Dreaming In The Garden
Dreams can be really set on fire or consuming and analytical. Assorted natural aids to dreaming can be found in the garden!

* If you aim uninterrupted dreams that are relaxing, place a pot of jasmine by your bed.

* If you are having nightmares and wish them inoperative, place be born glories in the pot preferably.

* If you require to learn everything in a dream, place a bay sheet under your support and ask for the knowledge.

* If you in simple terms aim able dreams, use a sachet of light purple.

* If you aim to send a psychic dream to a treasured one, wallop the seeds off the top of a dandelion in his or her route and object your wish, then go ingenuous to nap.

If you aim your dreams to come true, you can do one of two spells:

* At midnight on a Friday, in calm, theorize nine irrelevant non-spiny holly plants and cloak them in a cloth. Cast them under your support, make your wish, and go to nap. Your dreams guts come true.

* Several ancient spell is to long-winded marigold vegetation under your bed, make your wish, and then say:

Prefer I Have a desire for AND Prefer I MAY

Polish to me focus dream so fair

Polish by night and come by day

Polish, THOU Prefer, AND Revolution THEE About

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