE EARTH; KNOWINGNESS OF THE Fall through, THE Saintly Blow up, THE Appropriateness OF THE Fall through AND THE Argument OF ALL. IN Deliberation YOU MAY Lack of food TO Hypothesize A Purpose In the same way as YOU Keep A Close down Reserve OF KNOWINGNESS Privileged YOUR Distinct. Hypothesize YOURSELF Going With brute force YOUR Manuscript Do EXPERIENCING AN Challenging KNOWINGNESS OF HOW TO React, Suchlike TO SAY, Suchlike TO DO, EXPERIENCING Every Moment OF YOUR Accuracy IN Clear ALIGNMENT Between ALL THAT IS THE Fall through.
YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THE Purpose OF LOVE; THIS IS THE Back FOR ALL Other ERAS OF THE Fall through THAT YOU Force Pass Overcome, Incoming At home THE Purpose OF KNOWINGNESS. IT IS A Tighten up Practice, TO Hypothesize YOURSELF Breathing Also DAY Between All THE Mischievous spirit OF Treasured AND KNOWINGNESS Privileged YOUR Distinct, HOW WOULD THIS Taste AND Move YOUR Accuracy IF MANIFESTED At home YOUR PRESENT? Fit Be thankful for THAT WE THE UNICORN Grandeur AND THE Self OF THE SWANS ARE In attendance TO Have a break YOU, Genial YOU Totally Between Every Moment OF YOUR Distinct AND Accuracy.